Search Marketing Best Practices - The WordStream Search Engine Marketing Guide

While WordStream offers a fully-featured, automated search engine marketing solution, there are a series of "best practices" that will enable you to get the most out of your WordStream account.

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How to Manage Bids Guide

This section describes how to identify and respond to conversion inefficiencies within your campaign in a matter of minutes. These bid management best practices can save you hundreds of dollars in literally minutes a week.

how to conduct keyword research guide

This tutorial describes how best to generate and maintain the massive, highly specific list of keywords WordStream's automated solutions provide you with.

how to manage & automate Workflow

Find out how WordStream creates an easy-to-implement series of workflow suggestions to optimize and streamline your SEO and PPC management.

how to group keywords guide

Learn how to create optimized keyword groupings that will improve your Quality Score, lower your minimum bids, lower your first page bids, lower your costs, and increase the number of conversions on your website.

how to identify & filter negative keywords

This tutorial will show you how best to find irrelevant keywords that would otherwise be costing you money, and details the WordStream-recommended means for setting up filters for these terms.

how to set up ad groups & ad campaigns

Learn how to structure your Ad Groups and ad campaigns so that they are optimally situated to take full advantage of the benefits offered by WordStream.

how to create optimized ad text & landing pages

This tutorial deals with the creation of ad text and landing pages that will help you to create numerous targeted, profitable ads and compelling content quickly with WordStream's ad text editor, grouping and visualization tools.