Pay-Per-Click Campaign Success Through Keyword Management

There are several key components to a successful pay-per-click campaign – keyword research, keyword grouping and organization, and ad groups creation and management. Using traditional methods, each component involves more time to fully execute than any search marketer can possibly do by hand, and yet this is how pay-per-click campaigns are primarily approached today.

By manually managing each step in the PPC process, you, the search marketer, are preventing your company from reaping the full benefits that pay-per-click campaigns can offer. Too much time and energy are being spent on iterative tasks, preventing you from finding a complete list of truly effective keywords and approaching them intelligently when it comes time to create pay per click ads. The result: wasted money, undiscovered keyword opportunities, and, ultimately, less qualified customers doing business at your site.

With a fresh approach to keyword research and PPC campaign management, pay per click company WordStream can change all that. Let’s take a look at each of these steps and how WordStream’s integrated keyword management solutions can streamline the process.


Keyword Research – Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign’s Foundation


Your keyword taxonomy is your most valuable, proprietary asset as a search marketer. How can you feel confident basing decisions on a keyword taxonomy that’s built with the unreliable estimates and general, public search data that traditional PPC tools like Google’s Keyword Tool provide?

Effective keyword research goes beyond hypothesis. It involves knowing your customer, finding out what they’re searching for, and turning those terms into strategically organized keyword groups and ad groups for your pay-per-click campaign. WordStream brings you the right keywords by using your actual site data to build your keyword list.

You no longer have to analyze data in spreadsheets and attempt to refine and grow your keyword list on a continuous basis by yourself. WordStream can help alleviate the burden of PPC management by using your site’s data to find exactly what terms apply to your site, then sorting and organizing them without your having to touch a spreadsheet again.

As a result, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you’re:

  • Picking the most effective keywords for your time and money
  • Enjoying more targeted traffic as a result
  • Driving your Quality Score up, which will continue to improve your PPC campaign performance.


Keyword Grouping – Optimizing Your PPC Campaign for AdWords


Now that you have your growing keyword taxonomy, you have to know how to make it work for you. Keyword grouping is the key to PPC and SEO success. In this case, we’re focusing on the pay-per-click side.

With pay-per-click campaigns, keyword grouping and organization provides you with:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Market segmentation based on actual visitors’ motives
  • More relevant ad text and landing pages
  • Prioritized content creation both on the site and in your ad groups

Using WordStream’s keyword management solution takes the stress out of organizing a list of thousands of keywords and attempting to establish which groups need your immediate focus.

WordStream’s Keyword Group Segmenter offers suggestions based on your traffic and conversion data for breaking keywords into more and more specific groups.

Segment keyword groups in one click with WordStream's Keyword Group Segmenter.

From here, you can create multiple groups with one click.

Create multiple groups from your segmentation suggestions with one click using WordStream's pay per click campaign software.

After you have your keywords organized in hierarchical, branching groups, you can easily see which are most important to focus on next by using WordStream’s PPC workflow tools, which sort the groups by size and traffic and conversions driven. You can then create PPC ad groups instantly. An added benefit lies in the fact that once you’ve established groups, future keywords that fit those groups will be automatically filed away, keeping everything organized and prioritized for your PPC strategies.


How Strategically Managed Ad Groups Prevent a Pay-Per-Click Campaigns’ Downfall


Bringing the same strategies involved in keyword management to ad group management, you can prioritize your keyword aads based on subject matter or on which groups are driving the most conversions, and by grouping closely related ads together in a hierarchy, this promotes your integrity and effectiveness with search engines. They reward you for doing well, because an intelligently approached PPC campaign is profitable for both you and the search engines. As a result, you can enjoy lower minimum bids on your keywords and better results from the qualified traffic you’re driving to your site.


WordStream: The Ultimate Keyword Management Tool For Your PPC Campaigns

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