Google Ads Performance Grader Plus: The New & Improved Way to Audit Your Google Ads Account

The Google Ads Performance Grader is now better than ever. We’ve updated the award-winning free tool with new features and functionality that make it even more valuable for advertisers and agencies looking to analyze their paid search performance.


How to Do AdWords Analysis

The new and improved Google Ads Performance Grader Plus now features:

  • Performance Tracker: Performance Tracker automatically tracks and measures your overall Google Ads performance, including your Quality Score, producing a new, updated report every 30 days. Now businesses can easily measure their performance over time and see at a glance when key metrics have improved – as well as when and how to address a dip in results.
  • Mobile PPC Readiness Score – The tool now includes a “Readiness Score” to assess advertisers’ preparedness and optimization for mobile PPC, including an evaluation of the account’s adherence to mobile PPC best practices.
  • New & Improved Benchmarks – After analyzing over $3 billion in collective Google Ads spend, we have revisited and improved our competitive benchmarks for PPC, so the featured key performance indicators (including Quality Score, click-through rate, account activity, and wasted spend) are more current and accurate than ever.

If you’ve never used the Google Ads Performance Grader, now is the time to give it a try. Your free, instant report is packed with in-depth analysis and competitive intelligence. It’s a powerful source of PPC insights for busy advertisers, especially small and medium-sized businesses working with small budgets.

If you have used it before, try it again! The analysis you’ll receive is richer and more accurate than ever, and with Performance Tracker you’ll be able to quickly and easily see how your Google Ads account grows and improves over time. We’ll even send you an email highlighting new trends in your account from the past 30 days.

Let’s take a closer look at how these new features can benefit your account.

Performance Tracker: Stay on Top of Changes Over Time

With Performance Tracker, you can easily see how your Google Ads performance is trending over time. You’ll know at a glance if your overall score is going up or down, then you can drill down into individual reports for more data as well as actionable tips to help improve your score.


Free Google AdWords Analytics Tool

WordStream’s Performance Tracker is the easiest way to keep track of the most important metrics in your AdWords accounts – the numbers that tell you what’s working and what isn’t. For example, the Quality Score of your ads and keywords is a major factor in your account’s effectiveness, and this feature allows advertisers to easily monitor and act on changes in Quality Score – something Google just doesn’t offer. You’ll know if your average Quality Score has fallen, and what you should do about it now before it hurts your account and costs you money.

Mobile Readiness Score: Are You Prepared for Mobile PPC?

The Google Ads Performance Grader Plus includes a new section that analyzes your Google Ads account’s mobile advertising performance, identifying missed opportunities and comparing your mobile readiness to other advertisers in your vertical.


AdWords Performance Grader PPC Audit mobile advertising optimization report

With mobile search traffic growing at the rate of 200% year over year, the time to set up mobile-optimized ads was yesterday! This report is the speediest way to see if your account is mobile-optimized. You’ll get a quick graph showing what percentage of your spend is allocated to mobile, and the tool checks to make sure you’re following mobile best practices, including:

  • Creating mobile-preferred text ads
  • Using mobile sitelinks
  • Taking advantage of the mobile call extension

Once you’re using all these mobile features, you’ll be well ahead of the competition. Mobile adoption is still lagging, so clicks on mobile ads are often cheaper than their desktop counterparts – even though mobile traffic is actually more likely to convert!

Get Your Enhanced Google Ads Performance Report Now

We’ve graded over $3 billion in total Google Ads spend – representing a huge amount of data and insight into Google Ads accounts of all sizes and across dozens of industries. This means we have even more insight into the metrics and characteristics that define a healthy PPC account, and we’re passing that knowledge onto you with our improved benchmarks and updated reports. As always, it’s:

  • Completely free
  • Completely secure
  • Super-fast

You get the kind of analysis you’d expect from a full PPC audit, which could take a week and cost you hundreds of dollars. And we give it to you at no cost in about five minutes. What have you got to lose? Get graded now!