“Gangnam Style” Takes Over as Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time

“Gangnam Style” Takes Over as Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time

January 18, 2013
Victor Pan

WordStream Compares Psy with Former #1 Champion Justin Bieber in New Infographic Illustrating the Rise of “Gangnam Style”

11/24/2012 - WordStream Inc., a provider of PPC management software, today announced that Psy and his legendary k-pop sensation, “Gangnam Style” has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time with approximately 805 million views, beating out former reigning YouTube champ, Justin Bieber.   To commemorate this remarkable achievement, WordStream has released a new infographic focusing on the rise of k-pop sensation Psy and his #1 hit, “Gangnam Style”, and can be viewed here: http://www.wordstream.com/articles/viral-marketing

The infographic pits recent Korean pop star Psy head-to-head against teen heart-throb Justin Bieber, grading the artists on three categories: social media exposure, celebrity support, and strength of fan following. The report culminates in the conclusion that Psy wins the competition with the enormous success of “Gangnam Style,” but Justin Bieber’s devoted fans aren’t likely to back down easily.

Some facts the infographic illustrates includes:

-- As of November 23, 2012, “Gangnam Style” has reached approximately 805 Million views, whereas the former top viewed video was Bieber’s “Baby,” currently with approximately 804 Million Views

-- WordStream analysts project that on December 11, 2012, “Gangnam Style” will reach 1 billion views, making it the first YouTube video to hit the 1 billion mark.

-- WordStream estimates that Every minute, “Gangnam Style” receives 4062 video views; “Baby” gets 550 views per minute.

-- “Gangnam Style” holds the title for “Most Liked Video,” while “Baby” wins the award for “Most Disliked Video.”

-- Justin Bieber’s YouTube Channel has 2.3 million subscribers, while Psy’s YouTube Channel has only 0.9 million.

-- Psy benefited from high profile celebrity support from Josh Groban, Katy Perry, T-Pain, Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres, MC Hammer, Chelsea Lately, Heidi Klum, Madonna, Ban Ki-Moon , Eric Schmidt, Dwight Howard, and many others.

"While the internet is no stranger to viral YouTube videos, “Gangnam Style” has shown rare endurance for a one-hit wonder" said Larry Kim, Founder & CTO of WordStream, Inc. "Where other videos are quick to drop off the radar, “Gangnam Style” seems to multiply its supporters with each passing week – the quirky k-pop hit has continued to thrive long after many pundits have prophesized its end – this astonishing achievement has redefined the very notion of viral video success".

View WordStream’s “Psy Beats Bieber, Gangnam Style” Infographic to learn more about Psy’s rise to fame and how the Korean musician’s success matches up against Justin Bieber.