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In need of an AdWords expert? Get expert AdWords advice from our Google AdWords Expert interview series.

We’re conducting interviews with AdWords advertisers who scored remarkably high using the AdWords Performance Grader and asking them to share their PPC secrets and AdWords advice.

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Get the best PPC knowledge from the advanced AdWords gurus with the greatest PPC expertise! Read through our full interview series and get the top PPC advice:

AdWords Expert Interview: Series #1

Our first Google AdWords expert interview is with Yorgo Petsas, a marketing and sales executive at Alensa LTD.

Q: Share with us a bit about yourself. How long have you been using AdWords? What are your goals when using AdWords for PPC?

AdWords Expert Advice Answer: I have been using AdWords for more than 6 years now. I have also specialized in SEO and SMM. At Alensa, where I have worked for the last 2 years, we are not using an agency as our products are very specific and writing good ads for them requires additional knowledge of the products. Our company is focused on B2C but we also have a small department that deals with our B2B clients.

We have divided our goals into two types and this is how we have created our campaigns. On one side we have “call to action” campaigns where our goal is to sell a product, and then we have classic “branding” campaigns where we try to increase the awareness for our company and to build trust for the quality of our products and services.

Q: What are your top three key performance metrics in Google AdWords?

AdWords Expert Advice Answer:

  • Cost of conversion. This means how much did you pay to get a conversion (in our case a conversion is when someone orders a product). There are ways to set and track this in your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, which is easier than tracking manually.
  • The CTR of an ad. This metric is very important because it determines the rate with which the ad will be served (how often will Google show this ad in ratio with the other ads on the same campaign).
  • Quality Score. This metric is very important as it not only determines the price you are going to pay [for your ad] but also shows you if you have created a strong message and if you have targeted the right set of people.

Q: What is your big PPC secret? Can you offer any AdWords advice for marketers who didn't score so well on the Grader?

AdWords Expert Advice Answer: My advice is to continue to get more knowledge on AdWords. Use the data there in combination with your creative thinking to delivery your ad to the right people at the lowest possible cost.

It’s also important to make sure you are aware of the technical details and how to get all the statistical data out of AdWords. This means setting your goals and conversions, linking with your analytics profile, etc.

Be sure to segment your campaigns depending on the number and type of products you offer. Take our AdWords account for example: we have segmented our campaigns in a few different ways - first by type of product, then by brand, by model, by color, etc. This way you can communicate the proper message to a potential customer, while also lowering your costs as you bid.

Managing an effective campaign also means constantly monitoring your keywords – add more long-tail keywords in product campaigns. They bring more targeted traffic at lower costs.

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