Stop wasting money in Google Ads.

Get an instant audit of your account with the Free Google Ads Performance Grader.

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Get a true read
on your performance

The Google Ads Performance Grader

How are your Google Ads really performing? Find out with a free, instant report card, with scores in nine key areas (plus tips on how to improve!)

  • Wasted spend
  • Quality Score
  • Click-through rate
  • Impression share
  • Best practices
  • Account activity
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Mobile optimization

Get more leads – and turn them into customers

Grow your local business with an easy, low-cost toolkit that includes:

  • Listings – Get found across 20+ directories to drive more traffic
  • Scheduling – Lets visitors book appointments even while you sleep
  • Chatbot – Captures lead contact info 24/7
  • Call Recording – Review and analyze calls to convert more leads
  • CRM – Import contacts, store lead information, email customers and more

Keyword Research Made Fast and Easy


Keyword research can be a slog, but our free tool makes it a cinch to find the keywords your business needs to drive traffic through SEO and PPC. Simply enter a keyword or URL to get:

  • Hundreds of relevant keyword suggestions
  • Tailored to your industry and location
  • With keyword volume and cost per click data
  • Using the latest Google Search data

Get ready to grow your business.

LocaliQ offers technology-backed marketing solutions built to help you find, convert, and keep more customers.


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leads delivered


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Seize your potential

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