Posting Account Changes - Uploading Account Changes with WordStream

Once you've worked your way through the rest of the WordStream User Guide and are happy with the changes made to your WordStream account, you can very easily post your account changes to your live advertiser accounts.

Having attached your AdWords account information to your WordStream account (see the WordStream Getting Started Guide for more information on this process), you can post any and all account changes made "off-line" in your WordStream account to your live AdWords account with the click of a button.

An important note: if you are doing work on your AdWords account outside of WordStream, that's fine, but please be sure to pull down changes from AdWords at the beginning of your session, as outlined below.

Getting and posting account changes

First, highlight the account you'd like to get changes for, and get account changes from Google AdWords:

Download account changes from WordStream before beginning edits.

A very important note here is that if you are doing work on your AdWords account outside of WordStream (manipulating bids, for instance) you need to be sure to revert changes within WordStream before beginning to edit your account and eventually posting changes.

If you don't revert changes, WordStream will return your settings to what was initially in the system (your bids outside WordStream will be clobbered).

Reverting changes is a quick, simple process.

First, toggle to the Ad Groups tab and click CTRL+A or right click and select select all ad groups (be sure that the account you are attempting to edit is still highlighted; the tomdemers26 account from the first image):

Select all Ad Groups by clicking CTRL+A or by right clicking, as pictured.

Next, you simply revert changes for all of these Ad Groups:

Revert selected changes in WordStream.

Finally, you'll be asked to confirm the reverted changes. Take a look at the splash screen to be sure that you aren't undoing any changes you want to keep.

Now you can go about grouping keywords, discovering negative keywords, and creating Ad Groups. When you're done with your WordStream session, you can now safely post account changes without fear they'll be overwriting settings you had created outside the system.

Posting Account Changes to Google AdWords

Simply click over to the PPC Campaigns tab, then click "Post Account Changes." In posting your account changes, remember that you are posting all changes made to your WordStream account and will be overriding the contents of your live Google AdWords account.

My Work is Done and My Account Changes are Posted...Now What?

For more information on how best to edit your WordStream account between the posting of account changes, please take a look at the WordStream User Guide which is home to several comprehensive tutorials on various aspects of utilizing WordStream, or go straight to the one you're interested in.