SEO Keyword Research: How to Find Keywords Your Competitors Don't Have

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a complex process, but almost every aspect of SEO relates back to keywords. For new visitors and potential customers to find your site, they typically need to interact with a search engine like Google, and the way they tell the search engine what they're looking for is by using keywords. Being able to anticipate the words and phrases those people use in large part determines how successful you'll be at SEO. The process of mining for these keywords is called keyword research.

This is where WordStream comes in. Our Keyword Research Suite is a powerful set of tools that enables marketers to find and organize large numbers of targeted keywords, quickly and easily. With the Keyword Research Suite as part of your SEO strategy, you'll experience a number of benefits:

Smart, fast, easy-to-use tools (with unlimited use!) help you save time on keyword discovery, a key process that successful search marketers repeat over and over

  • You'll have deep access to WordStream's industry-leading trillion-keyword database, so you can find targeted, effective keywords in any vertical
  • Our exclusive, customer-only keyword data provides a huge competitive advantage over free keyword tools
  • The Keyword Research Suite offers more relevant, actionable data than similar offerings

The Keyword Research Suite helps you generate extensive lists of keywords that are already organized into actionable groups for use in organic search campaigns. These keywords will form the building blocks of your SEO campaigns, and they'll be ready to put to use in:

  • Your website's information architecture, or organizational structure
  • Optimized, search-friendly web pages and blog posts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Anchor text and internal linking campaigns
  • Metadata fields
  • Even newsletters and other marketing collateral

Your keywords give you insight into your customers' needs, so they're a valuable marketing asset you can't neglect.

The WordStream Keyword Research Suite includes:

By upgrading to the Extreme Long-Tail Keyword Edition, you'll get the added benefits of:

  • Exclusive access to our long-tail keyword database
  • 25% more keywords
  • More specific keywords that show more user intent

The Extreme Long-Tail Edition is especially helpful for advertisers in highly competitive industries or very specific market niches.

In addition, the SEO Upgrade of the Keyword Research Suite gives you access to our Firefox plug-in for SEO content creation, which helps marketers find new topics to write about and ensure that your blog posts are properly keyword-optimized. You'll also get an exclusive monthly newsletter with tips and strategies for implementing SEO techniques and best practices.

Ready to try out the Keyword Research Suite? Take it for a test drive.