AdWords Analytics: Beyond Just Data to Actionable Insight with AdWords Grader Plus

There are always improvements to be made in your AdWords performance, but the AdWords interface itself has some definite shortcomings. While Google allows you to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts, the data available through your site traffic still sheds only limited light on ad performance through site visit and sales data.

AdWords Performance Grader Plus is a free AdWords analytics tool that helps bridge the gap, offering in-depth analysis and targeted recommendations for advertisers looking to reduce wasted spend, optimize campaigns and improve their AdWords ROI.

AdWords analytics through Google allows you to see click, cost and engagement data. However, a more complete picture is needed to effectively optimize campaigns. AdWords Performance Grader Plus shares a best practices check, performance ratings and recommendations across nine key areas:

Our award-winning AdWords analytics tool digs deeper to reveal the metrics that matter for campaign optimization and improved performance.

AdWords Analytics with Actionable Insight

Having the data at your disposal is one thing, but it’s what you take away and plug back into your AdWords strategy that can seriously impact your business.

AdWords Performance Grader Plus grades your account and offers recommendations based on insight gleaned from over $3 billion in AdWords spend analysis. See how your campaigns rate against industry benchmarks, as in this example of an advertiser’s Long-Tail Keyword Optimization:

AdWords Analytics Tool

In addition to an overall score for each section, AdWords Performance Grader Plus goes beyond AdWords analytics with tips and tactics for improvements.

In this next example, you can see the impression-weighted Quality Score for your active keywords, as compared to the recommended curve. Our analysis includes the projected impact of acting on the recommendations designed to improve your Quality Scores:

AdWords Analytics

AdWords Performance Grader Plus puts you in control of the data within your AdWords analytics with much-needed context:

  • How are negative keywords – or a lack thereof – affecting your AdWords campaigns?
  • Are you losing impression share to ad rank?
  • How do the CTRs of your top 200 keywords compare to industry benchmarks?
  • Are you writing and testing enough ads to improve your rankings and CTRs?
  • How do you rank when it comes to AdWords best practices adherence?

AdWords analytics are only as useful as the insight and actionable takeaways they provide.

Our Free AdWords Analytics Tool is Now More Powerful Than Ever

Thousands of advertisers have used our free AdWords analytics tool as a marketing grader to benchmark and improve their AdWords performance. They’ve found that it helps address a number of key challenges advertisers – and especially small businesses – experience, including:

  • Inconsistency: Only 1% of small business advertisers log in and do work in their AdWords accounts every week.
  • Wasteful Spending: 1 in 5 small businesses (20%) aren’t using any negative keywords at all – an important cost-saving measure that reduces money spent on irrelevant, non-converting clicks.
  • Improper Account Setup: More than half of small businesses aren’t tracking conversions, so they don’t know how their PPC keywords and campaigns translate into sales.

AdWords Performance Grader users told us a few more features would make their lives easier and help take their campaigns to the next level. We listened; the latest version of the tool now includes Performance Tracker, to help advertisers easily identify and act on changes in metrics like Quality Score. The new Mobile PPC Readiness Score assesses an advertiser’s preparedness and optimization for mobile PPC. Finally, all analysis includes new benchmarks, so featured KPIs are accurate and completely up to date.

Free AdWords Analytics You Can Actually Use

You need more than site engagement and click data to beef up your AdWords strategy. AdWords Performance Grader Plus is an invaluable source of competitive intelligence and advanced PPC knowledge – and it’s free. Try it now.