AdWords Accounts: A More Optimized Account through PPC Management

Google AdWords account management can be tricky business, but regularly monitoring and adjusting your AdWords account is necessary for optimal account performance. 

AdWords account

The problem with AdWords management within Google AdWords or AdWords Editor is that these applications are disconnected from your keyword analytics dashboards. Using that information to inform your AdWords account management requires additional steps, reducing your productivity and decreasing the chances that valuable analytic insights will be applied to your pay-per-click campaigns

Managing your AdWords Account through the WordStream for PPC solution can offer much better results, because your account is connected to your keyword analytics, enabling speedier and more data-driven decision making. 


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The Foundation of a Solid AdWords Account: A Well-Researched Keyword Taxonomy

Before you jump into creating an AdWords account and haphazardly throwing advertising dollars at a scattered PPC campaign, take a moment to recognize the importance of proper keyword research for your AdWords marketing account. One huge part of learning how to use Google AdWords is understanding how to conduct solid keyword research- it's the biggest AdWords secret you can learn. Your account will be primed for success if you start with a well-researched keyword taxonomy. This means performing keyword research that is: 

  • Private and personalized: WordStream leverages your private data (including Web analytics and Web server log files) to build a proprietary, relevant database of keywords your competitors won't have access to.
  • Ongoing and up-to-date: WordStream continuously monitors and mines your traffic for new AdWords keywords, so your database grows over time and is always timely and accurate.
  • Effectively grouped and organized: WordStream's keyword grouping tools make quick work of sorting thousands of keywords into a manageable hierarchy of small, tightly knit keyword groups. Grouping keywords by relevance forms the basis of the ad groups in your AdWords account. 

This last step is the most critical for Google AdWords success and optimal account performance. It's much easier to create relevant, compelling text ads and AdWords landing pages for close-knit, targeted groups of keywords, so keyword grouping has several positive effects on your paid search efforts: 

In other words, a well-organized keyword taxonomy can lower your overall PPC costs while improving AdWords account KPIs. 

Using WordStream for keyword discovery and management ups the value of your keyword taxonomy from the get-go, so you can be confident that your AdWords account will be high-performing and easier to manage. 

Connecting Analytics with Action for a More Optimized AdWords Account

The ad campaigns in your AdWords account stand to benefit greatly from the wealth of information in your Web analytics application. But there's a problem with most analytics dashboards: They're not actionable. A potential goldmine of data just sits there getting dusty unless you act on it, making well-informed decisions for quantifiable results in your AdWords account. 

WordStream's solutions make acting on analytic data much more efficient, thanks to our Google Analytics integration, and the fact that your dashboards are fully integrated with your Google AdWords account. Instead of toggling between various Web apps and spreadsheets before making account changes, you can do everything in one unified, powerful platform. Getting to your AdWords account to make ad group or ad campaign changes, adjust bids, create new text ads as illustrated below and more is as easy as clicking a tab. 

Manage your AdWords account in WordStream

It's also simple and straightforward to keep track of your workflow and tackle tasks as they arise. WordStream's workflow tab displays a list of high-priority actions, so you'll know when you need to segment a large group, convert a traffic-driving keyword group into an ad group, "cleanse" your groups by assigning negative keywords, associate groups with pages on your website and more. Even better, you can take those steps immediately—there are no process bottlenecks between analysis and action in your AdWords account. 

Managing Multiple Google AdWords Accounts with WordStream

Some pay-per-click advertisers find it useful or necessary to operate multiple Google AdWords accounts—for example, if you're an SEM agency that manages a number of clients or if your company sells different types of products. Can you manage more than one AdWords account in WordStream's AdWords software? Most definitely. 

It's incredibly easy to manage multiple AdWords accounts by connecting WordStream with your multiple Google AdWords account.

Manage multiple AdWords accounts with ease

Now you can manage multiple AdWords accounts with the same keywords, convert keyword groups into ad groups for multiple accounts, delete accounts as necessary and so on. You can manage, monitor and hone PPC at the account, campaign, ad group or keyword level, all within one handy interface. 

Using WordStream to manage your Google AdWords accounts adds value and increases relevancy at every level of your PPC campaigns, boosting productivity as an added bonus. 

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