PPC Click-Through Rate: Finding Success Through Keyword Management

PPC click-through rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of people that click on your PPC ad out of the total number who view it. A high PPC click-through rate brings more visitors to your site, but traffic isn't the only benefit. A high CTR also indicates that you're focusing on the right keywords. When you're targeting the right audience and getting clicks on your sponsored ads, search engines take notice, and this brings a range of other important PPC benefits:

  • Better search engine rankings
  • Improved relevance in your niche
  • Reduced bid costs
  • Higher Quality Scores

You can see why it's important to make sure your PPC CTR is as strong as it can be. Through a combination of more personalized, in-depth keyword research and strategic, semantic keyword grouping, you can expect your CTR to improve. Better ways of finding and managing the keywords you use in your pay-per-click campaigns helps you harness their ROI potential.

Read on to learn more about the importance of long-tail keywords and keyword grouping for PPC click-through rate and how CTR affects your overall paid search campaign.

Finding PPC Click-Through Rate Success Through Long-Tail Keywords

Generally, the higher the CTR, the better, because it means that you’re targeting a qualified audience that’s interested in what you have to offer. However, there are exceptions to the rule. It is possible to have a high click-through rate because your ad is misleading or targeting keywords that appeal to the wrong demographic. (This would be accompanied by a high bounce rate, as well.) This is why it's important to focus on highly specific, long-tail keywords to attract your most qualified visitors.

Long tail keywords provide the best ROI to help your PPC Click Through Rate

The best way to find long-tail keywords is to go directly to the source: your traffic logs. If you can pinpoint highly specific terms that real visitors have actually typed to find you, and can target those in combination with semantically similar words, you have the key to a high PPC click-through rate.

Unfortunately, traditional PPC methods involve heavy reliance on third-party keyword tools that return potentially irrelevant public search data. Since everyone has access to this data, it doesn't help you gain a competitive edge in paid search. And popular keywords won't necessarily work well on your site.

Google's keyword tool can't guarantee to find keywords that will help boost your PPC CTR.

This method leaves the majority of your best keywords undiscovered. With WordStream's keyword research and organization tools, you can import keywords from your own website data. This means your keywords are both highly relevant to your site and completely private and personalized.

Strengthening Your PPC Click-Through Rate Through Keyword Management

As you’ve just seen, it pays to make sure you’re bidding on the right keywords to develop a high PPC click-through rate. It's equally important to group those keywords by theme into a hierarchy. When you group your keywords, you accomplish a number of important things:

  • You organize your ever-growing keyword database so you can find similar keywords quickly and easily.
  • You can directly translate your keyword groups into PPC ad groups, making for easy ad campaign management .
  • You're able to write relevant, compelling PPC text ads that target a small group of semantically related keywords. Targeted, specific ads achieve higher PPC click-through rates, thereby boosting Quality Score and bringing compounding benefits to your account.

The traditional approach to keyword grouping involved agonizing over a clumsy, nonintuitive spreadsheet. WordStream software makes keyword grouping and organization many times more efficient than manually laboring through these tasks in Excel. Your keywords are stored in a private, scalable, dynamic database that is much easier to manipulate and update than a spreadsheet, and you can maintain control over your keyword list even as it grows toward the millions.

WordStream's keyword grouping and organization tools help you improve yoru PPC CTR in no time.

WordStream's keyword grouping tool identifies terms in your keyword list that are likely to go together and groups them for you in just a few clicks. You can quickly create a logical, branching hierarchy of groups and subgroups. And as you add new keywords to your database, they're filtered automatically into appropriate segments, so everything stays organized. And unlike Excel, WordStream is actionable, so you can create PPC ad groups and text ads directly from your keyword groups, all in one powerful interface.

Get A Better PPC Click-Through Rate Today With WordStream

You can begin improving your PPC click-through rate immediately if you know the right steps to take. To learn more about improving your CTR and the benefits it can provide to your overall PPC strategy, request our free PPC best practices white paper today.