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Bidding Software is an integral part of the AdWords process. Having a rich relevant list of keywords in your campaign to bid on, and monitoring and adjusting those keyword bids, is essential for AdWords success.

While small advertisers may manage their PPC keyword bids with a small list of keywords, as businesses grow and develop their keyword lists, it becomes increasingly difficult to track and manage PPC bids manually. Small and medium sized businesses often lack the time and resources to constantly monitor their keyword bids. Many end up falling victim to the "setting and forgetting" method, causing them to lose money and miss valuable opportunities.

This is why automated online bidding software is so valuable. You don’t have time to constantly monitor every keyword in your various campaigns, and yet tracking and adjusting your PPC bids is essential. The top bidding softwares can monitor important keywords in your campaign, track their cost changes, and make educated bid adjustments.

Best AdWords Bid Management Platform

Advantages of Online Bidding Software: Why Use PPC Advisor?

WordStream Advisor comes with built-in PPC bidding software tools, our Bid Optimizer, and other cost estimating and bidding tools to help you create, optimize and manage your PPC campaigns.

WordStream Advisor provides bidding software designed to save you time and money with the 20 Minute Work Week, which guides your through actions you can quickly take to optimize and save money, such as bid adjustments.

Bid Management Software

WordStream Advisor’s new bidding software is a must-have for all search marketers because it is:

  • Easy-to-Use: Our bidding software provides smart, actionable recommendations based on a complex set of algorithms, incorporating bidding best practices, with your stated goals and objectives. These recommendations are accessible from the 20-Minute PPC Work Week™ in WordStream Advisor, your customized weekly to-do list. Just review the recommendations and apply the proposed bid changes with the click a button. Your PPC heavy lifting can be done with just few minutes per week!
  • Improving ROI Better than AdWords: Our software for bidding management in AdWords makes the most out of the budget that you have, rather than the budget you wish you had.  If your budget is tight, our cost estimating AdWords bidding software will try to look for areas to do bid cuts in a strategic way, rather than try to get you to increase bids and spend more.
  • A Source of Knowledge and Guidance: Our bidding software will never force you to give up control of your keyword bids—those decisions are always ours. We provide intelligent bid change recommendations that you are free to review and accept or reject. With “PPC Nerd Mode” you can further customize the bid suggestions to match your advertising objectives, and our bidding software will learn from your choices and grow with you every week.
  • Immensely Valuable: Hiring a PPC bidding expert isn’t a viable option for many businesses. The new WordStream Advisor provides online bidding software that simplifies keyword bidding at a low monthly price. Wordstream Advisor performs thousands of calculations and looks at hundreds of signals every week, working constantly in your favor and trying to determine where you can increase clicks and save money.

Software for Bidding with AdWords: Try it Today!

The AdWords online auction bidding process can be overwhelming to manage single-handedly. Let WordStream’s best bidding software make PPC work for your business.

Get your free trial of PPC Advisor today! Or learn more about how to improve your AdWords account.


Best AdWords Bid Management Platform