An Overview of QueryStream - Search Query Management

The QueryStream tab shows you all of the search queries that triggered impressions and clicks in your AdWords campaign. This knowledge is crucial to understanding what users are searching for and what search queries you are currently paying for. In addition, reviewing search queries is an excellent way of conducting keyword research and identifying negative keywords in your account.

Viewing Search Queries

QueryStream operates exactly like the rest of your AdWords tabs. Search queries are organized by ad group so you can easily understand which search queries are triggering which ads. You can also choose to view search queries by campaign or view all search queries across your entire account.

In addition to viewing all of your search queries, QueryStream allows you to filter the results. You can choose to filter your results in a number of ways:

  • You can filter based on metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions etc.)
  • You can filter our search queries that you are already bidding on, either in your ad group or your entire account (Recommended for keyword expansion)
  • You can filter out queries that contain terms that you have since set as negative keywords.

Once your filters are applied, you will see blue numbers in parenthesis that indicate how many search queries match your filter criteria. You can use these numbers to help guide you to the ad groups and campaigns that require your attention.

Taking Action on Search Queries

There are several actions that you can take while reviewing your search queries. By selecting the checkbox next to the search queries you can:

  • Add the search queries to your ad groups by clicking the "Add to Ad Group" button
  • Set search queries as negative keywords by clicking the "Set as Negative Keyword" button
  • Create a new ad group out of your search queries by clicking the "Create AdGroup" button

For each of these actions you will have the opportunity to review your selections, edit the keywords, match type, bid and location for each search query. To edit any of these fields simply click on the cell you wish to edit. If you wish to edit multiple cells simultaneously, highlight multiple rows using the Shift or Ctrl keys and click on one of the selected cells in the column you wish to edit.

In addition to these actions you can also set negative keywords as you review your search queries by highlighting the word you wish to make negative and clicking on the red "x." This will generate a popup which allows you to edit the negative keyword, specify a match type and set a location.


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