Set Your AdWords CPA Goal


Aiming for a target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) can help you manage budgets and track towards a positive ROI. We’ll help you pick an appropriate CPA goal based on your current account performance and industry benchmarks, then customize weekly alerts to help you get there!


  • Customized 20 Minute Work Week alerts that are tailored to YOUR objectives
  • Daily tracking of one of the most important metrics in PPC – CPA

Setting a goal

First, we’ll first help you set a CPA goal based on your business and current account performance. At WordStream, we believe in making incremental progress towards your ultimate target.

Tracking progress

Once you set a goal, we’ll track progress against that goal over time and provide daily reporting front and center on the 20 Minute Work Week dashboard. As soon as you meet your goal, you can choose to either maintain your current goal or set a new goal!

Customized 20 Minute Work Week suggestions

Once you set a goal, the 20 Minute Work Week alerts are customized to help you work toward that goal!


  • What is the CPA goal based on?

    The CPA goal is based on the 30-day average AdWords Search Network cost per converted click. This means that spend from the AdWords Display Network and Bing are NOT included. We also report CPA based on that 30-day average.

  • The CPA you recommended seems way too high for my business – I know I can do a lot better. Why can’t I set my own goal?

    We take an incremental approach to setting goals by only allowing you to reduce your CPA a little at a time. A drastic decrease could have adverse effects (losing conversions etc) if it's not reasonable for your business. If you meet your goal quickly, you can set a new one until you start to stabilize at what makes sense for your business. At that point, WordStream will help you maintain that target!

  • How does setting a goal impact my 20 Minute Work Week suggestions?

    Setting a goal makes your 20 Minute Work Week suggestions even smarter! Most of the 20 Minute Work Week alerts (add keyword, bid optimizer, & review costly) are all “tuned” to your set goal – all in the vein of helping you meet your target CPA!

  • Does setting a goal update my AdWords account?

    No, the goal you set is internal to WordStream only. It does not affect any bidding strategies you have in AdWords. We use this info to customize your 20 Minute Work Week suggestions.