Your API Account Registration is Confirmed!

Thank you for signing up for a WordStream Keyword API registration key! Your account has been confirmed.

You can now get started using the API – see the WordStream Keyword API documentation for more information:

Having completed your registration, you now have access to 200 free API Units for testing.

If you’d like to access more than 200 units, our tiered pricing and API Unit schedule is below. Simply contact us with any additional questions or to set up a meeting with a WordStream representative to discuss how you can leverage the API in your own tools or processes:

API Unit Rate Schedule -Each API operation performed consumes a certain number of API units, as specified below:

  • Get Keyword Results:1 API Unit, PLUS 2 API units per 1000 keywords returned (rounded up to the nearest thousand)
  • Get Question Keywords: 10 API Units
  • Get Keyword Niches: 25 API Units

Thank you for signing up, and please contact us if you have any questions!