WordStream Advisor for Agencies Pricing

For agencies looking to grow and manage their client portfolio at scale.

What's Included:


  • Reporting
  • Performance Dashboard
  • 20MWW Alerts
  • Google Ads: Search, Shopping, & Display Advertising
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Bing Search Advertising
  • Smart Ads
  • Easy Tracking (Conversions, Calls, Source)
  • Leads Summary
  • Notes


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Chat & Phone Support
  • Customer Hub

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Wordstream has helped us during this unique time of growth as a small business to almost act as a virtual assistant. The 20 minute work week is great alongside their other great suggestions for PPC improvements. The staff over at Wordstream are great as well, checking in periodically to see how the tools are working out or if they can offer any further assistance. I recommend this tool to any business that could use an extra hand optimizing digital marketing.

Greg Underwood
Greg Underwood
Digital Conversion Manager, Freedom Suite Services

WordStream allows us to bring all our PPC together under one platform. I like that we can manage both Google Ads and Facebook within the platform. The 20-minute work week provides suggestions for new keywords and negatives to optimize each campaign. Normally, this would take much longer than 20 minutes so we're happy that WordStream has taken so much of the heavy lifting off our shoulders.

Evanna Payen
Evanna Payen
Guardair Corporation

WordStream takes the guesswork out of ad management, especially if you’re stretched for time. I love the fact that everything is super simple to find and I don’t have to go digging around to get the most important information. The 20 minute work week saves me so much time and helps makes the changes with the biggest impact. I’m completely impressed with my overall experience.

Rachel Probert
Rachel Probert
Marketing Consultant, Disploma-MSC

They're not the only ones! On average, WordStream customers increase click-through rates by 44% and increase conversions by 30%.

Empower your agency to succeed at online advertising

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Value Add Service

WordStream’s Premier Consulting added to your monthly subscription can help you get the most out of managing your paid search and paid social campaigns with WordStream Advisor. Your dedicated Google Ads Certified Professional will work with you to provide individually customized insights and personalized training to help you tackle the challenges of paid advertising and reach your goals. Don’t struggle optimizing your ad text, landing pages, or bids. Premier Consulting will guide you, your decisions and our actions toward a better performing paid search account.

With WordStream Premier Consulting you get:
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads account guidance
  • A dedicated Google Ads Certified professional assigned to your account.
  • A one hour monthly call with call summary action items.
  • A monthly diagnostic report providing account insights.
  • Consulting on the call in any area of your account including:
    • Campaign creation
    • Location targeting
    • Landing page optimization
    • Account restructuring
    • Keyword research assistance
    • Ad copy review & strategy
    • Click-to-call assistance
    • Bid management & recommendations
    • Launch Services

WordStream Advisor for Agencies Product Add-Ons

Ready to make managing accounts even easier? Streamline your optimization efforts with product add-ons for Ecommerce data feed management and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Data Feeds


WordStream Data Feeds allow you to upload and optimize product data from your store before syncing it with Google Merchant Center. This ensures that the data powering your shopping campaigns is clean, up-to-date, and optimized to address the needs and wants of shoppers.

CRO Toolkit


The CRO Toolkit provides you with several customizable, easy-to-implement tools to help you capture email addresses and offer dynamic discounts to the right people at the right time. Turn window shoppers into paying customers: check out the CRO Toolkit today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing compare with other solutions?

Most PPC management solutions base their pricing on a pure percentage of your PPC spend. WordStream's pricing tiers are designed to help you establish a predictable platform cost.

I'm an agency. Do you have any special offers for agency accounts?

Yes! Agencies get the benefit of an unlimited number of accounts and they are billed based on the aggregated total of all their accounts on a monthly basis. Please call 855-WORDSTRM (855-967-3787) for more information.

What are my billing options? Is there an annual contract?

WordStream has a variety of plans to suit your needs. We believe that it can take time to significantly improve your campaigns, drive higher Quality Scores and get the most out of our platform. We offer the option to pay monthly or pre-pay annually with a discount.

If I choose the annual Pre-Paid Plan, what happens after that one-year period is over?

Your plan will renew for another year, at the same price, on the one-year anniversary date. If you wish to switch to one of our other plans, you can elect to do so with 30 days' notice prior to your anniversary date.

Are there any additional costs included to start working with WordStream Advisor?

There are no additional costs to get started with WordStream Advisor, only optional services and features you can elect to add on. Options include Premier Consulting for those who want a little more hands on help and best practice consulting. Learn more about Premier Consulting here

What happens if my advertising spend fluctuates from month to month?

WordStream has created tiers that accommodate our customer’s month to month fluctuation in advertising spend. These tiers include a spend limit, which is the total amount that can be spent on advertising across connected platforms, and an overage fee, which is a fee based on a small percentage (between 1 - 10%) of spend over your spend limit. If customers stay within their spend limit, then there are no overage fees. In addition, if customers go over their spend limit it’s easy to upgrade to the next tier in order to avoid overage fees.

Is there a discount for annual plans?

Yes! Our annual (pre-paid) plans are discounted by approximately 20%.

How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your subscription with written notice, received 30 days prior to the next monthly billing date following your initial subscription commitment.

How does Premier Consulting Work?

Premier Consulting appointments can be booked once per month to provide targeted optimizations with time in between for you to take the recommended actions.  Consulting appointments cannot be rolled over or accrued. 

Do you offer a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes! WordStream offers a 25% discount for non-profit 501(C)(3) organizations on our software and Premier Consulting offerings.

I have more questions. How do I ask?

Check out our full FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions about WordStream Advisor software. Or, call us toll free at 855-WORDSTRM (855-967-3787), Monday through Friday, 9 AM–5 PM EST.