WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox: Optimize Your Site Content for Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi-step, ongoing process—but most keyword tools only cover the first step. You go to them for one-time keyword research and get back a list of suggested terms. But what do you do with those terms once you have them? How do you know which keywords are best? Where do you put them, and how do you verify that they're driving search engine traffic?

WordStream Keyword Research Suite is a collection of tools designed to help you actually act on your keyword research to get meaningful results.

The primary action you'll need to take on your keyword opportunities, once you've found them, is content creation. You need to write and publish keyword-optimized:

  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Copy
  • Blog Posts

This will ensure that your potential customers can find you through organic search. So how do you close the gap between your research and your writing, and work your keywords into your copy in a way that's SEO-friendly and reader-friendly too?

WordStream's SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox is a content creation tool for writers that connects your keyword research to your SEO copywriting efforts. The benefits of composing Web copy with the help of WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox include:

  • Easier topic selection: Instead of staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike, get topic ideas by drilling down into keyword niches with high potential search volume.
  • More relevant keyword targeting: Keyword suggestions for WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox are driven by trends in our propietary keyword database, which uses analytics to determine the most profitable keywords.
  • Stronger keyword optimization: The plugin helps you uncover your best keyword opportunities and place them in key fields so your pages are maximally Google-friendly.
  • Long-tail keyword traffic: Go beyond competitive head terms with long-tail modifiers to capture more traffic over time.

How Does WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox Work?

The SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox plugin is simple to use. To access it you will need to purchase the SEO Upgrade for our Keyword Research Suite product. Then you'll be able to download the plug-in from within your Keyword Research Suite account. NOTE: You must be in a Firefox Web browser to download the plug-in. View the FAQ for more details on installation, or watch a quick video tutorial:

After you install the plugin, you can easily open it from within Firefox. Just click on the WordStream SEO icon in your toolbar. The tool appears on the left-hand side of the screen, next to the main browser window where you should log into your content management system of choice (such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Joomla or Drupal).

After you have logged into your CMS, the next thing you will need to do is select a topic to write about. Just enter a keyword to find topic selections. Your results are automatically grouped into niches—select a topic and click Continue to see the top keywords related to that topic.

SEO for Firefox Top 10

The first tab in the lower pane show you the most popular keywords. The second tab gives you popular long-tail modifiers for your keyword (so you can capture traffic for a string of lower-volume queries) and the third tab gives you keywords in the form of questions. As you write your content, include keywords from all three of these tabs—WordStream SEO for Firefox keeps a running count of how many keyword phrases you've used, so you'll know your content is optimized.

SEO for Firefox Keyword Count

There is also a highlight feature to quickly locate where you've used your keywords.

Highlight Feature

The plugin has a number of other advanced features to help marketers create effective SEO content that ranks and drives traffic. Visit the WordStream SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox FAQ or documentation to learn more.

Download the SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox

Sign up for a subscription to Keyword Research Suite, and choose the SEO Upgrade add-on option to gain access to the SEO Content Creation Plug-in for Firefox.