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Keyword Management for SEO: The Key to Optimized Sites that Drive Traffic & Sales

WordStream Keyword Management for SEO is the ultimate keyword research tool for search engine optimization.

WordStream is an advanced keyword research tool designed to help you discover your most relevant and profitable keyword opportunities, then organize and act on those keywords to drive traffic and leads through better organic search engine optimization (SEO).

WordStream for SEO goes beyond traditional keyword suggestion tools, offering keyword discovery and research capabilities, and then layers on keyword analytics, keyword grouping and organization, and integrated content authoring tools. You get all this additional functionality at a price point comparable to traditional SEO keyword tools—and often lower!

WordStream vs. Other SEO Tools

What Does WordStream Keyword Management for SEO Do?

SEO is a complicated, multi-step, cyclical process, but most keyword suggestion tools won't get you past the first step. They provide suggestions but don't tell you what to do with them. You're on your own when it comes to forming a keyword strategy and implementing those SEO keywords on your website.

WordStream Keyword Management for SEO leads you through the full process required to optimize your site. WordStream's all-in-one SEO pack includes:

  • Traditional Keyword Discovery: Similar to other tools you've seen, WordStream provides relevant keyword suggestions, including synonyms and extensive results from the long tail, pulled from a deep database of search queries, giving you the language to build pages that speak to your prospective customers.
  • Personalized Keyword Research: In addition, WordStream goes a step further to mine your existing site data, uncovering the terms people are already using to find your site. This private data is the best source of new keyword opportunities and insights for your business.
  • Keyword Analytics: Keyword suggestions are largely useless without the ability to analyze their performance. Instead of vague estimates based on overall popularity, WordStream provides accurate visit and goal data for your keywords on an ongoing basis.
  • Keyword Organization: WordStream's sophisticated grouping and organization capabilities help you segment your keyword list into an effective structure so you can analyze your data in strategic clusters, identify content opportunities, and create an SEO-friendly information architecture.
  • Content Authoring: The WordStream SEO for Firefox plugin connects your keyword research with your content creation efforts, ensuring that your best keyword clusters translate into focused, optimized product pages, marketing copy, and blog posts.

How Does WordStream Keyword Management for SEO Work?

In the Discover Keywords tab, you can:

  • Find keywords and synonyms related to a given word, phrase or URL, leveraging the same database as the Free Keyword Tool by WordStream
  • Conduct competitive keyword research
  • Cut and paste an existing keyword list or import keywords from a CSV file
  • Personalize your research by connecting WordStream with your Google Analytics account data or importing server log files

By aggregating data from multiple sources, including highly valuable private data, you can obtain a much more complete and relevant picture of the keywords that work with your audience.

In the Organize Keywords tab, you can segment your data into an actionable structure of tightly related groups and subgroups. The software provides suggestions for effective keyword groups, which you can review and create with the click of a button—saving hours of manual sorting. The resulting taxonomy will add value at every level of your SEO efforts, helping you develop strategies for content production, your site's information architecture and more. You can even use these groups to create a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.

How Do I Try It?

WordStream Keyword Management for SEO is available to try FREE for seven days. Click here to create your free trial account.