Overview of WordStream Tools

The Tools Tab (or page) in WordStream gives you access to all of WordStream's keyword research and AdWords managements tools in a single location. The tools can be broken down into three categories:

Keyword Research Tools

These tools provide access to WordStream's trillion-keyword database so that you can conduct the most thorough keyword research possible. Whether you are brainstorming new ad group topics, trying to organize a list of keywords or looking for negative keywords these tools can help you achieve your goal.

WordStream's Keyword Research Tools consists of:

Tools for New Ad Group/Campaigns Creation

These tools allow you to create highly relevant, well-structured ad groups and campaigns in just seconds.

Tools for Optimizing Existing Ad Groups/Campaigns

Optimize your existing AdWords accounts by using WordStream's Quality Score optimization tools. These tools leverage WordStream's trillion-keyword database in addition to your actual search queries to provide the most impactful suggestions possible. Tools include:

  • Add Keywords – Suggests relevant keywords to help increase the number of impressions, clicks and conversions an ad group receives. This tool can operate on campaigns or ad groups.
  • Add Negatives – Suggests high impact negative keywords to decrease cost and ensure that only qualified searchers see your ad. This tool can operate on campaigns or ad groups.
  • Split Ad Groups – Suggests ways to segment existing ad groups in your account to create more highly focused ad groups that can be better targeted and achieve higher quality scores. This tool operates only on ad groups.
  • Advanced Bid Changes – Allows you to make more complex bidding adjustments to keywords in bulk. This tool operates on ad groups or selected keywords.