Actalytics Software - Turn Analytic Insights into Action

Web analytics and reporting systems are important to the success of your PPC campaign, but acting on those capabilities is even more important. Analysis and action are brought together with a term called "actalytics".

Too often, there’s a disconnect between the software used to analyze PPC and SEO, and the software used to implement a strategy based on that data. WordStream’s keyword management solution fuses analytics with keyword management tools to help discover, organize, and act on keyword insights. This sets the stage for action to be taken, and with a bit of helpful automation, you’re on your way to seeing great results.

The power of actalytics offers you, the marketer:

  • Not just analytics.
  • Not just productivity and optimization tools.
  • And really: not even just a mashup of the two.

Actalytics takes three things you should be doing in your search engine marketing campaigns and provides you with a single environment to oversee all three:

  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • & Action

This leads to:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Results

In the coming paragraphs, we'll explain why this fusion matters and how it can impact productivity and your bottom line.

WordStream's Actalytics Tools - Turn Insights Into Actions (And Profit)

Analytics have no value unless you make use of the data they gather to inform the things you do. Otherwise, you just have a bunch of nice charts and useless spread sheets.

And, you have to be infusing the right information into your marketing efforts. Since maintaining a successful SEO and PPC campaign is a continuous processes, rather than a one-time activity, it’s easy to get lost in data and you end up with a sea of difficult-to-sift-through, largely irrelevant information. You need to be prepared for continuous research, and analytics-based action at any point. Your actions need to be a product of research and analysis, and if it becomes too overwhelming as your campaign grows, you end up having to make sacrifices. By not changing your actions over time, you’re not changing your results.

WordStream's actalytics software enables you to act accordingly as your campaign matures with the following:

  • Integration - Your analytic data is instantly and fluidly introduced into the same workbench you're using to perform daily campaign maintenance. WordStream's Google Analytics integration makes this process seamless.
  • Customization - The software allows you to create settings that automate the analysis of your search marketing campaigns.

Actalytics means combining your analytics with your actions.

Obviously the thing to note here is the proximity of analytics to action. The graphic above captures the first bullet: integration.

As you can see, search-focused data (light-weight information about keywords and visit counts that is highly relevant to the way you structure search campaigns) is presented to you as you utilize the tools that will actually create segmentations. The next step is to act on this actionable data.

Let's imagine that we run a real estate company. What's pictured above is a database of our keywords (which could be obtained through various means). We can now leverage the data collected to create highly relevant, traffic-driving keyword segmentations through WordStream's Keyword Group Segmenter:

Actalytics enables you to create highly informed segmentations around importance and relevance.

These segmentation suggestions are generated based on:

  • A potential segmentation's importance (visits driven).
  • Relevance, or potential to be segmented (the number of keywords that will be included in a created Keyword Group).
  • Or, your own personally defined action tracking data.

With the click of a button, you can now turn these specifically chosen analytic insights into an intelligently segmented keyword group. You can also expand your segmentation selection to create even more related groups at the click of a button.

With WordStream's keyword management software, it's possible to create multiple keyword groups at once through the Keyword Group Segmenter.

you can create multiple keyword groups simultaneously with WordStream actalytics

Adding in Automation - How the Actalytics Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

So now we have analytic tools that are integrated with our keyword segmentation tool set. WordStream's actalytics platform also offers keyword research and keyword suggestion tools that mine your website's log file data and examine incoming visitor traffic to continually suggest to you opportunities for keywords to bid on or build a campaign around.

But actalytics is about more than just analytics and optimization. Actalytics platforms are software applications, and they should be able to automate both analysis and paid and natural optimization processes.

WordStream accomplishes this with the important understanding that you can’t fully automate search marketing. As a keyword management tool, WordStream recognizes that automation has a place, and that strategic automation can be customized through rules that are set by you, the marketer. By retaining full control over major decisions, you lean on WordStream to automate only what you want it to, with the tool doing the keyword research and analysis ‘grunt work’ and helping you to make better decisions regarding your course of action with actalytics.

Automating Analysis

One example of setting up and generating continual custom analysis for your site is the WordStream workflow settings:

WordStream's actalytic platform allows you to customize your workflow settings.

This "Warning Threshold" refers to the number of keywords WordStream allows in a group before alerting us within the workflow tab that that segmentation is too large:

Actalytics software from WordStream offers automated analysis based on rules you create.

You're now presented with a real-time analytic report telling you which of your Keyword Groups need tweaking based on settings that you created. As WordStream goes to work and new keywords are discovered and entered into your account, WordStream automates the reporting process, offering you an on-demand view of which groupings need attention.

Automating Actions

WordStream's actalytics tool also offers automation of actions. This functionality is particularly evident in the following areas:

  • Keyword Research - WordStream offers JavaScript analytic tools which continually track your website's traffic, to update your keyword data and visit totals in real-time so that you are constantly discovering new keywords that are relevant to your business or offering.
  • Keyword Grouping - As these new keywords are entered into your account, they are automatically assigned to the keyword segmentations you've already created; thus automating the process of managing and grouping keywords into high Quality Score Ad Groups.
  • PPC Management - Not unlike with the analysis automation, WordStream also offers a means of creating a workflow process for actual...well, work. Much of this can be automated and defined within your WordStream workflow tab.
  • SEO Management - WordStream's suite of actalytic offerings can also be applied to natural SEO efforts via a similar means.

Why Actalytics?

So what?

So actalytics takes these three things you should be doing and offers you a single home for your search marketing efforts.

Why should you care?

Because by doing these things individually, you're sacrificing on all three fronts:

  • Your analytics won't be as useful.
  • Your automation won't be properly guided by hand-picked information.
  • Your actions won't be as intelligent or as efficient.

This means that you're not sealing up efficiency leaks, and that ultimately your decisions won't be as effective without the utilization of an actalytics platform.

Flip that on its head, and it means that actalytics tools will make you and your campaigns more efficient and more profitable.

If those are goals that you're interested in, you can: