Bing Keyword Tool: WordStream Provides New PPC Tools for Microsoft Bing

Keyword Management Solutions leader releases latest software updates that allow marketers to run more effective paid search ads on Microsoft Bing.

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July  15, 2009 – WordStream, Inc., a provider of keyword management solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding PPC and SEO efforts involving large numbers of keywords, offers search marketers a suite of new pay-per-click (PPC) tools and keyword tools that supports PPC campaign creation on Bing, Microsoft’s new “decision engine.”

WordStream has added new, integrated support features to their pay-per-click software that give search marketers the ability to export their PPC ad campaigns to Microsoft adCenter, which is the paid advertisement platform for Bing. WordStream’s PPC tool suite helps search marketers run more efficient and effective PPC marketing campaigns by continually optimizing and expanding their PPC marketing efforts through enhanced keyword research, keyword grouping, negative keyword optimization and long tail keyword discovery.

“With WordStream 1.5, users can now group and organize keywords, create ads, then publish their results to Bing through Microsoft adCenter,” says Marketing Manager Ken Lyons. “WordStream PPC software makes paid search marketing in Bing much easier by automating much of the tedious work involved in PPC marketing, so search marketers can get the most of their Bing advertising with less time and effort.”

Labeled the “decision engine,” Bing is a rebranded version of Microsoft LIVE designed to provide searchers with a first step in moving beyond search to help make faster, more informed decisions. The Bing search engine service incorporates the original Microsoft adCenter paid search marketing platform for hosting and publishing paid search engine advertising campaigns.

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About WordStream

WordStream is a provider of Keyword Management solutions for continuously optimizing and expanding PPC and SEO efforts, involving large numbers of keywords. WordStream provides a scalable, private, online keyword workbench--which features a keyword discovery tool and a conversion optimizer--for conducting keyword discovery, keyword suggestion, keyword research, keyword grouping, keyword organization, search marketing workflow, discovering the Web's most popular keywords and for turning research into action.

WordStream believes that an organization's keyword taxonomy is a valuable, proprietary asset, and that organizing, prioritizing, coordinating and executing of PPC and SEO efforts around a comprehensive, researched and up-to-date keyword taxonomy is the key to PPC and SEO success. Keyword Management improves search marketing productivity and enables greater relevance, which enhances the value of paid and natural search marketing efforts.