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Discovering Traffic-Driving, Profitable Keywords Has Never Been Easier

Everyday, WordStream helps businesses across the globe turn keywords into profits. Our suite of search marketing tools gives you the power to discover, research and organize keywords for better relevancy and more online productivity for SEO and PPC.

WordStream for PPC

  • More relevant keyword groups
  • Higher Quality Scores
  • Lower cost-per-click


WordStream for SEO

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Traffic-driving keywords
  • Better optimized SEO content


More About WordStream

Here's What the Top Search Marketing Publications are Saying About WordStream

  “The main value that I see in WordStream is in helping SEM Pros sift through huge keyword lists and quickly segment them into campaigns and ad groups. Then, as you drop in more keywords over time (the tool even helps with that part), the keywords ‘segment themselves’ into these campaigns and ad groups based on the keyword rules you’ve setup.” – Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land Contributing Author
“Actually, comparing any of the already existing keyword management software to WordStream is like comparing a paper airplane with a supersonic fighter bomber. WordStream is intelligent, dynamic, fast and versatile. With the new multi-source keyword analytics the software allows marketers to analyze data from both organic and paid search.” – Mihaela Lica, Everything PR Editor  


WordStream Powers the Search Marketing Efforts of Some of the World's Biggest Companies



WordStream Users See Blockbuster Results

More conversions for less money:

  • Reduced cost-per-conversion: 34%
  • Increased conversion rate: 70%
  • Reduced average cost-per-click: 7%
  • Increased average click-through rate: 20%


Doubled traffic while cutting spend in half:

  • Increased click-through-rate: 600%
  • Reduced cost-per-click: 37%
  • Increased Quality Scores from 2/10 to 7/10 (campaign-wide average)

"It's a tool so good that I almost want to keep it a secret!"

Kevin Patch -

Good news is, WordStream isn't a secret. Anyone can use WordStream to turn their SEO and PPC marketing campaigns into inbound marketing lead generation machines.

What's more, WordStream is easy to use. Even though our software was built by search marketing experts, you don't need to be a search marketing expert to use it. We've baked SEO and PPC best practices into WordStream, and packaged everything in a simple, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface.

"From the start, WordStream’s look, feel and flow are fantastic—I really like that all of the data is at my fingertips. All this and more make for a great user experience!"

J Raymond, Marketing Analyst -

MFG loves WordStream's  workflow which allows users to prioritize changes that have the highest  benefits.


WordStream Gives You the Tools to Dominate the Search Results

WordStream for SEO is “keyword research on steroids” and features a suite of super-powerful keyword analysis and content authoring tools to perform:

  • Keyword Research: Generate high-ROI keyword ideas ondemand
  • Personalized Keywords: Mine your own site for proven keywords
  • Keyword Analytics: Get visit and goal data for your keywords automatically
  • Keyword Organization: Segment keyword lists into tight groups instantly and uncover hidden SEO opportunities

WordStream for PPC is a one-of-a-kind keyword management that helps you maximize productivity while lowering paid search marketing costs through:

  • Keyword Discovery: Continuous keyword research builds a lethal database of the most popular search terms
  • Keyword Analysis: Find the most profitable keywords and quickly remove the bad ones
  • Keyword Grouping: Segmenting your keywords raises relevance and your Quality Score!
  • Keyword Action: Prioritize tasks and take action by authoring conversion-producing PPC ads and landing pages


Now Featuring the SEO for Firefox Plugin: Create Search Optimized Content for No Extra Cost

Not only do you get the full suite of advanced keyword analysis, grouping and organization tools with WordStream for SEO and WordStream for PPC, but you also get our slick new keyword research and content optimization plugin: WordStream SEO for Firefox.

SEO copywriting used to be hard, confusing and time-consuming. Not any more. WordStream's SEO for Firefox plugin makes creating SEO-Friendly content a breeze.

See our SEO for Firefox plugin at work: 

There's no other search marketing toolset on the planet where you get so many advanced search engine marketing tools for such an affordable price.