Genealogy Software Company Uses WordStream to Discover the Roots of SEM Inefficiencies

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How a leading software company simplified its search engine marketing efforts, improved productivity, raised Quality Score and lowered cost per conversion.

Company Background

GenoPro increased their Quality Score and saved time with WordStreamGenoPro is a user-friendly, comprehensive software that allows you to draw family trees and genograms that you can share with your whole family. Available in 26 languages and sold in 170 countries, GenoPro is the world’s leading provider of genogram software. Customers include over 1 million genealogists, social workers, universities, hospitals, city councils and government agencies.

GenoPro Search Engine Marketing Challenges

Since its product is primarily sold online, search engine marketing is extremely important for GenoPro’s success.  The company closely measures and tracks return on investment for online advertising; approximately one-third of sales are a direct result of online search marketing advertising campaigns. 

As IT director, Jean Claude Morin was spending over 10 hours per week managing GenoPro's Google AdWords account. Despite the time spent, Jean Claude was disappointed in his conversion rates, ad rank, and bid amounts. He was overwhelmed with the amount of work required, especially the constant pressure of thinking up new keywords and ads. Jean Claude was eager to find something to improve his ad ranking, lower cost-per-conversion and free up his time for other responsibilities.

Why WordStream?

"I was really frustrated with the manual and repetitive work that went into managing our search engine marketing campaigns and was eager to find something that improved our productivity. WordStream was exactly what we were looking for.  Although we have been using WordStream a relatively short time, the product has already shown noticeable benefits. 

"GenoPro considers WordStream a great tool to automatically find keywords at an incredible value.  By analyzing the web logs and combining keywords with meaningful page descriptions, WordStream is able to determine new search engine keywords.  Even more, it automatically associates a description and calculates a bid price. On average, WordStream adds about 50 new keywords per day.  WordStream is also helpful in finding foreign language keywords. GenoPro is available in 26 languages and the website is translated into various languages. Thus, the WordStream tool is constantly finding, associating and adding new advertising keywords in those foreign languages.  On a technical note, WordStream handles foreign alphabets well, something important when dealing with a multi-lingual customer base.

"By associating keywords with meaningful descriptions, WordStream increased our Quality Score at Google.  The benefit was a net saving, ranging from 20% to 30%, on keyword bids alone.  In other words, GenoPro can now bid about 20% to 30% lower than before and keep the same position in the sponsored results, or maintain the same bid and rank higher in the results. The visitors are converting to sales and our ROI is up 30%.  Perhaps more importantly, WordStream allowed me to focus on my other tasks and feel confident that we have greatly reduced inefficiencies arising from overly-aggressive broad matching. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to manage our SEM campaigns with WordStream.  I’d say that I now spend only a couple hours per week managing our account—it’s amazing how much more time I have!

"Without question, WordStream has helped our business spend our marketing budget more efficiently, recruiting new clients with less effort.  WordStream simplified our search marketing campaigns and continues to play a crucial role in growing our online business."

- Jean Claude Morin, Director of IT


If you'd like to see first hand what WordStream can do for your business or your pay-per-click agency inquire about our Adwords Consulting Services. And, if you're already using our software to great success, tell us about it!