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Testimonials & Results - What People are Saying About WordStream

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Want to know how WordStream keyword management solutions will help your business better execute and optimize PPC and SEO activities? Please don't take our word for it (we admit, we're quite biased). Instead, read what our customers have to say!

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Real Results with WordStream

Yankee Barn Homes

Improvements Made:

  • Decreased Cost/Conversion - 34%
  • Increased Conversion Rate - 70%
  • Decreased Average Cost Per Click (CPC) - 7%
  • Increased Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) - 20%

Sentry Auto Group

Doubled traffic while cutting spend in half:

  • Increased CTR by 600%
  • Decreased CPC by 37%
  • Increased Quality Scores from an Average of 2/10 to an Average of 7/10

Client Case Studies

For a more in-depth look at success customers have had with WordStream, take a look at our customer stories and case studies:

Case Study #1: WordStream Drives PPC Productivity and Results for Local Car, Truck & Automobile Dealer

Case Study #2: WordStream Puts Mattress Franchise's PPC Challenges to Rest

Case Study #3: WordStream Helps Small Bakery Find Recipe for Pay-Per-Click ROI

Case Study #4: Genealogy Software Company Uses WordStream to Discover the Roots of SEM Inefficiencies


What People are Saying about WordStream

Here are some product reviews and customer testimonials about Wordstream.

Search Engine Land Review

search engine land wordstream review

"As Search Engine Marketing grows as an industry, it's inevitable that new technology will evolve to fill in the gaps where current solutions fall short. Case in point is WordStream, a new search marketing tool that specifically helps raise productivity for handling, assembling and segmenting your keyword list." - Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land Columnist

Impact on Results

"Local search marketing is difficult because you not only have to deal with the same issues as national providers, you have to gain insight into the minds of the local consumer when searching for a local provider online. WordStream PPC Services has allowed our company to expand to hundreds of small, locally targeted ad groups through their keyword management software, which has boosted Quality Score, lowered overall click cost, and increased conversion rate. The data and keyword history we have collected with the tool allowed us to become the authority on how local customers behave online for our niche, which we have used to inform our SEO strategy, website design, and consulting relationships with our clients." - Rob Alfano, Manager, Internet Marketing, Marathon Data Systems - Find a local Pest Control Professional

Productivity Gains from WordStream

"WordStream's keyword management software helped us implement a strategy of discovering and grouping new keywords every day, which we've found to be critical to the success of our search engine marketing. The WordStream software suite is constantly mining our website for new keywords that searchers used to find our website. It's important to be able to find these keywords because they are so relevant to what our business does, and we know they work. Once we have the keywords, WordStream helps us organize them into highly concentrated keyword groups in a matter of seconds, so we can author more targeted Web content and PPC ads." - Jackie Spadaro, U.S. Air Ambulance

Enabling Advertisers to Take Campaigns In-House

ADR International uses WordStream and provided a very favorable review.

"Before using Wordstream we had tried a few different PPC management agencies but ended up getting nowhere and were extremely frustrated. Not only were these agencies very expensive, they didn't gain the results promised and we were struggling to hit goals. We decided to try and bring the PPC campaigns in-house, but with little knowledge we knew we needed a tool to help us, so after a long search we found WordStream. The process from the start was very professional and straightforward. We were given an account manager who accessed our needs and decided we needed the JumpStart program. This allowed us to go back to basics and learn from the beginning. We are now much more knowledgeable and more involved with our PPC. Results have risen since using the Wordstream tool and going forward into 2010 I have no doubt it will go from strength to strength." - Marie Tuffy, Marketing Executive, ADR International

The Value of WordStream Support

"The customer support and services at WordStream have been instrumental in helping us achieve our search marketing goals. Having instant access to WordStream's customer support reps and being able to tap into their years of experience and skills turned our underperforming paid search account around. Now it's a finely-tuned machine and conversions and profits from PPC have nearly doubled." - Sat Sidhar, Simply Personnel

therapy group of dc logo

"Before WordSteam my PPC campaigns were luckily to see my once every few months. With WordSteam, I'm oddly excited to complete my weekly list of suggested tweaks and changes. My enthusiasm has only grown as I've witnessed my PPC campaigns performs at levels I never expected to achieve.   My one regret with WordStream is that I didn't start to use it sooner. 

Before using WordStream i thought I had high performing PPC campaigns. I was wrong. With their guidance and intuitive software, my campaigns are fine-tuned revenue generating machines.  

The people who work at WordStream are exceptional. Not only are they experts in PPC, but their responsiveness and genuine enthusiasm for my success is remarkable.  They are generous with their knowledge and time, which is why I routinely recommend them to friends and business colleagues." - Brad Brenner, Ph.D. Clinical Director at Therapy Group of DC.

How WordStream Helps Agencies

Baldwin Clancy Rogan advertising logo.

"We use Wordstream on all of the PPC clients' accounts at our Boston advertising agency. It dramatically improves campaign performance and saves both time and money. The support is also phenomenal. The staff is responsive, knowledgeable and always eager to help us."

Josh Fialkoff

Director of Online Marketing

Baldwin/Clancy/Rogan Advertising

Effortless Keyword Management

"WordStream automates exactly what good PPC professionals (both agency and in-house) should be doing every day, but rarely are. Examining the specific keywords that your visitors use to find your site, and adding those keywords to your campaign, in exactly the appropriate ad groups based on categorization rules that you define ... all without any ongoing daily effort at all. It's a tool so good that I almost want to keep it a secret! However, more users will mean more development and more capability. It is a product well worth the learning curve." - Kevin Patch, Anaconda Partners

An Affordable PPC Solution

"As a small agency, we were looking for a PPC solution that would help us work more efficiently in serving our growing base of PPC clients. WordStream's flexible packages and powerful interface made for a very compelling package that didn't break the bank. And tied in with the high quality of support, it is a solution that we know will grow with our business." - Patrick Cunningham, Director of Indulge Web Design Guerney

The Value of Continuous Keyword Discovery

Tripology appreciates WordStream's organization and keyword discovery tool.




"[WordStream] definitely provides an efficient way to organize raw search query data meaningfully and integrate it into AdWords with next to no effort. The availability of a pixel to continuously feed new keyword data into user-defined groups is a novel idea and enhances the value of the product tremendously." - Jeffrey James, Director of Search Marketing,

How WordStream Helps with SEO

53 Technology




"The beauty in what WordStream is doing is the repeatable, data-driven process for creating content for search engine optimization" – Graham Clarke, 53 Technology, a provider of integrated Web application development, IT consulting and Marketing consulting services.

Wow Internet is an SEO agency based in the UK

"We have started using WordStream's Keyword Suite.... and I can honest say that this product is a real life-saver." – Matthew Barby, Wow Internet, an agency providing SEO, social media, and conversion rate optimisation services.

Clean Interface and Workflow Tools

MFG loves WordStream's workflow which allows users to prioritize changes that have the highest benefits.



"From the start, WordStream’s look, feel and flow are fantastic—I really like that all of the data is at my fingertips. Perhaps my favorite feature of your keyword search tool is the workflow, which is an awesome idea. It really allows the user to divide his time between the different areas that need to be further segmented, identifying changes that provide the highest benefits. The flex technology is fast and clean, which makes loading and transitioning seamless and smooth. All this and more make for a great user experience!" - JJ Raymond, Marketing Analyst,

Improvements in Efficiency

Tightrope Interactive logo.



"WordStream keyword research tools have proven to be very useful and efficient for us. They've improved our productivity and allow us to quickly launch well-organized and large-scale search campaigns." - Dan Rabin, Sr. Search Director, TightRope Interactive

Informed, Helpful Staff

ISI Emergine Markets appreciates WordStream's AdWords campaign management


"Just wanted to tell you that I think what you guys are doing is really terrific. Your staff is helpful and informed, and the direction of your development is spot on. I can tell this will be a huge help for our pay-per-click marketing activities, it cuts right through the 'fog of war' that the task of managing an AdWords campaign can engender. It's a great product!" - James Hammond, VP of Marketing, ISI Emerging Markets

Strong ROI, Reduced Cost per Action

Sentry Auto Group noticed an improvement in ROI and conversion rates while also lowering costs



"Using WordStream's pay-per-click tool, we've quickly and dramatically improved the ROI of our search campaigns by lowering our cost-per-click and increasing conversion rates. Significant productivity enhancements mean we spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on strategic search marketing initiatives." - Chris Lemley, Sentry Automotive Group

Actionable PPC Recommendations

"Wordstream Adwords Grader is an eye opener. It gives actionable recommendation of all important aspects to run great PPC campaign... in just one page. Good job Wordstream team!" -Leon Krishnayana , Founder of, Competitor keyword research and analysis for PPC and SEO.

WordStream AdWords Performance Grader Reviews

"The improved vertical benchmark data and the ability to track performance (Quality Score!) over time alone make the grader worth your time. Whether you’re a PPC novice, a PPC narcissist or a PPC ninja, the AdWords Grader has something for you." - John Lee, Clix Marketing (Read the full WordStream Grader Review)

"This tool is a valuable addition to any competitive analysis of PPC. Plus, it will help you get a broad overview of account performance to help you diagnose structural problems in your account." - Shawn Livengood, PPC Without Pity (Read the full WordStream tool review)