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PPC Results from Start to Finish:

  • Easily Create and Publish PPC Landing Pages for Clients
  • Capture More Leads with Conversion Optimized Templates
  • Service More Clients In Less Time; Increase Efficiency and Take On New Business

WordStream PPC Advisor with Landing Pages & Leads is powerful, easy-to-use PPC management software that makes it faster and easier to maximize the performance of your client's Google AdWords and Bing campaigns — driving traffic, converting leads, and closing sales for lower costs.

WordStream connects to your client's Google AdWords and Bing accounts, doing the hard work of synthesizing search queries and performance data, and translates that into a weekly series of account optimizing alerts, eliminating the guess work from PPC. Now, with Landing Pages & Leads, take control of the conversion with easy to create landing pages optimized for capturing leads.

See Real Results Fast:

  • Build optimized ad campaigns more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Increase your click-through rates and Quality Scores
  • Expand and improve your keyword universe
  • Identify and remove wasted spend
  • Capture more leads with DIY landing pages
  • Make the most of your budget with smart bid management tools
  • Visualize your success with click-of-a-button reporting

WordStream makes actionable recommendations and reports anticipated results.

For example, WordStream prompts you when you should add negative keywords, telling you exactly where you can save money and how much you will save.

What You Get with WordStream PPC Advisor:

Save with Innovative Alerts

  • Save time and money with automatic weekly alerts
  • Take the actions with the most impact first
  • Get updates when you need to pause keywords, add negatives or adjust bids

Quality Score Management Tools

  • Find profitable long-tail keywords
  • Get proactive negative keyword suggestions
  • Split ad groups for better targeting

Account Management Tools

  • Organize large accounts automatically
  • Quickly create new campaigns and ad groups
  • Get intelligent metrics and tips
  • Leverage our trillion-keyword database
  • Mine your search queries for new opportunities
  • Create infographic-quality PPC reports

Landing Pages & Leads Tools

  • Create and publish landing pages without IT support
  • Leverage templates designed specifically for conversion
  • Capture leads and measure conversions

What happens when my free trial is over?

  • You won't be able to access your account until you buy the software
  • All of your work will be saved until you are ready to become a WordStream client.
  • Just speak with a Customer Service Representative to help you choose the best WordStream pricing plan.

What if I want to cancel?

  • Our free trial is 100% no obligation. You can cancel online or by phone anytime.