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Our free white papers, brought to you by PPC U, provide critical business information and technical insight into the key challenges facing the online marketing industry and the tools and strategies marketers need to overcome them. Look no further to learn more about executing high-performance PPC and paid search campaigns, from keyword research to conversion rate optimization and other web marketing topics.


The 20-Minute PPC Work Week: Making the Most of Your PPC Account in Minimal Time

Most small businesses get weak results from PPC for one simple reason: They don't spend enough time in their accounts.

The reality is, you don't have to spend days or even hours per week working on PPC to make a difference. You can make a real impact on your PPC performance in just 20 minutes per week. Really.

Download The 20-Minute PPC Work Week eBook, to learn:

  • A proven, consistent workflow that you can follow every week to get better results
  • How long to spend on each task, from keyword research to reporting
  • Helpful tools to speed up your PPC work

The 20-Minute PPC Work Week: Weekly Checklist

We believe you can see steady improvement in your PPC performance in just 20 minutes a week. Use this workflow to help you along; it's still a great guide as to how to best spend your time for maximum results. Download this checklist, print it out and pin it to the wall by your desk. We encourage you to follow this workflow every week. Then use the AdWords Performance Grader to see how much your results have improved!



7 New AdWords Features that Will Change Your Campaigns Forever

Google is constantly testing and releasing new features in AdWords.

Getting ahead of the curve and being a first-adopter with these impactful new features can give you the competitive edge you need to outperform your competitors in AdWords.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • What ad customizers are and why YOU should care about them.
  • The difference between callout extensions & sitelink extensions, and what this means for campaigns.
  • How to productively use call tracking to improve your offline conversion funnel


Does Google AdWords Work?

Have you ever asked yourself, 'Does Google AdWords REALLY Work?'

It is a common question that anyone who has spent or is considering spending on AdWords asks themselves.

Our PPC experts are determined to help you answer that question and so much more.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • If I have strong organic traffic, do I even need to pay for clicks?
  • How much is too much to be paying?
  • Does AdWords traffic even convert?
  • Is AdWords effective enough for me to spend my time on it?


How Much Does Google AdWords Cost?

It’s a reasonable question, and one we hear all the time, especially from newcomers to paid search. After all, those new to PPC are probably most interested in how much they’ll be expected to shell out to advertise on Google, and whether they can even afford it!

Here's a high-level preview of what you'll learn in more detail in this guide:

  • Google AdWords is based on an auction system that rewards businesses who have high-quality ad campaigns with lower costs and better ad placement.
  • You can exercise tight control over how your AdWords budget is spent using tactics like ad scheduling, geotargeting, and device targeting.
  • The average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 on the search network. The average CPC on the Display Network is under $1.
  • The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click. These are generally highly competitive keywords in industries that have high customer lifetime values, like law and insurance.


PPC 101: A Beginner's Guide to PPC

Whether you've heard a little about PPC marketing and are curious to learn more, or you already know that you want to use PPC to market your business, but aren't sure where to start — you've come to the right place!

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • What is PPC?
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Quality score
  • Keywords
  • And so much more!


6 Steps to Building a Brilliant Paid Search Account Structure

In this FREE guide you'll learn how to create an account structure that will:

  1. Save you money by helping to improve quality scores
  2. Get you more conversions with campaigns, ad groups, keywords and copy that align to core themes
  3. Save you time & sanity like any organization does

8 Simple Things You Might Be Overlooking In AdWords

Google makes it easy to set up a PPC campaign, but some advertisers assume that after they've typed in some keywords, set the budget, and switched on the campaign, there's nothing more to do except sit back and watch the conversions roll in.

In reality, any account can benefit from a few quick, simple tweaksdesigned to optimize ROI – and these updates don't cost anything extra!

In this guide, we'll offer eight easy-to-implement, impactful techniques to keep in mind when optimizing your ad campaigns. These are common best practices that AdWords advertisers frequently overlook, such as:

  • Setting up conversion tracking so you'll know what's really working
  • Assigning values for different types of conversions
  • Implementing the right ad extensions

Why You Need A PPC Audit Case Study

One of the biggest challenges facing many paid search marketers is finding the time (and money) to review the performance of campaigns. The reality is, most PPC Advertisers just don't have enough hours in the day to effectively manage their paid search accounts.

But we believe a PPC audit is one of the most valuable ways you can use your limited time as a marketer. It provides a plan of action, so you know where to spend you time to get the most benefit. For these reasons, we recently ran a contest to prove just how beneficial an audit can be.

The Results were remarkable! 100+ companies who entered the contest got a...

  • 5.4% gain in Quality Score
  • 75% gain in conversions
  • 16.7% gain in Click-Through Rate
  • And so much more!

The 3 Types of Search Query & How to Target Them

All search queries are not created equal! Search queries – the words that people type into a search engine box to find websites – come in three different flavors. And as a marketer, you need different strategies to target the different types of keywords.

In this free guide, The 3 Types of Search Query & How to Target Them, you'll learn what kinds of marketing tactics will get you to the first page for each type of query:

  • Navigational search queries – Own the top spots for your branded keywords
  • Informational search queries – Provide the info your prospects are looking for so they look to you as a trusted source
  • Transactional search queries – Make it easy for prospects at the end of the funnel to find and buy what you're selling

How to Choose a PPC Software Platform: A PPC Buying Guide

This buying guide will arm you with the information necessary to choose the PPC management platform that's right for your business. After reading this guide, you'll be able to answer key questions like:

  • Is PPC software worth the investment?
  • How could the right platform help you increase ROI?
  • What areas of your campaigns need extra help?
  • What kinds of tools would address your specific needs?

If you're ready to find the PPC management platform that will take your campaigns to the next level of success, download our free guide today. Includes a checklist to help you evaluate prospective PPC vendors.


6 Hidden Mistakes Killing Your PPC Campaigns

In this FREE guide you will learn how to:

  • Avoid wasting time with low CTR keywords
  • Become part of the top 10% converting PPC landing pages
  • Maximize ROI on the Google Display Network

If you're ready to find the PPC management platform that will take your campaigns to the next level of success, download our free guide today. Includes a checklist to help you evaluate prospective PPC vendors.


Four Signs that You Need PPC Software

Is it time to invest in a PPC management platform? This new, free guide reveals four signs that your business could benefit from PPC software. These signs include:

  • You have the budget – you're just not spending it well
  • Your PPC campaigns aren't profitable yet – or are just squeaking by
  • Your workflow is a mess because you don't know what to do next

Download this free guide to learn whether PPC software could help your business.


Complete Guide to AdWords Match Types

The keyword matching options that you use in Google AdWords can have a major impact on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your pay-per-click campaigns. After reading this guide, you'll have insight into:

  • The different keyword match types offered by AdWords
  • How, when and why to use each match type to get the best results
  • How negative keywords can save you money and raise CTR
  • Best practices for applying each match type


Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

Whether you're planning your initial PPC budget or re-evaluating your current spend, there are always ways to spend your PPC dollars more wisely. Chances are, your PPC account could use a refresher when it comes to spend planning, overall budgeting, and cost measurement.

In this new guide, "Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?" you'll learn best practices and creative tips for budget management, including:

  • Reconciling PPC budget with your overall marketing costs
  • Adjusting your strategy for large or small accounts
  • Choosing the right metrics to help define your spend
  • Incorporating expenses like agency or staff overhead

30 Simple Ways You Can Outsmart the Competition in Paid Search Advertising

Download this free white paper now to get expert advice from certified PPC pros on 30 simple steps you can take to rise to the top of the search results page today!

30 Ways to Jump-Start Your PPC Spring Cleaning

Download this free white paper now to get expert advice from certified PPC pros on simple ways you can make a big difference in your account this spring.

Complete Guide to AdWords Conversion Tracking

Did you know that 50% of small businesses have conversion tracking properly installed? And that without conversion tracking, advertisers have no idea what's working and what isn't?

Don't be one of the numbers! AdWords conversion tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to measure how well your campaigns are driving leads and sales. In this free guide, we'll show you exactly how to get this feature up and running. You'll learn:

  • The basic setup for AdWords conversion tracking
  • How to measure different types of conversions
  • How to analyze your AdWords conversion data
  • Advanced options for conversion tracking

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your PPC Performance

You already know how important it is to stay on top of your paid search efforts. Without careful monitoring and adjustments, you could be throwing money away on ineffective PPC strategies and missing out on valuable opportunities to expand your reach, grow your business and increase your revenues.

But how do you find the time to optimize your AdWords account, and where do you start?

In this free guide from WordStream, you'll learn the top 5 secrets to optimizing your AdWords account for maximum performance and improved ROI. This guide will show you how to:

  • Build a strong AdWords account structure
  • Focus on high-performance PPC keywords
  • Expand your negative keyword list effectively
  • Pause keywords with poor performance
  • Optimize your ads and write killer ad copy

PPC Optimization Toolkit: Renovate Your Account PPC Success

Optimizing your PPC account can be quite tricky – especially when the steps toward improvement aren't in clear sight. Where do you start if you don't know what's working and what's not?

Our new PPC Optimization Toolkit is packed with tips and tricks to help you 1) discover what's broken and 2) make repairs to build a stronger PPC foundation. Your free toolkit includes:

  • Top 5 Areas for PPC Renovation in 2014 (PDF)
  • PPC Clinic: Are You Acing or Failing? (On-Demand Video)
  • PPC Paradise Lost: Everything You Forget and Why It Costs You Success (PDF)

Complete Guide To Super-High Click-Through Rates

What's the average click-through rate for a Google AdWords ad? When people ask this question, it's often because they want to benchmark their own ad CTR's. Unfortunately, way too many advertisers are content to reach an average click-through rate and leave it at that.

What if we told you that you could TRIPLE your AdWords click-through rates? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, believe it! In this free Guide, we'll walk you step-by-step through a process that will help you improve your ads to the point that they're performing in the top 1% of all ads across AdWords. You'll also learn:

  • What Is a Good CTR?
  • What Makes the Top 1% of PPC Ads Tick
  • Why You're Not Testing As Many Ads As You Think You Are
  • And so much more!




How to Get New PPC Clients: Top 6 Tips From Successful PPC Agencies

For up-and-coming digital marketing agencies, finding new customers can be a challenge. These smaller agencies walk a fine line when it comes to prospecting clients. They need to find advertisers who want to work with them, and verify that these accounts are a good fit for their PPC managers—not an easy feat!

Stress about prospecting no more! In this new guide we'll share tips to show you the top ways that successful PPC agencies get new clients! You'll learn:

  • How 90% of your new business can come from client referrals
  • How to identify clients that will deliver long term business
  • How becoming a thought leader can boost your agency's reputation

When to Say No To a New Client: 10 Red Flags for AdWords Agencies

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But when it comes to bad clients, are you in better shape if you avoid the lemons altogether?

One emerging trend among newer AdWords Agencies is that they jump on the opportunity to bring on any new accounts, regardless of whether or not clients are a good fit for them. Many of these relationships quickly take a turn for the worse and the agencies find themselves in hot water, sinking time and energy into obtaining and onboarding.

In this free guide, we'll share wisdom from successful AdWords Agencies that will help you sniff out "problem clients" from a mile away. You'll learn:

  • 10 warning signs of a nightmare client
  • How to know when to walk away from the sale
  • How to identify the client's pain or problem before onboarding



How to Find You Most Valuable Keywords

High commercial intent keywords are like invitations from prospective customers. They beg you to tempt them with your wares. They tell you, loud and clear, that they have money in their hands and they want what you're selling right now.

But what kinds of keywords can be considered to have high commercial intent for Paid Search campaigns?

In this free guide, we're going to look at:

  • What high commercial intent keywords are
  • Why they're so important
  • How to identify them for your business
  • How to put them to work in your content and marketing campaigns


How to Find Keywords for Your PPC Campaigns

Keyword research is part science and part art. Finding the right terms to bid on in paid search is about using the many keyword tools at your disposal, but also understanding your customers and predicting which terms they're actually typing into the search box.

In our new, free guide, "PPC Keyword Research: How to Find the Words for Your Paid Search Campaigns," we'll show you how to:

  • Acquire a robust keyword list to use in your PPC campaigns
  • Refine your keywords for maximum relevance to your target audience
  • Organize your keywords into effective ad groups


9 Ways to Discover Your Most Cost-Effective Keywords

As an SMB marketer working with a small budget, you know how difficult it is to rank for competitive keywords. It can take years to build up the authority to rank for high-volume keywords in SEO, and those keywords can be very expensive in PPC.

So what's the answer? Long-tail keywords! Long-tail keywords are longer, less competitive terms that convert better and cost less. Download our newest free guide, 9 Ways to Find Your Most Cost-Effective Keywords, to learn:

  • Why long-tail keywords can give you better results for less money
  • The best tools for finding long-tail keywords
  • How to leverage long-tail research in your marketing campaigns


Controlling PPC Costs with Negative Keywords

The best way to filter out unwanted traffic, cut PPC costs and raise ROI is by using negative keywords.

This free ebook is packed with in-depth tips and actionable advice on using negative keywords to control your AdWords spend. The ebook includes three tip-filled articles that explain:

  • Why you need negatives and how to apply them
  • How to fight cross-campaign ad poaching with negative keyword lists
  • How to mine your own search queries for keyword candidates and negative keywords


4 Steps to Better Keyword Grouping

If you only have time for one change to improve the overall performance and value of both your pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization efforts, turn your attention to keyword grouping. Better keyword grouping and organization can transform every aspect of your search campaigns, resulting in greater efficiency, more conversions and higher profits.







7 Tips to Master the Google Display Network

You might think that reaching 90% of all internet users with advertising is impossible — but you'd be mistaken!

The global reach of the Google Display Network is vast, but if you're not running any active display advertising campaigns, you're missing out on near-priceless opportunities to expand your reach and grow your business.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • How to let your budget guide your decisions
  • What ad formats work best and why
  • How to find a balance between search and display campaigns to maximize ROI


The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords Ad Extensions

One of the simplest ways to improve your AdWords click-through rates, Quality Scores, and ROI is to implement ad extensions – a set of features that make your Google ads bigger, more compelling and more clickable. But do you understand all the different extensions and when and why to use them?.

If not, our newest free e-book is for you: The Ultimate Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions contains everything you need to know to make AdWords ad extensions work for you, including:

  • An overview of each extension type, including sitelinks, product extensions, and location extensions
  • How, when and why to use each extension type
  • Tips for implementing high-performance ads for mobile, local searches and other use cases

Complete Guide to Geotargeting & Local PPC

Unless you have plans for world domination, your pay-per-click (PPC) ads don't need to be seen by everyone on the planet. This is where geotargeting comes in.

Geotargeting, or local PPC, is an AdWords feature that lets you target your ads to only appear to customers in a certain location, or set of locations, that you specify. In this new, free guide, we'll show you exactly how to get this feature up and running. You'll learn:

  • The basic setup for AdWords Geotargeting
  • How to manage your Geotargeted Campaigns
  • How to analyze your AdWords conversion data

6 Tips to A/B Test Your Way to Winning PPC Ads

In this free guide you will learn:

  • How and why to adopt a "testing culture" across your marketing efforts and entire organization
  • Lessons we learned from A/B testing our own paid search ads, with real examples
  • 6 actionable tips to test your way to optimized pay-per-click ads


PPC For Lead Generation: How To Get More Leads With PPC

Ask any business owner what he or she needs, and you'll likely hear "more customers." You can't rely on your existing customers to fuel PPC for Lead Generationgrowth, so there's a constant need for more leads who will eventually become clients.

Lead gen is a requirement for companies that can't do business with just anyone. There's usually a pre-qualification period so the company and consumer can make informed decisions. And PPC is a great way to generate a steady stream of pre-qualified leads.

This new, free guide, PPC for Lead Generation: How to Get More Leads with PPC, will tell you how to use pay-per-click advertising to grow your business. You'll learn:

  • What types of businesses can use PPC for lead gen
  • Why PPC is so effective for generating leads
  • How to optimize your PPC campaigns for lead gen

How to Compete In AdWords: Get Better Results Without Just Raising Bids

Google AdWords provides a powerful platform for your business to compete for customers, exactly when those potential customers are looking for what you offer. But too often, advertisers see the need to be competitive as a kneejerk cue to raise bids. You might not realize that there are ways to beat out your competitors without increasing your costs!

This free guide will show you how to stand out in PPC without reverting solely to bid-pumping tactics. You'll learn:

  • Where searchers are looking, so you can be where they look
  • The new Ad Rank formula and how you can ace it
  • Tips for improving your CTR, landing pages and more

Top Bidding Tips from 10 PPC Experts

Bid management is one of the most complicated parts of PPC, so many advertisers choose to automate using Google AdWords or a dedicated third-party tool. Neither approach is perfect – Google's automated bidding feature is free, but forces you to give up control and transparency. Dedicated bid management software is more robust, but may cost more than your budget can bear– especially for help with just one piece of the PPC management pie.

So what's the best bid strategy for you? For our new free e-book, PPC Bid Management: Top Bidding Tips from 10 PPC Experts, we asked our favorite PPC pros to answer three questions:

  • Do you use automated bidding in Google AdWords? Why or why not?
  • If not, when do you raise and lower keyword bids?
  • What's your best PPC bid management tip?

4 Essential Tools to Outsmart your AdWords Competition

We know that making time can be tough, but with the right guidance and tools, you can maximize your time and deliver unreal results! Here are the essential tools you need to outperform your competition and get your conversion rates soaring.

Download your free toolkit and get access to:

  • 30 ways to outsmart the PPC competition
  • 4 steps to better Ad copy
  • AdWords hacks to get a (near) perfect Quality Score
  • … and more!

Tricks to Get The Click: 10 Tips for Writing Better PPC Text Ads

If you want to sell products or generate leads online, a conversion-optimized website is Step 1. But when it comes to search engine marketing, it doesn't matter how beautiful your website is if people never get there!

That's why it's so important to write compelling ads that demand to be clicked.

A great PPC ad is a combination of best practices and little details that get you noticed. In this free guide, Tricks to Get the Click: 10 Tips for Writing Better PPC Text Ads, we'll share 10 tips for crafting more clickable text ads, including information to help you develop:

  • Eye-grabbing headlines and descriptions that scream "I'm relevant to your needs!"
  • Specific calls to action that reinforce desires and create urgency
  • Well-structured ads that earn high Quality Scores and boost your whole PPC account

AdWords Remarketing Toolkit

Remarketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive leads and conversions from PPC. That's because it enables you to market directly to people who have recently visited your site – so you already know they're interested in your offerings!

Our AdWords Remarketing Toolkit contains everything you need to make remarketing work for you, including:

  • The Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing (PDF)
  • Google Remarketing Webinar – On-demand video
  • 2 Cheatsheets – How to set up a remarketing list in AdWords and remarketing with Google Analytics

PPC Reporting Simplified

We hear it over and over again: Reporting is one of the most time-consuming tasks in PPC. Why? Because most reporting tools are too complex. There's too much information and the reports aren't actionable.

At WordStream, we believe that PPC can be fast, easy, and even fun – and this extends to PPC reporting.

Download our newest free guide, PPC Reporting, Simplified: How to Track Your Success and Avoid Information Overload, to learn:

  • A more streamlined approach to PPC reporting
  • The most important metrics for tracking success
  • How to create simple, beautiful reports so you can see what's working and what isn't

Mobile Marketing & PPC: What SMBS Should Be Doing, Now!

Did you know Americans spend more time on their mobile devices than they do eating? Or by next year, mobile Internet use will overtake desktop Internet use?

If you're a marketer or business owner, you need to know these facts!With mobile search up 200% year over year, you also need to do something about it. Download the Free Guide, Mobile Marketing and PPC for a 7 step review which includes:

  • Overview of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  • Setting Goals & Analyzing Results
  • Designing Mobile Ads & Landing Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

Intro to Call Tracking: The Missing Ingredient In PPC ROI

Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers advertisers one of the most measurable advertising channels available. You can track clicks and conversions right down to the penny. However, a serious and often-overlooked flaw exists:phone calls triggered by paid search advertisements often go untracked.

Here's what happens: Lots of prospects and customers click on PPC ads, then choose to call the company because they need more information to complete a purchase, or perhaps the site doesn't allow for online conversions (think service providers, such as plumbers or attorneys).These offline conversions don't get attributed to the PPC campaigns, so the ROI appears worse than it actually is.

Enter call tracking. Call tracking gives advertisers the missing ingredient for true ROI and performance calculation. This introduction will explain:

  • What call tracking is
  • The benefit it provides
  • How it works
  • And who it's best for

7 Steps to Mobile Marketing for Paid Search

Mobile search is up 200% year over year, and by 2014 mobile Internet use will overtake desktop Internet use. Are you and your marketing strategies prepared!? Download the Free Guide, Mobile Marketing and PPC for a 7 step review which includes:

  • Overview of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  • Setting Goals & Analyzing Results
  • Designing Mobile Ads & Landing Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

This guide will outline the 7 steps to mobile PPC setup so that businesses of any size can reap the rewards of the ever-growing mobile market to expand audience reach, enjoy a lower cost-per-click, and increase paid search revenue.

Tips for Simplifying Management of Multiple Adwords Accounts

PPC account management can be complex for anyone – but it's exponentially more complicated for agencies and other advertisers thatmanage multiple accounts, simply because there are more variables to manage every day.

But there are ways to make your work day easier and more efficient. In this new guide, Keep it Simple, Stupid: Tips for Simplifying Management of Multiple AdWords Accounts, you'll learn how! This free guide includes actionable advice to help you:

  • Structure your AdWords Accounts for maximum efficiency
  • Simplify your workflow to reduce wasted time
  • Deliver better reporting that clearly shows off your success



Improving Quality Score: The Value of Being More Relevant

To get results without constantly raising your bids, it's crucial to get and maintain high Quality Scores across your pay-per-click campaigns. When your Quality Scores are high, Google rewards you with higher rankings, more impressions, and lower costs per click. It's a win-win.

After reading this white paper, you'll understand:

  • How Quality Score is calculated and why it's important offered by AdWords
  • How to find your most relevant keywords
  • How to create Quality Score friendly campaign structures
  • How to raise click-through rates and lower PPC costs
  • How to increase your ROI from paid search

Hacking AdWords: Get A Near Perfect Quality Score

Did you know that a higher than average Quality Score in AdWords can save you up to 50% on your cost per click? Those savings carry over to your CPA too – advertisers with high Quality Scores save up to 80% on cost per conversion!

Google's exact formula for calculating Quality Score is famously mysterious. So how do you know how to make improvements?

In this new guide, "Hacking AdWords: How to Get a (Near) Perfect Quality Score," we'll do a deep dive into a real AdWords account with a stellar average Quality Score of 8.8 and show you how they're achieving these results. You'll also learn:

  • The keys to earning higher Quality Scores
  • 5 characteristics of a high Quality Score account
  • PPC best practices that boost your relevance and performance

Quality Score Toolkit

With WordStream's Free Quality Score Toolkit, you'll have the resources you need to improve your Quality Scores, so you can reach more people while lowering costs. This free toolkit includes:

  • Quality Score Worksheet: Plug in some key numbers to get a full analysis of your AdWords account from a Quality Score perspective. You'll get a fast, easy, visual overview of how your campaigns are performing and what needs improvement.
  • Video: Mastering Quality Score. A comprehensive Quality Score 101 session from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Quality Score White Paper: Learn how Quality Score is calculated, why it's important and how to optimize your campaigns for the highest score.
  • Quality Score Cheat Sheet: All the information you'll need to master Quality Score.




The PPC Guide for B2B Professionals

Paid search advertising is a whole different ball game in the business-to-business world. B2B companies are usually looking to drive leads, not sales, and the value of a new client acquisition is often higher. So how does all this affect your PPC strategy?

In this new guide, we'll share specific tips and strategies for B2B companies doing PPC advertising. After reading this guide, you'll understand:

  • How keywords differ for B2B searches
  • What a longer buying cycle means for your budget
  • How to write ads that speak to B2B buyers

AdWords for E-Commerce Businesses

Online sales is a $1.25 trillion market. So what does it take for you, the E-Commerce site owner, PPC manager, or budding entrepreneur, to grab a slice of the ever-expanding pie?

In our free guide, "AdWords for E-Commerce Businesses", we'll give you the tips and best practices you need to use Google AdWords PPC to drive your E-Commerce machine. You'll learn:

  • How to increase your E-Commerce sales using AdWords
  • Compelling ad copy & landing page tricks to boost click & conversion performance
  • How your competitor's campaigns can actually help you
  • And so much more!



Larry Kim Presents: Everything You Know about Conversion Optimization is Wrong

Conversion is a key element in your paid search strategy; after all, if you're not actually turning lookers into buyers at a high rate, what are you advertising for?

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • Why conventional wisdom around Conversion Rate Optimization is silly
  • What is a good Conversion Rate?
  • How you can replicate the success of top landing pages
  • And so much more!

Mastering Copywriting for Conversions Toolkit

The main objective of marketing is to attract new customers and win more business. So how do you win? How can your brand outperform your competition?

The answer is: superior ad copy. This free toolkit is packed with tips & tricks that will help you get a leg up on your competitors.

In this FREE toolkit you'll learn:

  • Voice of customer - the secret weapon for great landing page copy
  • Hook, line, and sinker - 7 tips for a killer call-to-action
  • How to create a ferocious unique selling proposition


15 Landing Page Ideas

This new WordStream guide is an offshoot of a very popular blog post on the same topic which received over 15,000 views and thousands of social shares.

Download it to get inspired with visual examples of landing pages that do a great job of capturing leads and are visually appealing.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • How to strike a balance between copy and visual assets
  • When to use facts and figures
  • How to promote the credibility of your brand
  • What colors to use and how to leverage the psychology of color


Your Baby is Ugly: The Hard Truth About Your Landing Pages

In this free eBook you will learn:

  • The 7 deadly sins of landing page design
  • How to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Strategies and steps to test, fix, and optimize your page

If you're ready to find the PPC management platform that will take your campaigns to the next level of success, download our free guide today. Includes a checklist to help you evaluate prospective PPC vendors.

The Importance of A/B Testing: 24 Marketing Experts On Their Most Surprising A/B Test

A/B testing and optimization are critical to improving marketing performance and growing your business – and you don't need to be a scientist to get great results! A seemingly small lift in conversion rate can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But to reap the benefits, you need to live by the mantra "Always Be Testing!"

In this guide, "The Importance of A/B Testing," you'll hear from 24 marketing experts who each share their most surprising, profit-boosting test results, including:

  • A web form that lifts site profit by 76%
  • A button design that increases conversion by 11%
  • PPC ad copy swap that drives 10x results

Secrets to Getting the BEST PPC Landing Pages: Why They Matter & How To Get Them Right

In a world where click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and ad copy take PPC precedence, our landing pages often get banished to collect dust in the "set-it-and-forget-it" underworld. But guess what – the majority of conversions happen on landing pages!

In plain talk, you get customers and grow your business—or fail miserably—on your landing pages. This new guide will show you how to stand out in PPC without reverting solely to bid-pumping tactics. You'll learn:

  • Why landing pages matter so much (Hint: It's not about Quality Score)
  • The elements to a great landing page
  • Tips to make your PPC landing pages convert


Voice Of Customer (VOC): The Secret Weapon For Great Landing Page Copy

Your landing pages can make or break any campaign. Whether you're using PPC, social media, email, or display ads to get clicks, your destination landing page has the all-important job of actually convincing visitors to take the next action and complete their conversion.

Layout, offers, buttons, and many other elements can be tested for landing page success, but unfortunately when it comes to the actual words on the landing page, marketers tend to rush the process. This can create costly mistakes and wasted time.

BUT here's a copywriting secret: Some of the most successful landing page copy comes directly from customers. It's not creative writing—it's sales writing. In this guide "Voice of Customer: The Secret Weapon for Great Landing Page Copy", you'll learn various ways to improve landing page copy to ensure messages are on point and customer-focused. You'll also learn:

  • How to close the gap between your target audience and your messaging
  • Common pitfalls of existing copywriting tactics
  • And tons more!

12 Easy Tricks to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

FACT: Your biggest conversion rate gains in PPC won't come from your ads, but from testing your landing page.

FICTION: Landing page optimization is too time-consuming, difficult and expensive for me.

In reality, if you're doing PPC, you need to optimize your landing pages! They affect Quality Score, conversion rate, ROI – in short, they're a huge part of whether you succeed or fail.

In this guide, we'll share 12 simple tests, loaded with examples, to help you improve your landing page conversion rates, including:

  • Tips for writing more convincing headlines (the only thing on your page most people read!)
  • How to use color and directional cues to get your visitors to convert
  • Testimonials, chat features, creative forms and many more ideas to build trust and engagement

How to Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions)

Your PPC landing page is where visitors end up after clicking your AdWords ads. If you're direct all that PPC traffic to your homepage, you're making a gigantic mistake! Specific landing pages with a targeted message that matches each user's need are essential for driving conversions.

So what makes a great landing page? In this free guide, "How to Make a Great Landing Page (With Crazy High Conversions)" we'll show you how to make awesome landing pages that boast off-the-charts conversion rates! You'll learn:

  • What you need to consider before you get started
  • The key traits of high-converting landing pages
  • 7 examples of awesomely successful landing pages



25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website 

If you’re like most businesses, your website is a huge driver of leads and sales.

We've compiled a list of 25 key tactics you can implement to get more eyes on your content, driving more clicks and visits to your site so you can win more business.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • The importance of guest blogging & other types of referral traffic
  • Why you MUST make your website mobile/tablet friendly
  • How to mix it up with your content creation, cadence and length
  • How to stay one step ahead of your competition
  • And lots more!


69 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

We’ve all hit it — that wall that seems to sap away all your creative marketing juices. Suddenly you feel like Peter Pan without his pixie dust.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, all you need is a bit of help to get your marketing strategy back on track. In this guide, we’ll be sharing 69 marketing ideas and inspirational tips to help you bust through that brick wall.

In this FREE guide, you'll learn:

  • PPC marketing ideas
  • Content marketing ideas
  • Social media marketing ideas
  • Urban marketing ideas
  • Content marketing ideas



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