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WordStream works with small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs to make pay-per-click advertising easier and more profitable. Our integrated software platform, WordStream Advisor, takes the headache out of paid search, allowing you to spend time on what really matters – taking care of your customers and growing your business.

Listen to what some of our satisfied customers, clients, and partners have to say about working with us, what it’s like to use our software, and how we have helped them grow their business through paid search.

Customer Reviews

At WordStream, we listen carefully to our customers and their feedback to implement features that make their lives easier and help them achieve even greater success with PPC. Here is a selection of customer reviews of WordStream Advisor. To read more reviews, visit our page on G2 Crowd.


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Companies That Work With WordStream

We have worked with leading brands and companies in a broad range of industries, from healthcare and consumer products to ecommerce platforms and news media organizations. We also work with digital marketing agencies to help them deliver even better results for their clients.

Our software platform, WordStream Advisor, can be customized and tailored to meet the paid search management needs of the smallest family-owned business to large corporations.

 WordStream reviews brands

Real Results with WordStream

We understand that no two business’ paid search goals are exactly alike. That’s why we provide expert guidance, dedicated training, and ongoing support to each and every one of our clients to maximize the return on investment of their advertising spend and simplify success with paid search.

Client Case Studies

WordStream has helped thousands of small businesses, digital marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs grow through paid search. This selection of client case studies highlights how businesses from a diverse range of industry verticals have used WordStream to maximize the ROI of their advertising budget, reach more prospective customers, make more sales, and generate more leads.


WordStream reviews Lumia

Growing an agency while taking care of demanding clients is no easy task, which is why Chicago-based digital marketing agency Lumia turned to WordStream to help achieve their goals.

“With everything that we have done and used WordStream for, it has improved,” says Amer Grozdanic, an account manager at Lumia. “Our click-through rates have improved, our Quality Scores have improved. Overall, looking at all of our clients, WordStream has really, really helped us become better at what we do.

Read more about Lumia’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.


WordStream reviews Corexcel

As a small educational training company, Corexcel needed to maximize the return on its investment from paid search. However, with a small staff and limited time, this was proving difficult – until Corexcel chose WordStream.

“Because The 20-Minute Work Week makes it easy to improve the account, I know I can do it quickly and it easily fits in to my workflow,” said Don Bowlby, Corexcel’s Vice President of Operations. “AdWords can be really overwhelming with the amount of data involved. I really like that I can spend 20 to 30 minutes on AdWords, check it off my list and know I’ve finished my PPC work for the week.”

Read more about Corexcel’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

Bulk Candy Store

WordStream reviews Bulk Candy Store

Ken Shenkman, one of the proprietors of online confectionary retailer Bulk Candy Co., knows a thing or two about sugary treats. His knowledge of paid search, however, was holding back his business and hindering growth. Ken was spending a great deal of time and money on PPC, but wasn’t seeing the results he wanted – until he partnered with WordStream’s Managed Services team.

“I’m confident that my paid search account is in the right hands because WordStream is transparent and I can see the results,” said Ken.

Read more about Bulk Candy Store’s success story here, or get the full case study as a PDF.

Yankee Barn Homes

For more than 40 years, Yankee Barn Homes of Grantham, New Hampshire, has been designing and building traditional farmhouses, cottages, and coastal properties with a classic New England aesthetic and modern, energy efficient construction techniques.

Yankee Barn Homes chose WordStream as their paid search management solution and experienced incredible results, including:

  • An increase in conversion rate of 70%
  • An increase in click-through rate of 20%
  • A reduction in cost-per-conversion of 34%
  • A reduction in average cost-per-click of 7%

Sentry Auto Group

With dealerships in Dorchester, Medford, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Sentry Auto Group is one of the premier automotive dealers in the state’s Metro West region.

Operating in the highly competitive automotive sales space, Sentry realized it had to make considerable gains in the performance of its paid search campaigns while reducing costs – both objectives that WordStream helped Sentry accomplish. After choosing WordStream, Sentry Auto Group achieved:

  • An increase in click-through rate of 600%
  • An increase in average Quality Score from 2/10 to 7/10
  • A reduction in cost-per-click of 37%

To learn more about how WordStream has helped businesses and agencies across a wide range of verticals, visit our Case Studies page.

What People Are Saying About WordStream

Since 2008, WordStream has continually improved our core software product as well as our free tools to provide advertisers with the support they need to increase their return on investment from PPC. We have also been recognized for our commitment to innovation and excellence by the search engine marketing news media, as well as dozens of our satisfied customers.

Media Coverage

Search Engine Land Review

WordStream reviews Search Engine Land

"As search engine marketing grows as an industry, it's inevitable that new technology will evolve to fill in the gaps where current solutions fall short. Case in point is WordStream, a new search marketing tool that specifically helps raise productivity for handling, assembling and segmenting your keyword list." - Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land columnist

FinancesOnline.com Review

WordStream reviews Finances Online

"We've examined many similar products in the past, but WordStream Advisor really has lots of potential and stands out from your competitors. What I like about it most is that it's very intuitive and provides excellent user experience." - Radek Shwick, FinancesOnline.com reviewer (Read the full review of WordStream Advisor)

iSpionage.com Review

"WordStream AdWords Performance Grader is an eye opener. It gives actionable recommendations of all important aspects to run great PPC campaign... in just one page. Good job WordStream team!” -Leon Krishnayana , Founder of iSpionage.com

Clix Marketing Review

"The improved vertical benchmark data and the ability to track performance (Quality Score!) over time alone make the grader worth your time. Whether you’re a PPC novice, a PPC narcissist or a PPC ninja, the AdWords Grader has something for you." - John Lee, Clix Marketing (Read the full WordStream Grader Review)

PPC Without Pity Review

"This tool is a valuable addition to any competitive analysis of PPC. Plus, it will help you get a broad overview of account performance to help you diagnose structural problems in your account." -Shawn Livengood, PPC Without Pity (Read the full WordStream tool review)

Client Testimonials

Marathon Data Systems Testimonial

"Local search marketing is difficult because you not only have to deal with the same issues as national providers, you have to gain insight into the mind of the local consumer when searching for a local provider online. WordStream’s PPC services has allowed our company to expand to hundreds of small, locally targeted ad groups through their keyword management software, which has boosted Quality Score, lowered overall click cost, and increased conversion rates.

The data and keyword history we have collected with the tool allowed us to become the authority on how local customers behave online for our niche, which we have used to inform our SEO strategy, website design, and consulting relationships with our clients." – Rob Alfano, Manager, Internet Marketing, Marathon Data Systems

U.S. Air Ambulance Testimonial

"WordStream's keyword management software helped us implement a strategy of discovering and grouping new keywords every day, which we've found to be critical to the success of our search engine marketing. The WordStream software suite is constantly mining our website for new keywords that searchers used to find our website.

It's important to be able to find these keywords because they are so relevant to what our business does, and we know they work. Once we have the keywords, WordStream helps us organize them into highly concentrated keyword groups in a matter of seconds, so we can author more targeted web content and PPC ads." - Jackie Spadaro, U.S. Air Ambulance

MFG.com Testimonial

"From the start, WordStream’s look, feel and flow are fantastic—I really like that all of the data is at my fingertips. Perhaps my favorite feature of your keyword search tool is the workflow, which is an awesome idea. It really allows the user to divide his time between the different areas that need to be further segmented, identifying changes that provide the highest benefits. The flex technology is fast and clean, which makes loading and transitioning seamless and smooth. All this and more make for a great user experience!" - JJ Raymond, Marketing Analyst, MFG.com

Tightrope Interactive Testimonial

"WordStream’s keyword research tools have proven to be very useful and efficient for us. They've improved our productivity and allow us to quickly launch well-organized and large-scale search campaigns." - Dan Rabin, Sr. Search Director, Tightrope Interactive

EMIS Testimonial


"Just wanted to tell you that I think what you guys are doing is really terrific. Your staff is helpful and informed, and the direction of your development is spot on. I can tell this will be a huge help for our pay-per-click marketing activities, it cuts right through the 'fog of war' that the task of managing an AdWords campaign can engender. It's a great product!" - James Hammond, VP of Marketing, EMIS (formerly ISI Emerging Markets)

Sentry Auto Group Testimonial

"Using WordStream's pay-per-click tool, we've quickly and dramatically improved the ROI of our search campaigns by lowering our cost-per-click and increasing conversion rates. Significant productivity enhancements mean we spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on strategic search marketing initiatives." - Chris Lemley, Sentry Automotive Group

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