Quality Score Resources - How Quality Leads to Higher ROI and Lower Cost Per Click

Quality Score Resources help you improve your Quality Score for lower advertising costs. Here you can find tips and guidance from the experts.

Understanding and Improving Quality Score

In this free online webinar, Larry Kim,  Founder of WordStream presents clears up mysteries about calculation of Google Quality Score. Understanding  Quality Score and its impact on impressions, ad rank and click through rate is a key factor to run successful Google Adwords campaigns

Search Ad Quality Score (Part 1) and (Part 2)

As Search Engine Watch's Ron Jones explains, the best way to save money on bids and increase ad position is to improve Quality Score. Part One does a nice job explaining Quality Score basics as well as minimum bid and keyword position. Part Two gets into more details, specifically:

  • Importance of AdGroups and AdCopy: For the exact reasons cited by Jones, such as lower costs and better performance, one of WordStream's fundamental components is to properly organize keywords in AdGroups and produce keyword-rich Ad Copy.
  • Exact Match is Under-Utilized: Jones acknowledges that most search marketers use broad match, which is Google's default option. However, exact match keywords are usually the best performers.

We love how Jones lays out the basics in a way that's not too complicated. Follow Jones' advice to improve Quality Score by relevant grouping, ad copy and more, with a Free Trial of WordStream.

Inside Google's AdWords' Quality Score

A proper understanding of Quality Score is one of the most important traits of any search marketer. This great post from PPC Hero starts at the beginning  and gets more in depth with each section. Overall, we consider it a critical resource for anyone that's looking to improve performance while lowering costs.

How Does AdWords Determine a Quality Score Before It's Even Activated? Find Out!

"The moment you load a keyword into AdWords, it receives a Quality Score. This initial Quality Score is determined by each keyword's performance history for other advertisers." Find out what that means for your PPC campaign!

Up Close With Google's Quality Score

These notes were taken at 2009's Search Marketing Expo that included a talk by Google's Product Management Director, Nicholas Fox. Highlights include asking the all-important question regarding commonly discussed factors that affect keywords' Quality Score: True or False?  Some may surprise you...

Google AdWords Quality Score Factors Chart

This is a great visual describing how Google evaluates Quality Score and First Page Bid. Start at the top for the most recent chart and check back often--Google changes its Quality Score calculations periodically.

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