Do You Need an Ad Text Generator to Create Effective Ads?

Successful PPC account managers have to wear many hats. They’re analysts, mathematicians, marketing gurus and creative writers. It can be tough to shift gears so frequently when working in an account. How many times have you thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ad text generator to spit out ad creative on command?”

Sure, it would be nice, but it certainly wouldn’t be effective. While we can definitely identify the most critical components that should appear in every PPC ad, building them with a cookie-cutter approach won’t score you those coveted 9 and 10 Quality Scores.

An automated ad created by an ad text generator misses the mark because it doesn’t truly engage the target market. As the expert on your business, you know your ideal prospects inside-out and can develop ads that truly resonate with them.

Sound time consuming? Luckily, WordStream’s Ad Builder can help you create effective ads in just a few minutes. We’ll give you the guidance you need to ensure your ads include all of the important PPC components and follow best practices. All you need to do is craft the language to get your target prospects excited about your product! Let’s dive in to review exactly how it works.

builder ad text generator

Before you begin drafting your ad text, take some time to review the “My Keyword” tab, which presents the top keywords in your ad group. These are the keywords garnering the highest number of impressions in your ad group, so you’ll definitely want to ensure your ad resonates with anyone looking for these terms. Aim to include some of these keywords in your ad copy—not solely in the ad text, but also in the display URL (which does not have to be a working URL). Oftentimes, when the keyword searched appears within the ad copy, it will appear in bold font for the searcher, making your ad even more prominent.

top keywords ad text generator

We also recommend taking a spin through the “My Ads” section before you get started. This showcases your most successful ads. As you review these ads, keep an eye out for trends and similarities to best understand what works well with you target audience. 

top ads ad text generator

Once you’ve reviewed these details, you’re ready to being generating your ad text. If you need some guidance crafting the copy, turn to the italicized tips that appear in each line of the ad builder. These certainly aren’t hard and fast rules—feel free to get creative with your copy—but we’ve found that ads following this structure tend to yield good Quality Scores and high click-through-rates.

input ad text generator

After writing your ad text, check out the ad preview section to get a feel for what it might look like when it’s served on the Google SERP. You can see what it will look like if it appears at the top of the page (positions 1-3) or in the right-hand rail (positions 4 and below).

ad preview ad text generator

Finally, take the time to run a best practices check. We’ve done extensive research to identify the characteristics of best-performing text ads, all of which are included on this list. Our tool will automatically examine your text and highlight areas that you need to improve.

best practices ad text generator

Once you’ve completed this quick and easy process, you’ll have generated a top-notch ad that’s ready for searchers, without an ad text generator! Want to bling it out even more? Check out our Ad Extensions Cheat Sheet to see what extensions might be a good fit for your ad group.