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Facebook represents a HUGE opportunity to reach new customers, with more than a billion daily active users and a growing number of advertising options – but that’s also why it’s really complex! Take the guesswork out of Facebook advertising and jump straight to success with WordStream Social Ads.

  • Get Better Results from Your Spend

    WordStream makes Facebook advertising easy with customized recommendations for optimizing your ads and budget. Success is as easy as acting on recommendations delivered at the right time.

  • Reach Your Perfect Audience

    We’ll help you reach the audiences that are most likely to engage and convert, like past site visitors, fans of your Facebook page, and “lookalikes” of your existing customers.

  • Maximize Your Budget

    Facebook ads can be very cost-effective, when done right! WordStream Social Ads helps you focus even a small budget on high-performing ads that drive results.

I had been struggling to turn my efforts on Facebook into genuine, measurable results. The dramatic improvement in my results [with WordStream Social Ads] – tangible conversions on my retail website – has been so exciting! Finally!  A way to get a handle on the power of social media and make it work for my clients and for me!

What's Included

WordStream Social Ads makes Facebook advertising easy AND effective, with guided workflows and powerful tools to help you succeed. With the Social Work Week, you get recommendations on which posts to promote, how to optimize your Facebook ads for more clicks and engagement, and how to maximize your budget.

It all adds up to more leads and sales and higher ROI on your Facebook advertising spend.


Remarket on Facebook

Did you know 96% of your site visitors don’t convert on the first visit? Facebook remarketing ads track down past visitors (who are 4X more likely to convert than first-time visitors) and bring them back to your site.

Reach the Right Audiences

Target ads to reach your highest-value audiences, like existing fans, past website visitors, and people similar to your customers.

Promote Your Best Posts

We’ll show you which posts are getting the best organic engagement so you can boost what’s working for even more exposure.

Optimize Your Ads

Get alerted when an ad’s engagement rates fall so you can refresh your creative and get better results.

Maximize Your Budget

All of our social tools together will help you get the most mileage out of even a small ad budget by combining ad freshness and optimized targeting.

Product Pricing

We offer monthly pricing plans as well as special pricing for agencies.

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