AdWords Bid Tool: A Better Approach to PPC Campaign Management

Using an AdWords bid tool is a great first step in your PPC campaign management process. Finding a way to turn your keyword list into targeted ads, and then maintaining and analyzing the results of those ads can be overwhelming. Using an AdWords bid tool can alleviate much of the struggle involved in setting up and tracking PPC campaigns.

However, using a free AdWords bid tool isn’t always the best choice. If you’re not careful about the information you’re using to make your bid management decisions, the wrong bid tool could actually hurt your campaigns. The best way to maximize your efforts is through an integrated keyword management system.

WordStream offers a full suite of keyword and ad management capabilities to ensure that you’re making informed, data-supported decisions every step of the way, and Google AdWords is fully integrated in the same dashboard. When integrated with WordStream, your AdWords bid management tool helps you to:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency since your team will be able to manage keywords and AdWords from one central interface.
  • Find and manage your most relevant and specific keywords by drawing from actual site data.
  • Create ad groups from your keyword groups with the click of a button.
  • Write and set up your text ads to help drive qualified traffic to your site.
  • Manage more data than ever before, knowing the decisions based on that data are informed and financially sound.

Going Beyond an AdWords Bid Tool: Keyword and Ad Group Management

WordStream's bidding software tools go beyond the typical AdWords bidding tool by focusing on the often overwhelming but incredibly important role of keyword management. The secret to an effective AdWords bid management strategy is the ability to easily organize your keywords into related groups, and to stay organized over time without expending too much time and energy.

With WordStream's suite of AdWords Tools, creating and organizing keyword groups is very simple. In just a few clicks, you’re able to take your large list of suggested keywords and whittle it down into hierarchical, manageable groups.

Using an AdWords bid tool to create keyword groups puts you at an advantage in your PPC campaign.

You can even create multiple keyword groups at a time.

Create multiple keyword groups simultaneously with WordStream's AdWords bid tool.

How does this improve WordStream’s use as an AdWords bidding tool? By creating keyword groups, you’re also able to create your Google AdWords account ad groups. With one click you can convert one of your specific keyword groups into an ad group. By keeping your keywords organized, you’re a step closer to tight, highly specialized ad groups that search engines will reward with higher Quality Scores and lower minimum bid.

Better AdWords Bidding with Ad Creation and Campaign Management Tools

We’ve seen how WordStream makes it easy to turn keyword groups into ad groups, but did you know that you can also fully set up and monitor your ad campaigns right from WordStream’s interface?

Traditionally, search marketers have a handful of tools providing different functionalities, with different interfaces.

WordStream puts everything at your fingertips in one dashboard. In WordStream you can:

  • Find new keywords through WordStream’s keyword suggestion functionality
  • Segment your keywords into narrowly focused groups
  • Set negative keywords to keep your keyword groups relevant
  • Create ad groups from your grouped PPC keywords
  • Bid, write ad text, and deploy Google AdWords text ads
  • Monitor your campaigns’ progress by integrating your site’s traffic logs with WordStream

Using Your AdWords Bid Tool As Part Of A Central PPC Hub

In general, an AdWords bid tool can’t tell you how to set up a campaign; it can only help you keep track of your bidding results.

An AdWords bid tool also can’t help you with the most important parts of setting up your campaigns – your keyword research and keyword grouping. If you’re optimizing bids for the wrong keywords in your campaign, a typical AdWords bid tool won’t be able to tell you, and as a result, your Quality Score will suffer and you’ll be throwing money away on ineffective ads and unqualified traffic.

From setting up your minimum bid to actually helping you write your text ads with preliminary suggestions, WordStream functions on the principle that having everything in one central hub not only makes your campaign easier to manage; it promotes higher productivity and better collaboration between team members.

PPC and SEO are collaborative, iterative, and can’t be viewed as steps in a process. They are processes that need to be constantly running, constantly updated, constantly evaluated and acted upon. WordStream’s “actalytics” approach of data and action paired with its inclusive dashboard takes away miscommunication and time wasted toggling between different PPC tools, allowing you to focus your efforts on other important areas of your business.

More than Just an AdWords Bid Tool: Take Your AdWords Bidding to the Next Level with WordStream

You've seen how WordStream can help keep you organized and facilitate easy ad creation in your AdWords bidding strategy. Put WordStream's data and analytics-driven keyword management solutions to the test with your campaigns by: