WordStream Technical Support

Information about technical support including Frequently Asked Questions, etc.

WordStream Videos

We have a number of video demonstrations to help our customers (and anyone who might like to become one) get more familiar with the WordStream product suite, including our free keyword tools.

WordStream Set Up Guide

You've signed up for a free trial, now what? The WordStream Set Up Guide explains how to get up and running in no time.

WordStream User Guide

This is a very thorough collection of detailed product documentation dealing with everything from signing in to exporting keywords or posting account changes to Google.


Learn how to use WordStream to simplify search engine marketing (both PPC and SEO). We've authored volumes of tutorials on everything from  how to set up WordStream to how to use it to consistently grow your Web marketing efforts. The tutorials include:

And of course, if you have a specific product question or issue, you can always contact us.

Technical Support FAQ

A compilation of our most frequently asked technical support questions.

Product Documentation

A detailed manual explaining all of the different features and functions of WordStream.

Technical Support Forums

Post a technical support question to our online support forums and our expert support team will respond.

















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