The 20-Minute Work Week:

Using WordStream to Make an Impact in 20 Minutes a Week

All work and no play: Is that what the life of an online advertiser has been reduced to? Advertisers spend copious hours in their Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Microsoft Advertising accounts each week. They optimize placements, write ad copy, create reports for clients and internal stakeholders, and the like. They barely have time to grab coffee, let alone create an immersive Facebook video ad. Is there any end in sight?

At WordStream, we think there’s more to life than living in your ad accounts. We’ve created the 20-Minute Work Week to help you reclaim that much-needed leisure time. Whether you’re an advertiser or an agency, a several-hats-wearing small business owner or a member of a finely-tuned marketing team, with the 20-Minute Work Week, you can optimize your account, complete your reporting, and spin up new ad creative in just 20 minutes per week.

“WordStream does the ‘thinking’ for you before you have to think. I have saved so much time with the 20-Minute Work Week by using it as a starting point to what I can look at further in an account.” – Lindsay Elsten, MediaBeast Marketing Group

All weekly tasks across all platforms, completed in just 20 minutes? Yep. It’s for real. Let’s take a look at how the 20-Minute Work Week streamlines workflow while maximizing performance for advertisers of all shapes and sizes.


The 20-Minute Work Week is a prescribed set of alerts that surfaces valuable actions unique to your specific advertising efforts. Our smart algorithm scans all areas of your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Microsoft Advertising accounts to identify the most actionable, low-hanging performance optimizations.

20-Minute Work Week

The 20-Minute Work Week lives within WordStream Advisor in a succinct, intuitive tab.

The 20-Minute Work Week Tab

We refresh the account-tailored recommendations at the beginning of each work week. What remains is a distilled list of quick-hitting action items that takes the guesswork out of account management. We put the roadmap for success at your fingertips—all you have to do is click the big red button.

Estimated Annual Impact

Once in the 20-Minute Work Week, you can use the Estimated Annual Impact to see how much money you stand to save annually if you act on the prescribed recommendations. You can also see how many more clicks you stand to earn from your campaigns.

20-Minute Work Week Annual Impact

Estimated annual impact is a great way to modify future budgeting and forecast results. We break up EAI by recommendation—so you can see, at a glance, estimated savings and performance for each action item in the workflow.

The 20-Minute Work Week alerts

Depending on the state of your advertising accounts, you could see any number of the dozens of alerts the 20-Minute Work Week offers. What you’ll never see is fluff—each recommendation is tailored specifically to your accounts’ needs. You’ll never act on an alert that doesn’t, in some capacity, drive bottom line results.

“The simplicity of the 20-Minute Work Week helps us be more transparent by showing our clients exactly what we do to optimize their accounts every week.” – Luis Chavez, Chavez Web Design, LLC

Alerts are organized in an easily accessible, dynamic table on the left side of your dashboard, so you can speedily navigate from item to item.

20-Minute Work Week Navigation

Let’s take a look at some of the more common alerts you might see in your own 20-Minute Work Week.

Budget Opportunity

The Budget Opportunity alert identifies high-performing, yet underfunded campaigns in your portfolio and lets you reallocate spend to those campaigns in a matter of seconds.

20-Minute Work Week Budget Opportunity

Not sure what kind of performance to expect with your new budget? The Budget Opportunity alert provides estimated performance increases for the switch. It also gives you the option to pull spend from underperforming campaigns to fund the high-performing campaign. Better balance, increased ROAS—this alert is a winner.

Optimize Search Traffic (OST)

It’s impossible to predict every search that could trigger your ads, especially when studies show that nearly 15% of all search terms on Google have never been searched before. That’s why we created the Optimize Search Traffic (OST) Alert: to help you monitor your search traffic for new opportunities—and take advantage of them!

20-Minute Work Week Optimize Search Traffic

The alert surfaces the top terms appearing from your search traffic that you aren't currently bidding on. Then, the step-by-step workflow helps you decide whether to add them as keywords, negatives, or both! You’ll save time and cut back on wasted spend—valuable budget that you could repurpose to tackle the opportunities that are surfaced by the Optimize Search Traffic Alert.

“The Optimize Search Traffic Alert shows you actual search queries that you haven't added to your ad groups, either as keywords or negatives and helps people like me see the broader picture. In just a few minutes every Monday morning, I use this new improved tool to make smart decisions. I thought it was great before, and now I'm even more impressed.” – Fred Steinberg, The Facility

Device Bid Adjustments

Campaigns perform differently depending on the types of devices on which your prospects are browsing. Knowing which campaigns to make device bid adjustments on is one thing; knowing how much you should adjust your bids by is quite another. The Device Bid Adjustments alert automates that process for you.

20-Minute Work Week Device Bid Adjustment

The Device Bid Adjustments alert identifies campaigns that are performing poorly on specific devices—desktop, tablet, or mobile—and recommends positive or negative device bid adjustments based on performance. Making these quick-hit adjustments within the alert will help you achieve lower CPAs and higher CTRs across the recommended campaigns.

Create Animated Display Ads

Did you know that animated display ads, on average, have a 2 times higher CTR than static display ads? It’s a fact—yet most advertisers don’t take the time to invest in dynamic display creative. The Create Display Animated Ads alert takes care of that for you.

20-Minute Work Week Animated Display Ads

If you’re not currently using dynamic creative in your display ad campaigns, you’ll see this alert. But we won’t just give you the alert; we’ll also give you the tools to fix it. We use our Smart Ads technology to create immersive, animated, on-brand display ads (in seven prescribed sizes) that you can add directly to your display ads campaigns.

“We stay up to date with the 20-Minute Work Week, and then use our bi-weekly calls with our WordStream consultant to tackle higher level campaign strategy and work down from there. I love the 20-Minute Work Week!” – Chris Heuwetter, 102 Buck Social

Refine Audience by Age

Forget to refine a Facebook audience by age? Serving ads for your retirement home to all prospects 21 and up? You’re likely going to see some poor performance within that age group. The Refine Audience by Age alert has you covered.

20-Minute Work Week Refine Audience by Age

The Refine Audience by Age alert gives you real-time insight into users that are clicking on your ads at a less than campaign-average rate—and costing you more money in the process. From there, advertisers can quickly refine their age range targeting to target the best performing segments of their audience.

Refresh Ads

Running an effective paid social campaign demands keeping your ads fresh and relevant. Facebook ads with fresh content are shown more and improve performance. This alert gives you insight into which of your ads are getting stale.

20-Minute Work Week Refresh Ads

The Refresh Ads alert shows you ads that have been seen by the same people too many times, have seen a gradual loss of CTR over time, or a gradual loss of conversion rate over time. Advertisers can click through to each stale ad and provide fresh creative on the spot.

Exclude Placements

It’s an inevitability: Your Facebook ads perform better in some placements than others. But it’s not always easy to know what those placements are going to be before you send your campaign live. The Exclude Placements alert does the digging for you.

20-Minute Work Week Exclude Placements

This alert shows you placements in which you’re wasting ad spend by showing ads that don’t lead to conversions. Weeding out these poor-performing placements is an integral and all too often neglected part of account optimization. The Exclude Placements alert takes the guesswork out of making it happen.

Split Ad Group

Maintaining thematically arranged ad groups is a pivotal part of operating a healthy and sustainable Google Ads account structure. Ad groups with multiple themes or with two broad of a theme risk targeting low-intent prospects. The Split Ad Group alert shows you the places in your account where you should split up your ad groups.

20-Minute Work Week Split Ad Group

The Split Ad Group alert not only shows you which ad groups would benefit from being split up; it shows you exactly how many times you should split up those ad groups. Advertisers that split up multi-themed ad groups can see instant lifts in quality score and instant drops in CPC.

What kind of results can I expect? 

You know the methodology. You’ve seen some of alerts the 20-Minute Work Week has to offer. You know, generally, that you can expect “better” results—higher CTRs, lower CPAs, and the like. But how specifically do our customers’ campaigns improve? And by how much?

Advertisers who make the switch to WordStream Advisor and leverage the 20-Minute Work Week experience an average of:

  • A 30% increase in conversions. That means more qualified traffic, and more bottom line revenue for your client or business.

  • A 44% average increase in click-through rate (CTR). That means better ad copy, better position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and higher quality scores.

  • A 9% average decrease in cost-per-action (CPA). More conversions doesn’t mean more spend! Our customers spend less and get more back in return.

Get started with the 20-Minute Work Week

Want to see the 20-Minute Work Week in action and experience the same kind of performance lift? Sign up for a free trial of WordStream Advisor, and start working less to save more today.