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Ad Software can be a great aid in your online marketing efforts, helping you optimize your ad strategies when you advertise on Google and other search engines. WordStream’s AdWords Ad Management Software automates the tedious and laborious tasks associated with pay per click marketing, while still leaving you in total control. Our ad software will transform your paid search advertising campaign into a powerhouse of strategic automation!

WordStream's advertisement software serves as your personal ad manager, taking you step by step through the AdWords campaign creation process and guiding you towards AdWords success. The ad marketing software puts you miles ahead of the competition by combining keyword research, workflow management, ad creation and campaign analysis in one easy-to-use interface.

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Ad Software To Maximize AdWords Success

One of the struggles advertisers deal with in using AdWords is the disconnect between AdWords and the other standard tools used by search marketers (such as analytics applications and Microsoft Excel), making AdWords optimization difficult.

WordStream's Ad Management Software provides all the functionality of AdWords, plus much more. Benefits of using WordStream's advertisement software includes:

WordStream's Ad software enables you to take instant action on analytic insights, letting you increase the relevance and value of your AdWords campaigns while reducing spend for Google ads.

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Why Ad Software Is Essential to Your Website Advertising

WordStream's Ad Software minimizes manual labor while simultaneously giving you the analytical insight necessary to create ads that drive relevant traffic. With WordStream's Google Ad Software, you can:

  • Maximize results for money invested (improve CPC)
  • Achieve a high Quality Score
  • Reach relevant audiences that are more likely to convert
  • Enjoy qualified traffic and minimal number of irrelevant clicks
  • Reduce money wasted on unqualified traffic and irrelevant keywords
  • Learn more about your customers and adjust your approach accordingly

Why Use Advertising Software? : It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Researching, sorting and implementing keyword data is a tremendous task to take on alone. The traditional PPC approach involves manually researching a list of keywords that may or may not be truly applicable to your AdWords campaign. You'd then narrow the list down to a couple hundred terms, create text ads, and monitor the results by dumping the data into spreadsheets and digging through the data on a regular basis.

This would be fine if 250 keywords were all that users ever typed into search engines, but the truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of valuable terms to consider. Finding, analyzing, and acting on those keywords and the valuable data they provide can only be accomplished with the aid of online ad software tools like WordStream's. By ignoring these terms, you are:

  • Abandoning a huge portion of your audience
  • Ignoring the potential opportunity to gain the most specific, qualified leads to your site
  • Wasting money on irrelevant traffic with less targeted terms
  • Not reaching your full Quality Score potential
  • Setting up your campaign to fail behind a competitor who is using effective PPC software
  • Not learning about your audience, therefore rendering you unable to make informed changes that could improve your campaign or landing pages

WordStream ad software offers keyword research tools and web analytics tools that will help you to gather keyword insights. The software also offers automated keyword suggestion, allowing you to review and then quickly implement keyword suggestions.

It's this implementation that makes WordStream particularly powerful. The marketing software allows you to manipulate keywords into groups that you can act on in your AdWords account. With our Campaign Builder, you can instantly create an effective campaign by simply selecting a topic, choosing from the suggested keyword groups, and then choosing your campaign settings.

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Manually, this would take a tremendous amount of time and effort; you would have to pull in all of your keyword data, determine which groups to create, and then finally put the segmentations together and port them over to AdWords. Instead, WordStream's ad software lets you create an AdWords-integrated account with only a few clicks.

WordStream PPC software offers similar suggestions for keywords you don't want.

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WordStream's negative keyword tool offers you suggestions for keywords that you might want to actively avoid bidding on, based on what the software knows about your account. WordStream identifies keywords that are likely to be a bad fit for your account. Again, with just a few clicks and our adwords management software can set those keywords as negatives and put a stop to that wasted spend.

WordStream's Ad Management Software

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