WordStream's Benefits: Powerful Technology, Exceptional Expertise


At WordStream, our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses, as well as agencies on behalf of those businesses, drive exceptional results by using the power of search marketing for customer acquisition. We help these companies maximize the effectiveness of their search engine marketing efforts so they can acquire more customers at lower costs.

How do we do this? Our technology, algorithms, and in-house experts apply years of search experience and proven methodology to our clients' accounts. The benefits of leveraging WordStream's products and services include:

  • Industry-Leading Keyword Assets– Our business assets include a keyword database containing more than 1 trillion unique search queries and a set of advanced, proprietary algorithms we use to search, parse and make sense of that data. These best-in-class keyword tools enable marketers to quickly and easily find relevant new keyword opportunities – keywords your competitors don't have access to – to target in profitable SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Powerful SEM Technology– WordStream software empowers marketers to manage their accounts like experts even if they don't have years of expertise. Our smart, easy-to-use platform saves you time and money by automating best practices embraced by search marketing veterans, so you can grow and improve your campaigns daily while shaving costs and maximizing ROI.
  • Exceptional Services – Our dedicated team of Google-certified AdWords Consultants has years of search marketing experience and is ready to guide your business to success. Whatever your level of comfort with PPC, we offer a level of AdWords Services to meet your needs, from an AdWords account tune-up to hands-on training to full managed services and consulting.

We're committed to delivering quality AdWords Consulting beyond our customers' expectations in this fast-growing space. Because our search marketing platforms live in the cloud, they are delivered on-demand and are constantly improving to adapt to changes in the industry and to our customers' needs. The results speak for themselves: more traffic, higher-quality leads, and greater profits, every day.