WordStream – A Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner

During the past several years, Microsoft’s Bing Ads has grown from a disparate network of advertising platforms into a sophisticated, streamlined online advertising solution that has grown rapidly in market share. Today, Bing Ads is among the fastest-growing online advertising platforms available, and advertisers promoting their business with Bing Ads have enjoyed remarkably high engagement at significantly lower costs.

As Bing Ads has grown, so too have the needs of today’s advertisers – including WordStream’s customers. To meet these needs and help entrepreneurs reach new audiences through the power of PPC, WordStream is proud to be a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner.

Bing Ads and WordStream – A Winning Partnership

The Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner program is a prestigious accolade awarded to only the very best PPC software companies, service providers, and agencies around the world. Microsoft’s Elite SMB Partners are companies that have demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of businesses using Bing Ads, offer superior customer support to their clients, and have proven their dedication to the expansion of the Bing Ads ecosystem.

Achieving Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner status is no easy feat. Microsoft has stringent policies on which businesses can become Elite SMB Partners, including:

  • Being a trusted advisor to a large Bing Ads client base of small- to medium-sized businesses
  • Meeting Bing Ads Elite Partner Product Certification, and maintaining a minimum number of Bing Ads-certified professionals
  • Having the infrastructure necessary to provide in-depth billing and reporting support to Bing Ads clients on a regular basis
  • Frequent participation in Bing Ads events, training programs, and other partnership opportunities

The Benefits of Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Accreditation

Although WordStream is incredibly proud to be a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, the real benefits of this partnership are felt most significantly by our clients.

Bing Ads Elite SMB Partnership status allows WordStream to provide the kind of support and guidance that other companies simply cannot.

New Product Feature Training

One of the major benefits of our Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner status is that we are provided with advance notice of forthcoming product features – and how best to use them – directly from Microsoft’s Bing Ads team. We can then provide our customers with the training and support they need to quickly and easily incorporate Bing Ads’ powerful new tools and features into their campaigns with no disruption or loss of performance.

Superior Customer Support

At WordStream, customer support lies at the very core of our values as an organization, and being a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner allows us to provide the kind of support our customers deserve. This includes a team of Bing Ads-certified PPC professionals standing by to help advertisers with Bing Ads problems, a dedicated Bing Ads-certified account representative to help guide and advise clients on their Bing Ads strategy, and in-depth training and educational materials to help advertisers get even more from their online advertising campaigns.

Exciting Customer Events

As a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, WordStream works closely with the Microsoft Bing Ads team to offer exciting events available exclusively to Bing Ads customers. This includes interactive workshops and training sessions, product launches, and other exciting events.

Grow Your Business with WordStream and Bing Ads

WordStream is proud to be a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, and of our close relationship with Microsoft and the Bing Ads team.

Visit Microsoft’s official website to learn more about the Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner program, and find out more about how WordStream and Bing Ads work together and what this partnership means for your business.