Integrating WordStream with Yahoo and Other Search Engines

Google's covered—what about Yahoo and other search engines? Although Google is the most commonly used search engine, many search marketers feel that advertising with Yahoo is good business practice.  Yahoo boasts over 2 billion searches per month and includes a strong content network and email following.  Most of WordStream's features can be used easily with other search engines, including Yahoo and MSN.

does wordstream support integration with yahoo search marketing?

Yes, we support YSM and MSN integration through the "Export Account" feature. You can download all your Google AdWords account information (including keyword lists, ad group properties, text ads, bids, destination URLs, etc.) for bulk uploading into Yahoo, MSN and Google AdWords Editor.

do wordstream's features work with other search engines?

Absolutely; in fact, all of WordStream's features improve search performance and Quality Score even outside of Google AdWords.

  • Keyword Segmentation: Relevance of the keyword to its ad group as well as ad text are important components of a good Quality Score.  WordStream organizes your keywords by relevance so you're left with groups of closely related keywords. With such similar keywords within each group, it's easier to write appropriate ad text, and WordStream even suggests how your text ad should read.
  • Workflow Actalytics: Taking a step beyond analytics, WordStream analyzes your keywords and campaigns, then guides your changes so you're always prioritizing and spending your time effectively.
  • Keyword Discovery Tool: Discover how people are actually reaching your specific website to expand your keyword list and search engine optimization efforts.

so i can use wordstream for yahoo and other search campaigns?

So glad you asked—the answer is yes! WordStream's keyword segmentation, workflow actalytics, and Keyword Discovery tool can play a valuable role in your search campaign as well as your search engine optimization efforts.  Use these features to create relevant ad groups and discover long-tail keywords that are specific to your site and have less competition.  Sign up for a Free Trial and use WordStream across all your search engine marketing campaigns.