Related Keyword Tool

WordStream's Related Keyword Tool provides a way to broaden your keyword research into new areas that you may not have thought about.

Specifically, this tool identifies words and phrases that are frequently searched on in combination with your topic. These words may be relevant to your business, and thus may be worth considering as additional keyword ideas for your campaigns.

To tap into WordStream's Trillion-keyword database to find related keywords for your PPC account, follow these steps:

  • Enter the topic you would like to find related keywords for (e.g.: Insurance)
  • Select whether you would like to exclude keywords already in your AdWords account and whether you would like to filter out adult keywords from your results.
  • Select the number of keywords you would like to see from the drop down box (you can always see more later).
  • Click "Find Related Keywords"

WordStream outputs the most frequently searched-on keywords that show up in searches related to your topic, as well as relevant data to help you decide which keywords will be the best for your PPC campaigns, including:

  • Estimated monthly search volume on Google
  • Estimated average cost per click
  • Estimated advertiser competition for the keyword (low, medium, high)

If you see a keyword that's close, but not exactly what you want you can click on the keyword to edit it.

After you've chosen the best keywords, you can:

  • Create a new ad group
  • Add the keywords to one of your existing ad groups.
  • Export the list if you want to save your work for later or use it in Excel

To start over, type a new topic into the search bar.

Tip: When creating ad groups on the AdWords Display Network, it's important to include related terms to help establish a broader theme for your display ad.