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PPC Tools at a Glance

WordStream's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Tools give search marketers the ability to continually optimize and expand their PPC marketing efforts through enhanced keyword analytics, keyword organization, keyword grouping and long tail keyword discovery.

WordStream’s PPC Tools are smarter and built for maximum automation and efficiency, so you get the most out of your PPC search engine marketing with less time and effort.

Grade Your AdWords PPC Account: Fast & Free

The AdWords Performance Grader is a revolutionary new tool that helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing on several key criteria, such as:

  • Landing Page and Ad Text Optimization
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Effective use of negative keywords
  • Quality Score

This sophisticated tool allows you to compare your Performance Grader score with competitors in similar spend brackets, giving you a sense as to where you fit into the competitive landscape. 

grade your adwords account

The AdWords Performance Grader has been designed by PPC experts to show you where your campaign is struggling and how to make adjustments that will improve your performance and increase your ROI. It’s the best free PPC tool for evaluating your AdWords account, providing an advanced in-depth analysis, and it’s absolutely free!

PPC Software Tools

WordStream's Pay-Per-Click Software is designed to increase productivity while generating real results. The WordStream PPC Software Tool gives you the ability to quickly segment and group large lists of keywords, so optimum pay-per-click marketing performance is just a few clicks away. No matter if you manage hundreds or thousands of keywords, the WordStream PPC Tool will help you stay more productive and make your pay-per-click campaign more profitable, which is the ultimate goal of successful AdWords campaign management.

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PPC Tools for Negative Keyword Discovery

PPC Tools for negative keyword discovery helps identify wasteful ad spend on keywords that aren't relevant to their business or their audience, allowing you to Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR), raise your Quality Score, and save money. Try our PPC tools for Negative Keyword discovery for free.

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Long-Tail PPC Tool

The long tail of search is full of untapped potential, but often remains that way because of the difficulty it takes to gather long tail results. WordStream’s Long-Tail Software Tool not only collects long tail pay-per-click keywords from your server logs, it also organizes and groups them according to relevance to improve your Quality Score. No other pay per click advertising management tool on the market will raise your productivity and reduce your PPC Adwords ad spend the way the WordStream’s Long Tail Software Tool can.

Our PPC Tools simplify management of the long tail of search

Pay-Per-Click Management Tool

Most PPC advertising tools are not comprehensive PPC management tools, so they’re one-dimensional and offer limited utility. The WordStream PPC Management Tool, on the other hand, lets you perform multiple functions so you can segment, organize and optimize your SEM campaign with ease on a centralized, actionable platform.

What’s more, with one click of your mouse, WordStream's PPC keyword research tools let you can create AdWords Ad Groups to correspond with your relevant keyword groups. WordStream’s Pay-Per-Click Management Tool even helps you write the ad copy, making it the best PPC tool for optimizing your search marketing campaigns!

Try Our PPC Tools FREE

WordStream's PPC Tools take search marketers' productivity to new heights with software that allows you to organize, analyze and optimize your pay-per-click efforts like never before.

If you're looking for free PPC tools, we offer our PPC keyword research free award-winning tool so that you can sample the power of WordStream's best PPC tools. We're confident that once you try our expertly-designed PPC management tools, you'll want to always have our PPC keyword tools at your disposal.

With improved relevance and a better AdWords Quality Score, your conversions will jump and your paid search marketing costs will drop.

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