Bing Keyword Tool: Find Your Best Keywords for Bing Optimization

Why do you need a Bing keyword tool?

Bing—Microsoft's competitor to Google—is gaining in market share, and it's no longer enough to simply optimize for Google and ignore the other search engines. There are appreciable differences between Bing's algorithm and Google's algorithm, and you may find that your website ranks better in Bing than in Google or vice versa. Likewise, it's possible that Bing users search for and find your site using different keywords than Google users. There's a lot of untapped opportunities in using Bing's ads keyword tool.

Luckily, the basic principles behind Bing optimization, for the most part, are similar to those for Google. The process of optimizing your website and your pay-per-click advertising for any search engine starts with keywords. Well-executed keyword research will provide a strong foundation for all your Internet marketing efforts.

WordStream offers a suite of Bing keyword suggestion tools designed to help search marketers:

  • Discover the actual keywords that people are searching for in Bing.
  • Group and organize Bing keywords.
  • Act on keywords to create optimized Web content and PPC campaigns.

Read on to learn which of our keyword tools is right for you.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

Early tests suggest that Bing's algorithm may value age of domain and URL more than Google's. If so, it's all the more important that you do thorough keyword research for a younger site.

We offer several free tools that provide a great starting point for your Bing keyword research.

The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream is a keyword suggestion tool that offers extensive, highly relevant suggestions from a constantly updated database of more than a billion keywords. Our database incorporates keywords from diverse sources—not just Google. Just enter a keyword to get thousands of ideas including related terms and synonyms.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

You can take your Bing keyword research one step further by learning how to group keywords effectively, leverage keyword niches, and use negative keywords to cut down on wasted spend. 

Keyword Tools for Bing PPC

Free tools are an excellent way to start building a Bing keyword list, but for long-term PPC campaign success, it's crucial to find a sustainable way to manage a large volume of keywords.

WordStream for PPC is an integrated, collaborative platform with tools to help you manage every aspect of pay-per-click advertising on Bing:

  • Keyword Research: WordStream's keyword discovery tool provides a constant stream of new, relevant keywords that Bing and other search engine users are typing in to find your site every day.
  • Keyword Organization: Our powerful grouping tool helps you organize your keywords into a meaningful hierarchy of related terms.
  • Keyword Analysis: Determine which keywords and keyword groups are driving the most conversions for the lowest costs, and which keywords aren't relevant to your audience.
  • Negative Keyword Discovery: Find and eliminate underperforming keywords that lower click-through rate and raise PPC costs.
  • PPC Campaign and Ad Creation: Create relevant PPC campaigns and ad groups and write targeted, compelling Bing text ads that drive clicks and conversions.

Bing SEO Keyword Tools

Proper keyword research and organization are equally important for organic search engine keyword optimization. Just as keyword groups correspond to a high-performance PPC structure, they can inform your site's information architecture. An organized website taxonomy is not only user-friendly, it's easier for Bing and other search engine spiders to crawl and index. In addition, tightly related keyword groups help you create more targeted, specific Web content, improving your Bing rankings and increasing Web traffic.

Try WordStream's Bing Keyword Tools Free

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