Website Visitor Statistics

Website visitor statistics enable the search marketer to assign keyword relevance and popularity to keywords for the best optimization.  With so many keywords to manage, it's often difficult to decide where to start.  Generally, keywords that result in the highest visits are considered the most important, and WordStream evaluates popularity and prioritization at every step of the way.  Also, WordStream implements strict keyword counts that remove formatting to ensure the same keyword is counted as such, even when surrounded by different punctuation, so your visit count is as accurate as possible.

why is visit count important?

As you may expect, keywords that result in the most visits to your site may be considered the most valuable.  WordStream allows you to sort keywords by relevance, a combination of visits and keyword use, to guarantee you're prioritizing within the campaign.  You're also able to see and sort by percentage of keywords and percentage of visits generated within that segment. 

Sort by relevance to help prioritize the work involved in your SEM campaign.

However, it's important to remember conversion data and the long tail of search.  You may find that even though some groups of keywords only generate a handful of visits, they convert better into sales dollars, and therefore have value. 


Use WordStream's workflow tab to ensure you're using your time most efficiently, but be sure not to overlook the low visit, high conversion keyword groups of your long tail.  To get a better view of these lower visit keywords within the workflow tab, you may sort by visitors to find keywords that are rarely used, but specific enough that they may deserve their own Ad group.

why is the visitor count zero on certain keywords? 

The visitor count displays number of visitors for that keyword or keyword group based on the selected dates.  Most likely, you're seeing fewer visits than you expected because the dates are too narrow.  Use the Advanced Search option and zoom function to display more specific data.

the best website visitor statistics

WordStream is the best tracker of website visitor statistics for three reasons.  First, as you may have read about in the keyword counter section, the software strips keywords of unnecessary formatting for the most accurate data.  When someone searches "movie" or "movie," visits are grouped together and tracked for the same keyword (movie) so you can see exactly how many visits that keyword generated.  Second, visit count is always evaluated along with keyword popularity in order to provide a reference of relevance to best prioritize your time.  Third, WordStream makes it easy to track keywords with lower visit count so you can maintain visibility within your long tail.  Sign up for a Free Trial for all three benefits and more.