Syncing Facebook to WordStream


The following guide will walk you through the steps necessary to connect your Facebook Business Page and ads to WordStream Social.


Select Social under the “20 Minute PPC Work Week” Tab

Social Beta

Click green button “Give it a try!”

Give it a try

New Facebook Users:

Before Selecting connect to Facebook, be sure the items below are completed.


Connect to my Facebook Account - checklist.PNG


More info:

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page: If you haven't done so already, please create a Facebook page by going to:
  2. Accept Facebook Website Tracking Terms of Service: If you haven't done so already, please accept Facebook terms of service by going here:  
  3. Accept Facebook Conversion Tracking Terms of Service: This is needed to track conversions.If you haven’t done so already, please accept by going here:
  4. Facebook Ad Billing: If you haven't done so already, please go into your Facebook Business page and add a payment method by:
    1. Click “Settings”
    2. Click “Payments”
    3. Click “Ads Billing”
    4. Click “Edit Payment Method” and add credit card information


Connect Your Facebook Business Page:

Once your Facebook Business page is set up, click the “Connect to Facebook” button

Connect to Facebook button.PNG


WordStream Set-Up

Once you have successfully set up you will complete 2 prompts:

  1. Set Your Business Page - Click “Next” (Hint- Make sure you are logged into the Facebook page with which you want to connect.)
    Set Business Pg.PNG
  2. How much do you plan to spend? Enter amount and click “Next”
    Plan to spend.PNG


[NOTE: This is not a commitment. This will help Wordstream figure out which campaigns are most effective for your budget and tailor our alerts and recommendations accordingly. You can change this at any time.]

Dashboard & Pixel Placement:




After connecting Facebook to WordStream, you will need to set up your remarketing pixel and your conversion tracking code.


Click on green “View Tag Code” button


zoomed in View Tag Code Button.PNG

Place following items on your webpage source code:

  • WordStream Tag: Copy the code and paste it just before the </body> tag on every page on your website.
  • Conversion Code: Copy the conversion code and paste it only on your conversion pages or thank you pages.

Place Wordstream Tag.PNG

Why is the important?

The first Tag is the remarketing tag which will be used to tag all visitors to your site and allow you to show them remarketing ads.


The second Tag is the conversion code which will allow you to track conversions from your Facebook ads.


Need Help?

If you need assistance setting up your Tag on all your pages, click green “Talk with Support”

Talk with Support.PNG


Congratulations! You have successfully set up Facebook Ads on your WordStream account!


Now you can sit back and watch your remarketing audience grow! Your first alert will appear after your website has accrued 300 visitors. Depending on your web traffic, this can take anywhere from three days to a week.


Questions? Email