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Why choose WordStream as your search marketing solution? WordStream's customers are leveraging our keyword management technologies to help grow their businesses online by better executing PPC and SEO. In the series of case studies below, you'll see real, in-depth examples of how implementing WordStream helped companies to drive more traffic and sales for less money by providing improved productivity and increased relevance, resulting in a drastic increase in overall search marketing value. 

WordStream Helps New Agency Indulge in PPC Advertising

Many agencies promise to deliver optimal PPC results but leave the client feeling less than satisfied. In order to build up a successful PPC offering, the Indulge Media team needed to quickly ramp up on AdWords best practices, ensuring that the proper structure was built into the creation of their campaigns from inception.

Within a few short months of starting the business, Indulge Media signed on with WordStream’s JumpStart program. They were given active training on how to effectively organize, manage, and build on their clients’ keywords in order to build, optimize, and grow their PPC campaigns. The JumpStart program made it possible for the agency to build out their PPC offering and successfully grow their digital marketing client base.

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WordStream Gives Executive Internet Resources the Resources to Grow

One of the first things about the WordStream PPC solution that immediately impressed Alperin was the keyword organization and segmentation features. EIR was able to take the key phrases from clients’ Google accounts, ranging from a few thousand to 10,000 keyword phrases, and very easily upload, organize, and segment those lists into smaller, tightly related ad groups. 

To accomplish this level of segmentation manually across multiple client accounts would have taken EIR up to five times as long. For example, one client went from 500 keyword phrases to 4,000 keyword phrases in just a few short weeks after implementing WordStream’s software.

Once the keywords were segmented by ad group, the WordStream solution made it simple for EIR to write text ads by offering suggestions of the most relevant, traffic-driving keywords from each ad group. This allowed EIR to create tightly aligned groups and ad text, which in turn helped to improve Google Quality Scores. WordStream’s PPC ad tools also improved the team's productivity. EIR can now create multiple, unique text ads for 400 ad groups in just one to two weeks.

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ScreeningWorks Becomes a Resident Expert in PPC

What first stuck out to Grinberg was WordStream’s knowledge of the paid search space and expertise in effectively managing keywords. ScreeningWorks jumped from 34 keywords in one ad group to 14,000 keywords across 8 verticals with an average of 14 subgroups each. An account that previously had only one text ad for all keywords now has over 200 text ads.

Grinberg stated, “In working with WordStream, I felt that, even as a small business with a limited budget, I had an ally in helping me with my AdWords account. They helped me weed through the vast expanse of keywords and create value in my campaigns. Rather than me looking across an infinite amount of keywords, the WordStream tools uncovered keywords for me and even suggested how to break them down.”

Grinberg also learned how to effectively manipulate bids. Stanley demonstrated how to review reports and identify the groups performing well to spend more there, while pausing the ad groups that were just burning money. As a result, ScreeningWorks was able to spend the same amount per day but get more for their money. Additionally, the level of granularity in their campaigns made it possible for Grinberg to bid at the ad group level rather than bidding on specific keywords. This saved Grinberg a great deal of time.

Overall, with more relevant groups and an increase in Quality Score, ScreeningWorks was able to lower their cost per click (CPC) by 38% from December to January. In the same time period, sales conversions increased by 37%.

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Yankee Barn Homes Beams with PPC Success

At the close of JumpStart’s sixty days, Yankee Barn Homes saw meaningful results for the first time in years. First, they doubled their ad groups and increased their use of long-tail keyword phrases, which in turn resulted in higher-quality leads that cost over 30% less. Conversions that had previously cost $43 or more were now costing closer to $28 on average. Overall conversion rate jumped 70%.

With improved text ads, click-through rate (CTR) improved by 20%, jumping from an average of 3.95% to 4.52%.

Almost immediately, Hanslin begin to see an increase in conversions take place. He stated, “I had originally focused on click-through rates but later realized that real cost is what I’m paying for someone to contact us. What really matters to me is that I’m now seeing a huge increase in the number of conversions at half the cost after using WordStream’s PPC tools.”

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WordStream Drives PPC Productivity and Results for Local Car, Truck & Automobile Dealer

Sentry Auto Group set out to drive traffic to their website, increase awareness of multiple dealer locations and measure ROI more effectively. They were able to reach their goals through working with WordStream by achieving the following results:

  • Increased Click Through Rate (CTR) from .32% to over 2% (where 1% is the average)
  • Decreased Cost Per Click (CPC) from $1.75 to $1.10
  • Increased Quality Scores from 2/10 to 7/10 on average
  • Increase from 300 bidded keywords to 1,600 in one month

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WordStream Solution Puts Mattress Franchise's PPC Problems to Rest

WordStream’s ability to quickly discover and organize long-tail search terms allowed the New England franchise of 1-800 Mattress to bid lower on highly relevant keywords, based on proprietary data from real prospects, versus bidding on more expensive, highly competitive keywords. The results?

  • A jump in online sales leads from 12% to 22%.
  • Increased return on advertising spend, from 3:1 to 10:1.
  • Higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • Reduced cost per click

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WordStream Helps Small Bakery Find Recipe for Pay-Per-Click ROI

After five years of working to improve the results of his pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, Stephen Pazyra, CEO of 1-800-Bakery, was still perplexed as to why a larger percentage of his website traffic was not converting directly into sales. As with any small business owner, ROI was the key metric. Keeping that in mind, he set out to find a better solution. Pazyra’s main goal was to increase the quality of his Web traffic, in terms of both number of conversions and the cost per conversion. With the aid of powerful keyword grouping capabilities, WordStream helped Pazyra create well-organized and close-knit ad groups, critical to long-term PPC success.

At the close of his 60-day JumpStart training, Pazyra felt confident enough to take over the reins from his account manager. However, unlike the first time he attempted to manage his campaign on his own, he was able to put his unique business knowledge to use with a proven keyword management solution and significantly improved understanding of how to execute PPC. This added up to far better results and lower costs, in a fraction of the time he was previously spending on his campaign.

After fine-tuning his keywords to include more long-tail phrases, Pazyra was able to reach his goals of more qualified visits and subsequent conversions. Despite the seasonality issues that come with supplying online baked goods, in the month of April 1-800-Bakery increased its conversion rate by 60% and reduced the cost per conversion by nearly 10%. At the same time, CTR rose by more than 25% from 1.6% in January to 2.02% in April.

Pazyra concluded, "My Google budget is the same, but I'm seeing more leads translating to sales. That is real ROI."

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Genealogy Software Company Uses WordStream to Discover the Roots of SEM Inefficiencies

"By associating keywords with meaningful descriptions, WordStream increased our quality score at Google.  The benefit was a net saving, ranging from 20% to 30%, on keyword bids alone.  In other words, GenoPro can now bid about 20% to 30% lower than before and keep the same position in the sponsored results, or maintain the same bid and rank higher in the results. The visitors are converting to sales and our ROI is up 30%.  Perhaps more importantly, WordStream allowed me to focus on my other tasks and feel confident that we have greatly reduced inefficiencies arising from overly-aggressive broad matchingI couldn’t believe how easy it was to manage our SEM campaigns with WordStream.  I’d say that I now spend only a couple hours per week managing our account—it’s amazing how much more time I have!"

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