Technical Support FAQ - WordStream Support FAQ

Answers to various frequently asked support questions pertaining to WordStream.

Q:  Where can I find more information about using WordStream?

A:  You can find technical how-to information, tips, techniques, and tricks in our WordStream Tutorials section.

Q:  How do I set up my free trial of WordStream?

A:  You can be up and running with a free trial of WordStream in a matter of minutes. We offer a detailed WordStream Set Up Guide that walks you through the process in step-by-step.

Q:  I don't have a lot of time to get my account up and running.  How do I get my free trial off the ground right away?

A:  The Learning WordStream in Just 4 Minutes Guide will tell you how to have keywords researched for you, create an ad campaign, set up Ad Groups, create ad text, and publish your WordStream campaign in under five minutes!

Q:  There's something specific I don't understand within the application. where can i find a more granular collection of tutorials?

A:  In addition to the 4-minute WordStream guide, there is a more in-depth set of tutorials for using the product in the tutorial section. The WordStream User Guide includes numerous helpful modules:

Q:  I have a general or sales-related question that isn't answered here. Where can I find more information?

A:  You can see the general WordStream FAQ for general, sales, and technical frequently asked questions. Additionally if you have sales or product related questions and would like to speak to a representative, you can contact us directly.

Be sure to visit the WordStream Learning Center to gain access to a wealth of tips, tricks, and information:

Q:  Where can I learn how to do things like conduct keyword research, identify negative keywords, and optimize my landing pages?

A:  While the WordStream User Guide mentioned above offers a lot of very thorough information on how to use the application, WordStream's SEM Best Practices Guide offers a series of tutorials with tips and tricks for account optimization:

Q:  I have a problem with my adwords account. Who can I talk to?

A:  If you have a question about your search advertising account, or if you would like more information about the tools and services they offer, we provide a handy list of contact links and links to some of the search-focused free tools offered by the engines on this Free PPC Tools and Resources page.

If you think something is wrong with your Google AdWords account and need to contact Google directly, you can call them through the Google AdWords phone support number.

Q:  I made a change in Google's adwords editor. What happens to my WordStream account?

A:  We strongly recommend that you make any changes through WordStream. However, the answer to this depends on where the ad group was created and what action you're taking.

If you created the ad group in WordStream, property changes made in Adwords Editor will be reflected in WordStream by clicking "download account." Property changes include the following:

  • Changing a bid
  • Pausing an ad group or specific keyword
  • Adding text ads
  • Changing the settings (geo-targeting, conversion optimizer, etc.)

On the other hand, if you added or deleted keywords in Adwords editor, these changes will not reflect in WordStream.

If you created the ad group outside of WordStream your changes will say within Google Adwords.

*Note: WordStream only synchs with Google Adwords when the ad groups match in both places. If you are experimenting with an ad group that you haven't yet uploaded to WordStream, any changes made in Adwords Editor will not affect anything in WordStream.

Q:  I made changes within WordStream. What next?

A:  This also depends on where your ad group was created.

If you created the ad group in WordStream, your ad group is synchronized with the keyword groupings in your keyword tree. As new keywords (or negative keywords) are discovered, or as keyword groupings are segmented, the changes made in WordStream will be automatically reflected in your ad group after clicking “Post Account Changes” in the PPC campaigns tab of the product.

If you created the ad group outside of WordStream, our product will not interfere with the operation. We do however, download those account changes (new campaigns, new ad groups, or other account changes, etc.), so you may view and make changes to them. To do so, visit the ad groups within the PPC campaigns tab.

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