Split Ad Groups Tutorial

The Split Ad Groups tool utilizes WordStream’s powerful grouping algorithms to suggest possible ways to segment your selected ad group into more tightly focused groups, which are critical for maximizing the results of your AdWords campaigns. In addition to providing suggestions for how to split your ad group, the tool gives you the ability to write text ads for the newly created groups or copy text ads from the ad group being split.

In addition to the suggested ad group, WordStream displays the included keywords and gives you an opportunity to edit the keyword match type and edit the Max CPC by clicking on the cell you would like to edit. You can also remove a keyword (so that it remains in the group being split) by clicking on the "x".

Select the ad groups that you would like to create by checking the "Select" box and click the "Create Selected Ad Groups" button to proceed to writing text ads for the new groups. If you want to copy text ads from the group being split be sure to check the box in the lower left corner before creating your new ad groups.

For each ad group you have created you can create multiple text ads by clicking on the "Create new Ad button" and writing the text of your ad. Once an ad has been created you can:

  • Delete the ad by clicking on the red "x" next to the text ad
  • Clone the text ad by clicking on the two sheets of paper icon next to the text ad
  • Edit the text ad by clicking on the pencil icon next to the text ad and changing the text of the ad.

When you finish click on the "Done" button to add the new ad groups to your AdWords account.