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WordStream Advisor is a powerful, innovative platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, your customized alert center, WordStream Advisor guides you to optimize your AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ad campaigns in just 20 minutes per week. Our latest release includes call tracking features as well as landing page and lead management tools to help you cross the conversion finish line. Plus, with the PPC Success Report, easily review month over month account changes in an infographic-like visual format that saves time, and communicates success quickly and effectively.

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  • Optimize AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns in just 20-Minutes per week
  • Drive more traffic without raising bids by improving Quality Scores
  • Access over 1 trillion unique search queries
  • Visualize PPC Success with click-of-a-button reporting

What’s Included

  • Keyword Discovery Tools
  • Full AdWords/Bing Ads Integration
  • Quality Score Management Tools
  • Actionable PPC Alerts
  • PPC Success Reporting
  • Ongoing Product Support


Dramatically improves campaign performance and saves both time and money. The support is also phenomenal.

Josh Fialkoff, Baldwin/Clancy/Rogan

What Is WordStream Advisor?

PPC management with WordStream is an innovative approach to building and managing more effective and better optimized pay-per-click campaigns. WordStream Advisor empowers marketers to make the most of their paid search campaigns with the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, a system of alerts that tell you exactly what to do for maximal profit in minimal time. In just 20 minutes a week, you can:

  • Expand & Refine Your Keyword Targets – Perform continuous keyword research to build a database of the most cost-effective PPC keywords people use to find your website.
  • Control Your Ad Spend – Identify which keywords and ads are most profitable and filter out irrelevant keywords that are wasting your budget.
  • Optimize Ads & Campaign Structure – Quickly and easily create more targeted, relevant ads and ad groups that earn high Quality Scores.
  • Build Landing Pages, Track Leads & More – Use built-in tools to create highly effective landing pages and measure both online and offline conversions.

Introducing WordStream's PPC Advisor:

See the platform in action:

Benefits of WordStream Advisor

What can WordStream do for your pay-per-click advertising efforts? Quite a bit:

  • Competitive intelligence: An ever-growing repository of private, highly relevant keywords to use in PPC campaigns.
  • Better targeting: Keyword groups help you create more search-specific ads and more relevant landing pages.
  • Strong campaign structure: Higher click-through rates (CTR) and Quality Scores lower your bid spend while improving ad placement.
  • Increased relevance to your audience: Not just more clicks, but better conversion rates.
  • Improved productivity: Beautifully simple ppc reporting saves time and communicates success, efficiently.

Landing Pages & Leads

Landing Pages & Leads is a new set of tools within Wordstream Advisor that makes landing page creation fast and easy, so you can cross the conversion finish line.
Landing Page Tools
Landing pages are a constant challenge for advertisers. They're resource-hungry, usually requiring input from designers, developers, and your IT team, plus a hosting environment. Making matters worse, you can't create landing pages in AdWords. Landing Pages & Leads helps you build and manage effective PPC landing pages right within our platform. It's simple, complete, and designed for PPC. With these new tools, you can:
  • Build Conversion-Optimized PPC Landing Pages – The easy-to-use interface guides you through the process, ensuring that your page follows PPC best practices.
  • Customize the Landing Page Experience – Upload your own logos and images and customize the form to meet your lead needs. You can even create thank-you pages with downloadable assets.
  • Analyze Your PPC Leads – Get detailed lead information so you know what's working in your PPC campaigns.

Microsoft Bing Ads Integration

Your Bing and Yahoo campaign management just got easier! WordStream Advisor offers support for Bing Ads.
Bing campaign management
Many advertisers would like to advertise on Bing and Yahoo, but worry they don't have the time to work across multiple platforms. With WordStream Advisor, you can get more exposure across the web (advertising on AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo) and manage everything in one easy, intuitive interface. WordSream Advisor offers:
  • One-Stop Shopping – Manage all your campaigns in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Simplified Bing Ads Management – Bing Ads is notoriously hard to use, but WordStream Advisor makes it easy.
  • Cross-Platform Analytics – Compare performance across search engines to make the most of your budget.

Optimize Keyword Bids

The latest addition to our innovative 20-Minute PPC Work Week, the Optimize Keyword Bids tool makes bid management easy.
Optimize Keyword Bids
You’ll get weekly and on-demand recommendations – based on bidding best practices and your own objectives – to optimize your PPC budget. PPC Advisor works while you sleep to analyze your keyword performance over time, letting you know when to raise or lower bids for better ROI.

Savings Alerts

This feature is a game-changer for PPC management software: Savings Alerts not only tell you when something is going wrong in your campaigns, they tell you exactly how to fix it. When you sign into your WordStream dashboard, you'll get a list of alerts for the top 10 actions you can take immediately to reduce costs and improve ROI.
Savings Alerts empower you to:
  • Get your work done faster – Don't waste time checking every ad group and campaign; immediately see where you're losing money and take action.
  • Cut out wasteful spending – See just how much you'll be saving by adding new negative keywords.
  • Prioritize your work – Take the actions that will have the most ROI impact first.
More powerful alerts to guide your workflow and make your job easier are on the way!

AdWords Campaign Management Suite

AdWords Campaign Builder
Our AdWords tools, the Campaign Builder and the Ad Group Builder, make a huge difference in how quickly and easily advertisers can set up new PPC campaigns:
The Campaign Builder – The Campaign Builder walks you through a simple, five-step process to build a new AdWords campaign from scratch, helping you maximize relevance from Day 1.
The Ad Group Builder – The Ad Group Builder identifies key opportunities in your vertical, suggesting profitable new niches to target.

Expand Your Campaigns with More and Better Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools
In addition to these new AdWords wizards, we've consolidated all our keyword research and campaign management tools into one tab within WordStream Advisor. The new Tools tab also includes more ways to find keywords for your campaigns. Along with our traditional keyword suggestion tool, you can spy on competitor keywords, find related terms, group a keyword list into segments, and find negative keywords that are eating into your profits.
The new, improved WordStream Advisor offers many benefits:
  • Faster, easier campaign creation – Advertisers can grow into new areas – and agencies can take on new clients – without a big outlay of time and effort.
  • No prerequisites – Leverage our trillion-keyword database to build relevant, profit-driving campaigns even if you're starting from nothing. You can also leverage real search queries from search query reports for personalized, data-driven campaigns.
  • Steady campaign expansion – Use our treasure trove of keyword research tools to get new keyword suggestions, competitive keywords and related keywords to grow and improve your campaigns, or group keywords from your analytics or an older list. You can even get negative keyword suggestions.
  • Increased profitability – WordStream identifies negative keyword candidates that are wasting your budget, and splits ad groups down into tighter, more relevant groupings when necessary. The software automates the more difficult, time-consuming parts of campaign optimization – so there's no reason to put it off and eat needless costs!

Google offers plenty of tools that help you spend more money – but WordStream's toolset helps you save money – and make more of it!

NEW! Call Tracking by WordStream

More than half of PPC marketers say that phone calls are their most valuable leads. But too often, calls triggered by your PPC ads are difficult, if not impossible to track. That means you can't measure the true ROI of your AdWords campaigns.

WordStream's Call Tracking feature closes the gap by assigning unique phone numbers to each ad, allowing you to track phone leads and offline conversions back to the exact campaign, ad, match type, and even keyword that drove the call. Learn more about why you need call tracking and how it works.

Avoid the PPC Reporting Time-Sink!

PPC reporting and analysis is one of the most time-consuming tasks on the search marketer’s to-do list. If you’re like most PPC managers we talk to, you spend too much time on reporting and don’t get enough value out of your reports.

The problem is that most PPC reporting tools are overly complicated. You go into AdWords or Analytics to check on a metric and end up falling into a rabbit hole. Two hours later you can’t remember why you logged on in the first place. And the reports these tools create are dense, bland, and incomprehensible to most of the people who need to read them.

There’s a better way to do PPC reporting: WordStream’s PPC Success Report. The PPC Success Report is a new reporting tool that creates intuitive visualizations of your PPC results, so you can:

  • Save time on reporting and analysis.
  • Better understand your PPC results.
  • Communicate PPC success to your team and your clients.

Now you can instantly generate beautiful, easy-to-read PPC reports at the click of a button, complete with insights into your performance and tips on how to improve your results. Used in conjunction with the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, the PPC Success Report enables you to visualize your progress, then take fast action where your account needs it most.

Watch this video to see how it works!

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