Case Study: How One Agency Gets It All Done with WordStream

Karina Lonergan didn’t begin her career at New Zealand-based agency Digital Stream as a paid search manager. However, as is often the case in the fast-paced agency world, she soon found herself responsible for handling several client accounts after transitioning into a paid search position from her marketing role in mid-2012.

Unfortunately, she was quickly overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start when it came to managing her client accounts; she needed help, fast.

The Problem: So Much to Do, So Little Time

When Karina assumed ownership of her clients’ accounts, they were in bad shape. Not only were they disorganized and poorly structured, but Karina’s lack of experience meant that managing the accounts was challenging – she spent more time putting out fires than helping her clients grow their business with AdWords.

That all changed when Karina signed up with WordStream in January 2014.

Karina discovered WordStream after evaluating the strength of Digital Stream’s AdWords account using the WordStream AdWords Performance Grader Plus. After identifying several areas in which improvements could be made, Karina explored how WordStream could help her agency.

“Initially, we found WordStream after searching for an audit tool,” says Karina. “My manager was looking into it, wondering if it could save me time. It was mainly about time-saving and making things easier to manage. In AdWords, it’s just so hard to see what’s going on, and it was just taking up so much of my time.”

The Solution: WordStream Advisor for Agencies

Karina had previously tried other PPC management software solutions, but found them lacking the features and functionality she needed to successfully manage and grow her clients’ accounts. However, WordStream’s 20-Minute Work Week gave her everything she needed to help her clients make informed decisions about their paid search campaigns.

“We needed to find a solution, not only for time saving and making things easier to see, but also reporting,” Karina says. “We were previously using Raven Tools for reporting as well as AdWords for campaign management, and it was two separate systems; it was really time-consuming. Plus Raven Tools didn’t offer all the reporting tools that we wanted.”

WordStream not only allowed Karina to spend less time managing her clients’ accounts, but also enabled her to make high-level decisions far more quickly. Before using WordStream, Karina would frequently spend as much as an entire workday working in the accounts of just two of her clients. Now, she can spend an hour or less fine-tuning her clients’ accounts and see greater return on investment.

“I feel that the WordStream reports are a lot better because they’re quite visual,” says Karina. “A lot of our clients don’t really know what’s going on with AdWords – they just want to see the main report, and they want to see it quickly and easily. In the 20-Minute Work Week, you can see what keywords need to be fixed or which bids need to be increased or decreased. It’s just easier, and that’s the main thing for me. I can go into the system, and I don’t really have to think as much; I can just see it and apply the changes that WordStream recommends and be confident that the campaign is in good shape.”

The Results: More Happy Clients

In addition to the actionable data provided by WordStream Advisor, the ongoing support and expert advice offered by WordStream’s Premier Consulting services have helped Karina grow her clients’ accounts exponentially. Being able to contact her dedicated account representative at WordStream, and receive timely responses to her questions, has also been a major advantage to Karina.

“The fact that I can just email [my account representative] with a question and he’s right there and can help me is great,” says Karina. “A problem I had before is that with Google, just trying to get basic questions answered is hard. Google still contacts me, but I tend to ignore them now because my rep is my go-to; he’ll always give me those good tips and understand what I actually need to know.”

Agency PPC Management Made Simple

WordStream helped Karina focus on what really matters – helping her clients grow their businesses through AdWords, while growing her agency at the same time. The combination of sophisticated reporting tools, actionable data, and responsive support have helped Digital Stream and Karina’s clients succeed with AdWords.

“Now that we’ve got around fifteen clients, it is a lot to do, but with WordStream, it makes it a lot easier,” says Karina. “It takes a lot less time out of my day.”

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