WordStream PPC Advisor Pricing

WordStream PPC Advisor is an innovative platform for creating, managing and fine-tuning paid search campaigns. All our monthly service plans provide full access to a complete suite of time-saving PPC tools. Pricing is based on your monthly PPC spend.
Best Value 25% Discount!
 StandardAnnual Pre-Pay
Premier ConsultingAdd $149/moAdd $1,428
Small BusinessSearch spend: up to $10,000/mo $349/mo $2,988/yr($249/mo)
ProfessionalSearch spend: $10,000- $25,000/mo $549/mo $4,788/yr($399/mo)
EnterpriseSearch spend: above $25,000/mo $1,099/mo $9,588/yr($799/mo)
Setup Fees NoneNone
Commitment 6 months 1 year

All Plans Include:

  • New! PPC Landing Page creation and hosting
  • Smart bid management tools
  • Campaign Management Tools
  • 20 Minute PPC WorkWeek Alerts
  • Proactive, money-saving alerts
  • Access to our trillion-keyword database
  • Full AdWords and BING integration
  • Quality Score management tools
  • Negative keyword tools
  • Time-saving search query tools
  • PPC Reporting
  • Two software training sessions
  • Ongoing email and phone support
  • 24-hour or less response time on business days

Value Added Service: Premier Consulting

Do you need help spotting opportunities? Are you having difficulties finding good keywords?

WordStream's Premier Consulting added to your monthly subscription can help you get the most out of PPC Advisor. Your dedicated Google AdWords Certified Professional will work with you to provide individually customized insights and personalized training to help you tackle the challenges of PPC. Don't struggle optimizing your ad text, landing pages or bids. Premier Consulting will help guide you, your decisions and your actions toward a better performing account.

Want more information? Call us at 855-WORDSTRM (855-967-3787) for a free consultation.

Premier Consulting
With WordStream Premier Consulting you get:
  • A Dedicated Google AdWords Certified Professional assigned to your account
  • A monthly call with call summary action items
  • A monthly diagnostic report providing account insights
  • Consulting, on the call, in any area of PPC including:
    • Launch services
    • Account restructuring
    • Click-to-call assistance
    • Keyword research assistance
    • Campaign creation
    • Match type strategy
    • Ad copy review and strategy
    • Location targeting
    • Bid management and recommendations
    • Landing page optimization recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my billing options? Is there an annual contract? WordStream has a variety of plans to suit your needs.

  • We believe that it can take time to significantly improve your campaigns, drive higher Quality Scores and get the most out of our platform. Our most cost effective plan aggressively discounts the monthly costs in exchange for a one year commitment. You are still billed month to month; no pre-payment is required.
  • Lastly, we offer a highly discounted annual plan that requires payment for the year up-front. 

If I choose the annual pre-paid plan, what happens after that one-year period is over? Your plan will renew for another year, at the same price, on the one-year anniversary date. If you wish to switch to one of our other plans, you can elect to do so with 30 days' notice prior to your anniversary date. If you do choose to change your plan at that point you will continue to pay the discounted monthly price. Consider it our way of saying thanks for your continued loyalty to WordStream.

Are there any additional costs included to start working with WordStream PPC Advisor? We want you to be successful leveraging our platform. We offer Premier Consulting for those who need a little more help getting their account set up. Learn more about Premier Consulting.

What happens if my PPC spend fluctuates from month to month? It's OK if your spending fluctuates; WordStream is happy to accommodate the variability in your PPC programs. Your monthly payment will be determined by the total spend in each payment period.

Is there a discount for annual plans? Yes! Our annual (pre-paid) plans are discounted by approximately 25%.

How does your pricing compare with other solutions? Most PPC management solutions base their pricing on a pure percentage of your PPC spend. WordStream's pricing tiers are designed to help you establish a predictable platform cost.

I'm an agency. Do you have any special offers for agency accounts? Yes! Agencies get the benefit of an unlimited number of accounts and they are billed based on the aggregated total of all their accounts on a monthly basis. Please call 855-WORDSTRM (855-967-3787) for special agency pricing.

How do I cancel my account? You may cancel your subscription with written notice, received 30 days prior to the next monthly billing date following your initial subscription commitment

I have more questions. Who do I ask? Call us toll free at 855-WORDSTRM (855-967-3787), Monday through Friday, 9 AM–5 PM EST. 

We look forward to working with you!

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