Actual Keywords: Find the Keywords Your Customers Are Actually Searching On

Actual keywords, based on real results, are gold for search marketers.

Trouble is, a lot of keyword research is based on keywords that are presumed to drive traffic.

In the never-ending quest for fresh, new keywords, search marketers tend to target keywords they THINK will be relevant to their SEO or PPC efforts, but in reality aren't.

Where do they find these suspect keywords? Some of the most common methods of finding keywords for websites are:

The problem with these approaches is they are based on hunches. They lack the actual keyword phrases that are relevant and are proven to drive real traffic and sales to a particular website.

So where do you get that information? Where do you find keyword search data that will help you make informed decisions based on real data and definitive results?

The answer is WordStream.


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WordStream Gives You Actual Keywords, Not Keyword Conjecture

True keyword research should be based on real searches and actual outcomes.

Based on this principle, WordStream created keyword tools for dynamic keyword management that deliver actual keywords that search marketers can act on with confidence.

WordStream gives you:

  • Keywords based on real data - WordStream grabs search queries directly from your server log files and keyword analytics. That way, you get the actual keywords that searchers typed into the engines to land on your website, rather than traffic and conversion estimates.
  • A constant stream of actual keywords – Everyday, WordStream's Keyword Generator delivers newly discovered keywords from your private site logs to an actionable workbench. Given their superior relevance to your product or service, these keywords are a huge asset to your company and your bottom line.

With WordStream, there's no more guessing, no more speculating in your keyword analysis. The results you get from WordStream are actual and definitive.

Actual Keywords Require Action

Once you get your actual keywords—ones that generate revenue and results—what's the next step? You need to take action.

The only thing more useless than keyword guesstimates are extensive lists of revenue-generating keywords that are collecting dust.

Good news is, WordStream helps you take action on your actual keywords by making your search marketing efforts faster, smarter and more productive.

Grouping Actual Keywords Made Easy

Here we see how the WordStream Keyword Grouper allows you to quickly segment and organize your actual keyword lists into highly relevant, focused groups. Just drop in a list and click "Get Groupings."

grouping actual keywords with WordStream

WordStream automatically organizes your keywords into relevant groupings that you can turn into ad groups in your PPC account.

create sub groups for your actual keywords

Normally, this task would be done in an Excel spreadsheet; keyword grouping in Excel can take hours to complete. With WordStream, your actual keywords are organized and grouped into smaller clusters with just a few clicks.

WordStream takes the headaches out of keyword grouping by streamlining the process, making it faster, easier and more likely you'll act on your findings.

Manage Actual Keywords with a Dynamic Workbench

We've talked about how WordStream feeds you fresh, proven actual keywords every day. But where do those keywords go when discovered?

Those actual keywords are streamed into a scalable, private online workbench that takes productivity to a whole new level.

The WordStream workbench lets you prioritize workflow and author content, such as optimized landing pages and ad text, around these newly discovered keywords to better engage searchers. You can use your keyword research to:

  • Create targeted PPC ads
  • Author search-friendly product pages
  • Inspire blog posts and other marketing content
  • Help inform your website's information architecture
  • And more....

This is an effective and efficient means of organizing your SEO and PPC content creation.

WordStream Discovers Actual Keywords that Produce Real Results

Keywords based on guesstimates are useless. Actual keywords with a proven track record, on the other hand, are priceless and highly-valuable to search marketing. WordStream aids in the discovery of actual keywords and streamlines the process of taking action, so you can maximize your productivity and enhance your keyword relevancy.

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