Search Engine Marketing White Papers

Our free search engine marketing white papers provide critical business information and technical insight into the key challenges facing the SEO and PPC industry and the tools and strategies marketers need to overcome them.

The 20-Minute PPC Work Week: Making the Most of Your PPC Account in Minimal Time

Most small businesses get weak results from PPC for one simple reason: They don't spend enough time in their accounts.

The reality is, you don't have to spend days or even hours per week working on PPC to make a difference. You can make a real impact on your PPC performance in just 20 minutes per week. Really.

Download The 20-Minute PPC Work Week eBook, to learn:

  • A proven, consistent workflow that you can follow every week to get better results
  • How long to spend on each task, from keyword research to reporting
  • Helpful tools to speed up your PPC work

It all adds up to better results – and more time for you to focus on your business

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The 20-Minute PPC Work Week: Weekly Checklist

We believe you can see steady improvement in your PPC performance in just 20 minutes a week. Use this workflow to help you along; it's still a great guide as to how to best spend your time for maximum results. Download this checklist, print it out and pin it to the wall by your desk. We encourage you to follow this workflow every week. Then use the AdWords Performance Grader to see how much your results have improved!

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Introduction to Call Tracking: The Missing Ingredient In PPC ROI

Pay-Per-Click Advertising offers advertisers one of the most measurable advertising channels available. You can track clicks and conversions right down to the penny. However, a serious and often-overlooked flaw exists: phone calls triggered by paid search advertisements often go untracked.

Here's what happens: Lots of prospects and customers click on PPC ads, then choose to call the company because they need more information to complete a purchase, or perhaps the site doesn't allow for online conversions (think service providers, such as plumbers or attorneys). These offline conversions don't get attributed to the PPC campaigns, so the ROI appears worse than it actually is.

Enter call tracking. Call tracking gives advertisers the missing ingredient for true ROI and performance calculation. This introduction will explain:

  • What call tracking is
  • The benefit it provides
  • How it works
  • And who it's best for

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Tricks to Get the Click: 10 Tips for Writing Better PPC Text Ads

A great PPC ad is a combination of best practices and little details that get you noticed. In this free guide, co-authored with Hanapin Marketnig, we'll share 10 tips for crafting more clickable text ads, including information to help you develop:

  • Eye-grabbing headlines and descriptions that scream "I'm relevant to  your needs!"
  • Specific calls to action that reinforce desires and create urgency
  • Well-structured ads that earn high Quality Scores and boost your whole PPC account

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How to Choose a PPC Software Platform: A PPC Buying Guide

This buying guide will arm you with the information necessary to choose the PPC management platform that's right for your business. After reading this guide, you'll be able to answer key questions like:

  • Is PPC software worth the investment?
  • How could the right platform help you increase ROI?
  • What areas of your campaigns need extra help?
  • What kinds of tools would address your specific needs?

If you're ready to find the PPC management platform that will take your campaigns to the next level of success, download our free guide today. Includes a checklist to help you evaluate prospective PPC vendors.

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How to Choose a PPC Agency: Finding the Right Pay-Per-Click Marketing Agency for You

This buying guide will walk you through a process to determine which PPC agency is right for you and your campaigns, arming you with a series of questions to help you make the right decision. After reading this guide, you'll understand:

  • If you really need to outsource your PPC campaign management
  • What qualities to look for in a PPC agency
  • What questions to ask potential PPC agencies

Download this free guide and checklist today to find the best online marketing agency for your business.

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A/B Testing: 24 Expert Tests and Results Revealed

A/B testing and optimization are critical to improving marketing performance and growing your business – and you don't need to be a scientist to get great results! A seemingly small lift in conversion rate can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But to reap the benefits, you need to live by the mantra "Always Be Testing!"In this guide, you'll hear from 24 marketing experts who each share their most surprising, profit-boosting test results, including:

  • A web form that lifts site profit by 76%
  • A button design that increases conversion by 11%
  • PPC ad copy swap that drives 10x results

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How to Make Great Landing Pages (With Crazy High Conversions)

Your PPC landing page is where visitors end up after clicking your AdWords ads. If you're direct all that PPC traffic to your homepage, you're making a gigantic mistake! Specific landing pages with a targeted message that matches each user's need are essential for driving conversions.

So what makes a great landing page? In this free guide, "How to Make a Great Landing Page (With Crazy High Conversions)" we'll show you how to make awesome landing pages that boast off-the-charts conversion rates! You'll learn:

  • What you need to consider before you get started
  • The key traits of high-converting landing pages
  • 7 examples of awesomely successful landing pages

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Google AdWords Ad Extension Guide: Updated for Enhanced Campaigns

One of the simplest ways to improve your AdWords click-through rates, Quality Scores, and ROI is to implement ad extensions – a set of features that make your Google ads bigger, more compelling and more clickable. But do you understand all the different extensions and when and why to use them? If not, The Ultimate Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions is perfect for you. It contains:

  • An overview of each extension type, including sitelinks, product extensions, and location extensions
  • How, when and why to use each extension type
  • Tips for implementing high-performance ads for mobile, local searches and other use cases

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PPC Bid Management Guide

Bid management is one of the most complicated parts of PPC, so many advertisers choose to automate using Google AdWords or a dedicated third-party tool. Neither approach is perfect – Google's automated bidding feature is free, but forces you to give up control and transparency. Dedicated bid management software is more robust, but may cost more than your budget can bear– especially for help with just one piece of the PPC management pie.So what's the best bid strategy for you? For our new free e-book, we asked our favorite PPC pros to answer three questions:

  • Do you use automated bidding in Google AdWords? Why or why not?
  • If not, when do you raise and lower keyword bids?
  • What's your best PPC bid management tip?

This guide is packed with tips for managing your keyword bids to maximize value for your paid search dollar.

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PPC Landing Pages: Why They Matter & How to Get Them Right

In a world where click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and ad PPC Landing Pages: Why They Matter & How to Get Them Rightcopy take PPC precedence, our landing pages often get banished to collect dust in the "set-it-and-forget-it" underworld. But guess what – the majority of conversions happen on landing pages!

In plain talk, you get customers and grow your business—or fail miserably—on your landing pages. This new guide will show you how to stand out in PPC without reverting solely to bid-pumping tactics. You'll learn:

  • Why landing pages matter so much (Hint: It's not about Quality Score)
  • The elements to a great landing page
  • Tips to make your PPC landing pages convert

This guide is packed with tips for managing your keyword bids to maximize value for your paid search dollar.

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Improving Quality Score: The Value of Being More Relevant

To get results without constantly raising your bids, it's crucial to get and maintain high Quality Scores across your pay-per-click campaigns. When your Quality Scores are high, Google rewards you with higher rankings, more impressions, and lower costs per click. It's a win-win.

After reading this white paper, you'll understand:

  • How Quality Score is calculated and why it's important offered by AdWords
  • How to find your most relevant keywords
  • How to create Quality Score friendly campaign structures
  • How to raise click-through rates and lower PPC costs
  • How to increase your ROI from paid search

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8 Things You're Overlooking In Your AdWords Account

Google makes it easy to set up a PPC campaign, but some advertisers assume that after they've typed in some keywords, set the budget, and switched on the campaign, there's nothing more to do except sit back and watch the conversions roll in.

In reality, any account can benefit from a few quick, simple tweaks designed to optimize ROI – and these updates don't cost anything extra!

In this guide, we'll offer eight easy-to-implement, impactful techniques to keep in mind when optimizing your ad campaigns. These are common best practices that AdWords advertisers frequently overlook, such as:

  • Setting up conversion tracking so you'll know what's really working
  • Assigning values for different types of conversions
  • Implementing the right ad extensions

These eight simple tweaks could transform your underperforming AdWords account!

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Complete Guide to AdWords Conversion Tracking

Did you know that 50% of small businesses have conversion tracking properly installed? And that without conversion tracking, advertisers have no idea what's working and what isn't?

Don't be one of the numbers! AdWords conversion tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to measure how well your campaigns are driving leads and sales. In this new, free guide, we'll show you exactly how to get this feature up and running.

You'll learn:

  • The basic setup for AdWords conversion tracking
  • How to measure different types of conversions
  • How to analyze your AdWords conversion data
  • Advanced options for conversion tracking

Stop running your campaigns in the dark. Get your free guide today and make sure you're tracking conversions correctly.

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How to Get More Leads with PPC

Ask any business owner what he or she needs, and you'll likely hear "more customers." You can't rely on your existing customers to fuel growth, so there's a constant need for more leads who will eventually become clients.

Lead gen is a requirement for companies that can't do business with just anyone. There's usually a pre-qualification period so the company and consumer can make informed decisions. And PPC is a great way to generate a steady stream of pre-qualified leads.

This new, free guide, PPC for Lead Generation: How to Get More Leads with PPC, will tell you how to use pay-per-click advertising to grow your business. You'll learn:

  • What types of businesses can use PPC for lead gen
  • Why PPC is so effective for generating leads
  • How to optimize your PPC campaigns for lead gen

Get your free guide now and learn actionable tips for increase your lead flow through PPC.

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Mobile Marketing & PPC: What SMB's Should Be Doing, Now!

Did you know Americans spend more time on their mobile devices than they do eating? Or by next year, mobile Internet use will overtake desktop Internet use?

If you're a marketer or business owner, you need to know these facts! With mobile search up 200% year over year, you also need to do something about it.

Download the Free Guide, Mobile Marketing and PPC for a 7 step review which includes:

  • Overview of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  • Setting Goals & Analyzing Results
  • Designing Mobile Ads & Landing Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

With these 7 steps to mobile PPC setup, businesses of any size can reap the rewards of the ever-growing mobile market to expand audience reach, enjoy a lower cost-per-click, and increase paid search revenue.

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Controlling PPC Costs with Negative Keywords: An Expert's Guide

This e-book is packed with information to help you understand, find, and implement negative keywords, including creative applications beyond the obvious. The e-book includes:

  • Negative Keywords: How to Put an End to Waste & Maximize PPC Profits - Our updated white paper on the basics: what negative keywords are, why you should use them, and how to find negative keyword candidates using negative keyword tools.
  • Fighting Cross-Campaign Ad Poaching with Negative Keyword Lists - Are your campaigns poaching impressions from each other? Learn how to prevent it by using campaign-specific negative keyword lists.
  • Advanced Search Query Mining: A Five-Step Guide - This long article by Chad Summerhill explains in detail how to dig into your search query reports and perform some Excel magic to find both negative keyword candidates and new keyword opportunities.

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PPC Reporting Guide

We hear it over and over again: Reporting is one of the most time-consuming tasks in PPC. Why? Because most reporting tools are too complex. There's too much information and the reports aren't actionable.

At WordStream, we believe that PPC can be fast, easy, and even fun – and this extends to PPC reporting.

Download our newest free guide, PPC Reporting, Simplified: How to Track Your Success and Avoid Information Overload, to learn:

  • A more streamlined approach to PPC reporting
  • The most important metrics for tracking success
  • How to create simple, beautiful reports so you can see what's working and what isn't

Get your free guide now to simplify your PPC reporting and your life!

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Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

Whether you're planning your initial PPC budget or re-evaluating your current spend, there are always ways to spend your PPC dollars more wisely. Chances are, your PPC account could use a refresher when it comes to spend planning, overall budgeting, and cost measurement.

In this new guide, "Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?" you'll learn best practices and creative tips for budget management, including:

  • Reconciling PPC budget with your overall marketing costs
  • Adjusting your strategy for large or small accounts
  • Choosing the right metrics to help define your spend
  • Incorporating expenses like agency or staff overhead

Download your free guide today to learn proven strategies for better managing your ad spend.

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The 3 Types of Search Query & How to Target Them

All search queries are not created equal! Search queries – the words that people type into a search engine box to find websites – come in three different flavors. And as a marketer, you need different strategies to target the different types of keywords.

In this new, free guide, The 3 Types of Search Query & How to Target Them, you'll learn what kinds of marketing tactics will get you to the first page for each type of query:

  • Navigational search queries – Own the top spots for your branded keywords
  • Informational search queries – Provide the info your prospects are looking for so they look to you as a trusted source
  • Transactional search queries – Make it easy for prospects at the end of the funnel to find and buy what you're selling

After reading this guide, you'll understand when to use SEO, PPC, or a combination of tactics to reach your potential customers. Get your free guide now!

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PPC Optimization Toolkit: Renovate Your Account for PPC Success

Optimizing your PPC account can be quite tricky – especially when the steps toward improvement aren't in clear sight. Where do you start if you don't know what's working and what's not?

Our new PPC Optimization Toolkit is packed with tips and tricks to help you 1) discover what's broken and 2) make repairs to build a stronger PPC foundation. Your free toolkit includes:

  • Top 5 Areas for PPC Renovation in 2014 (PDF)
  • PPC Clinic: Are You Acing or Failing? (On-Demand Video)
  • PPC Paradise Lost: Everything You Forget and Why It Costs You Success (PDF)

Renovating your PPC account is easy when you know what to fix! Get your toolkit today to discover the steps to optimize your account and get the results you're looking for.

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AdWords Remarketing Toolkit: The Tools You Need to Make Remarketing Work for You

Remarketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive leads and conversions from PPC. That's because it enables you to market directly to people who have recently visited your site – so you already know they're interested in your offerings!

Our new AdWords Remarketing Toolkit contains everything you need to make remarketing work for you, including:

  • The Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing (PDF)
  • Google Remarketing Webinar – On-demand video
  • 2 Cheatsheets – How to set up a remarketing list in AdWords and remarketing with Google Analytics

Get your toolkit today so you can draw recent visitors and shopping-cart abandoners back to your site and make them convert!

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7 Steps to Mobile Marketing for Paid Search

Mobile search is up 200% year over year, and by 2014 mobile Internet use will overtake desktop Internet use. Are you and your marketing strategies prepared!? Download the Free Guide, Mobile Marketing and PPC for a 7 step review which includes:

  • Overview of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  • Setting Goals & Analyzing Results
  • Designing Mobile Ads & Landing Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

This guide will outline the 7 steps to mobile PPC setup so that businesses of any size can reap the rewards of the ever-growing mobile market to expand audience reach, enjoy a lower cost-per-click, and increase paid search revenue.

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Quality Score Toolkit

With WordStream's Free Quality Score Toolkit, you'll have the resources you need to improve your Quality Scores, so you can reach more people while lowering costs. This free toolkit includes:

  • Quality Score Worksheet: Plug in some key numbers to get a full analysis of your AdWords account from a Quality Score perspective. You'll get a fast, easy, visual overview of how your campaigns are performing and what needs improvement.
  • Video: Mastering Quality Score. A comprehensive Quality Score 101 session from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Quality Score White Paper: Learn how Quality Score is calculated, why it's important and how to optimize your campaigns for the highest score.
  • Quality Score Cheat Sheet: All the information you'll need to master Quality Score.

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PPC Budgeting Best Practices: 10 Tips for Setting Your 2012 Budget

In this new, free guide, we'll walk through ten best practices to help you get the most from your PPC budgets in 2012. You'll learn:

  • How to determine your initial budget
  • Why you shouldn't arbitrarily cap spend
  • How to maximize different budgetary controls
  • The effect of seasonality on your PPC budget

And many more tips to help you plan and optimize your PPC budget in the coming year.

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Four Signs that You Need PPC Software

Is it time to invest in a PPC management platform? This new, free guide reveals four signs that your business could benefit from PPC software. These signs include:

  • You have the budget – you're just not spending it well
  • Your PPC campaigns aren't profitable yet – or are just squeaking by
  • Your workflow is a mess because you don't know what to do next

Download this free guide to learn whether PPC software could help your business.

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3 Signs that You Need a PPC Agency

Does logging into AdWords make you nervous? Can't find the time to work on your PPC campaigns? It's not impossible for a small business to manage their PPC account in house, but it is extremely difficult. If you're struggling to succeed with AdWords and beginning to wonder if you should outsource PPC, check out our guide, 3 Signs You Need a PPC Agency. After reading this guide, you'll know what to do if:

  • You don't have the time to effectively execute PPC
  • You don't have the expertise to get ROI from AdWords
  • You're not meeting your goals, and you're out of ideas

Could you benefit from hiring a PPC agency? Download this free guide to find out.

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Measuring  the Long-Term Value of PPC

Learn tips to evaluate and improve the long-term value of your campaigns. After reading this white paper, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • Why search engine marketing campaigns are chronically undervalued
  • Questions you should be asking about your SEM campaigns
  • How to measure the long-term ROI of your PPC campaigns
  • How you can improve the effectiveness and profitability of your SEM efforts with better tools and techniques

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Keyword Research Kit

Our keyword research kit includes:

  • The Keyword Research Cheat Sheet – This PDF offers a bird's-eye view of what keyword research is, what it isn't, and why it's important.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition – 35 of the biggest names in SEO weighed in on how to best determine the competitiveness of a keyword.
  • Guide to Keyword Research for Social Media – In this guide we offer tips for leveraging keyword research to generate more traffic and attention through social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Keyword Monitoring Worksheet – This tool allows you to plug in your keyword data every month and monitor trends in your rankings, traffic from SEO, and ultimately how your organic search engine marketing efforts are helping to drive your business.
  • 4 Steps to Better Keyword Grouping – This white paper explains how to organize your keywords into actionable, Google-friendly groups in an easy four-step process.

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7 Steps to a Better Search Campaign

If you've got seven days, you've got the time to create a hard-working, high-performance search campaign. These seven steps will help you build a comprehensive, relevant, dynamic campaign. As soon as next week, your business could be seeing:

  • An increase in traffic
  • More qualified leads
  • Lower costs and higher ROI

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Complete Guide to AdWords Match Types

The keyword matching options that you use in Google AdWords can have a major impact on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your pay-per-click campaigns. After reading this guide, you'll have insight into:

  • The different keyword match types offered by AdWords
  • How, when and why to use each match type to get the best results
  • How negative keywords can save you money and raise CTR
  • Best practices for applying each match type

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Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Best Practices

Proven methodology, workflow, and tools for maximizing return on investment and simplifying the management of PPC marketing campaigns.

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4 Steps to Better Keyword Grouping

If you only have time for one change to improve the overall performance and value of both your pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization efforts, turn your attention to keyword grouping. Better keyword grouping and organization can transform every aspect of your search campaigns, resulting in greater efficiency, more conversions and higher profits.

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Negative Keywords: How to Put an End to Waste & Maximize PPC Profits

Negative keywords offer an opportunity to strategically restrict your PPC advertisements, so they only reach your best potential audience. Effective PPC management means consistently expanding your keyword portfolio while simultaneously refining the list of keywords you're already bidding on in order to maximize relevance—and consequently, profits. This white paper outlines an effective strategy for creating a negative keyword list that will boost click-through rates and PPC profits.

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10 Ways Keyword Management Improves Search Marketing

Learn ten benefits of implementing keyword management best practices, turning your keywords into qualified traffic, leads, and sales, in this in-depth white paper, which discusses:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Grouping and Organization
  • Ways to Structure Campaigns for Maximum Reach and High ROI

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Free search marketing white paper

Additional Search Engine Marketing Resources

In addition to informative white papers, WordStream also offers a series of resources to help you get the most out of your search marketing campaigns:

Also, learn how to get more out of your Keywords:


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