AdWords: Get the Most Out of Google AdWords with WordStream Solutions

AdWords is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and its main source of revenue. In the AdWords paid search advertising model, users bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads, and Google determines which ads display and in what position based on each user's maximum bid and Quality Score. Quality Score is dependent on:

  • Relevance of ad copy to the keyword
  • Relevance of the ad to its corresponding landing page
  • The ad's click-through rate (CTR)
  • Historical account performance
  • Other relevance and performance factors

A higher Quality Score equates to more impressions at lower costs, lowering your cost per click and cost per action

The key to securing high Quality Scores and maximizing your Google AdWords return on investment is solid organization. WordStream offers a robust PPC campaign management solution with seamless AdWords integration so you can keep large numbers of keywords and ad groups tightly organized and highly relevant.

WordStream's AdWords Solutions

Our suite of AdWords software is built to meet all your PPC campaign management needs, from keyword discovery to text ad creation and bid management. Learn more about AdWords and our specific AdWords offerings below.

AdWords Pay-Per-Click Solutions

With WordStream, your PPC campaigns and search marketing workbenches are fully integrated with your keyword lists and analytic dashboards. It's a unified, collaborative, scalable online platform for AdWords marketing, enabling your entire marketing team to perform search-related tasks in a streamlined fashion and on an iterative basis, without workflow bottlenecks or duplicated efforts.

AdWords Advertising Solutions

WordStream helps search marketers create more relevant ad groups, write more relevant ad copy and optimize AdWords landing pages for higher Quality Scores, better AdWords advertising ROI and more conversions.

AdWords Keyword Solutions

The foundation of any AdWords campaign is keywords. Start with the right keywords: Use WordStream for more thorough, private, personalized and data-driven keyword research, then manage your extensive keywords with WordStream keyword organization solutions.

AdWords Keyword Grouping Solutions

Keyword grouping is the most important and yet most overlooked pay-per-click marketing activity. WordStream's keyword grouping tools remove the headaches from the segmentation process, suggesting groups based on relevance and automatically sorting large numbers of keywords at the click of a button. 

Keyword Grouping Tools for AdWords

AdWords Quality Score Solutions

Because your Quality Score affects both the position of your ad and your cost per action, it has a huge impact on the success and profitability of your paid search advertising campaigns. A keyword management solution like WordStream improves your AdWords Quality Score via several avenues, including effective keyword grouping and highly relevant ad text generation.

AdWords Click-Through Rate Solutions

Improving your AdWords click-through rate does more than boost traffic to your website: higher CTR also raises your Quality Score and improves ad positioning, while lowering your cost per click and minimum bid. That means you can boost the performance of your AdWords account without raising your budget! Find out how the WordStream keyword management solution increases your AdWords click-through rate.

AdWords Landing Page Solutions

Your AdWords landing page is your chance to convince the customer to convert . You need high-quality landing pages to get conversions, and highly relevant pages will also lower your conversion costs. WordStream helps you optimize AdWords landing pages with keyword grouping tools to increase the relevance of your ad groups, workflow tools to prioritize content creation, meta tag generation tools and more.

WordStream Offers Workflow Solutions to Improve AdWords Landing Page Creation

AdWords Bid Management Solutions

Effective AdWords bidding is less a matter of raising and lowering your maximum bid and more about pushing down your minimum, or “first page” bid, which you can accomplish by strategically and effectively grouping and organizing your keywords for a high Quality Score. WordStream improves your bid management strategy by raising Quality Score and encouraging more effective keyword research and organization—so you're making smart bidding decisions on relevant mid- and long-tail terms, not getting into bidding wars on broad, competitive keywords that may be wrong for your business.

AdWords Campaign Management Solutions

Manage every aspect of your AdWords PPC campaign in WordStream, starting with a strong keyword foundation and moving through keyword grouping, negative keyword discovery, ad publishing and bid management. Enjoy efficient and effective AdWords management without the hassle of a mess of Excel spreadsheets that require constant manual maintenance and updating.

AdWords Account Management Solutions

The problem with managing your AdWords accounts within Google AdWords or AdWords Editor is that these applications are disconnected from your keyword analytics dashboards. Using that information to inform your AdWords account management requires additional steps, reducing productivity and decreasing the chances that valuable analytic insights will be applied to your PPC campaigns.

Managing your AdWords account (even multiple accounts) through the WordStream keyword management solution can return much better results, because your account is connected to your keyword analytics, enabling speedier, data-driven decision making.

Need more AdWords help? 

Do you want some AdWords help? Get up to speed on AdWords with our collection of AdWords for Dummies ebooks that are yours to download absolutely free! They're packed with AdWords secrets to help you succeed.

You can also download our free white paper on pay-per-click marketing best practices for more tips on maximizing PPC ROI.