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56 Perfectly-Worded Holiday Greetings for Clients, Comrades & Coworkers

Send heartfelt (and cheese-free) holiday greetings in your cards, emails, social posts, and more!

Kristen McCormick | November 28, 2022 | Copywriting

Mobile Advertising: Why Just Showing Up on Mobile Isn’t Enough

Learn why it's so important not only to advertise on mobile devices, but to create mobile-optimized advertisements that are tailored to the mobile user experience.

Adam Shain
September 4, 2013 | Paid Search Marketing

The 80/20 Principle Part 2: Force Multiplication

Last time we talked about how 80/20 applies to almost everything you can measure, and how you can also apply 80/202: 4% of your effort produces 64% of your results, and 80/203: 1% of your effort produces 50% of your results.

Guest Author
September 3, 2013 | Marketing Ideas

PPC Budget Guide: Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

Are you spending your PPC budget wisely? In this free PPC budget guide, learn how to best allocate your PPC budget depending on your lead goals.

Creating Mobile Websites: Prepare Your Business for the Mobile Takeover

Your complete guide to mobile websites and mobile website design. In this article we discuss .mobi mobile sites, responsive design, examples of mobile sites, mobile design best practices, and more...

Bid Stacking in Google Ads: How to Pay Less When Using Multiple Match Types

Bid stacking is a tactic that allows you to use multiple match types and maximize your budget. Learn how to stack your bids in Google AdWords.

The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 5: Bringing it All Together

Maybe you have been affected by Google updates, and your website disappeared from the SERP (search engine results page). Or maybe you simply want to make more money, and you’re looking for all the help you can get to boost sales.

The Pareto Principle: A Primer for Marketers on the 80/20 Rule

What is the Pareto Principle? Learn about the 80-20 rule and how it applies to marketing in this quick primer by AdWords expert Perry Marshall.

Guest Author
August 21, 2013 | Marketing Ideas

Quality Score Hacks: 3 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Quality Score

Looking for Quality Score hacks? Here are three easy, sneaky ways to increase your Google AdWords click-through rates and Quality Scores.

What Is Mobile Marketing & Why Does it Matter So Much?

What is mobile marketing and why is it essential for your marketing strategy? Read on to learn the major types of mobile marketing, mobile marketing stats, how mobile marketing works and why you can't afford to miss out on the mobile marketing trend.

How to Write Ad Copy for PPC: 6 Tips for Better Ad Writing

Learn five tips for writing better PPC ad copy. Even if you're not very creative, this pragmatic approach to ad copywriting will improve your click-through rate!

Erin Sagin
August 15, 2013 | Copywriting

The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 4: Finding Your Keywords

You use them to find what you want, to order what you want, and to get what you want. They can hurt you, infuriate you, or enrich you. And once you let them go, you can never get them back.

The Complete Guide to Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Unless you've got conversion tracking set up properly in your Google Ads account, you won't be able to see how many of your clicks are actually resulting in conversions and sales. Check out our all-in-one guide to conversion tracking in Google Ads.

Erin Bell
August 13, 2013 | Conversion Rates

The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 3: The Landing Page Dilemma

This morning, I put my boy on the bus, headed to a 4-day summer camp. Getting back in my truck, there were tears in my eyes. I missed him already, and I was worried whether he would fit in with the others.

Linking Google Ads to Analytics: A Guide to Using Google Ads & Analytics Together

Learn how to link Google AdWords and Google Analytics for more insights into your AdWords account performance in this guide.

Enhanced Campaigns: What Geographical Targeting With Bid Modifiers Can Do For You

Learn how to geotarget with bid modifiers in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, an easier, more effective way to target your best performing locations.

The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 2: Setting Your PPC Goals

Learn the importance of setting the right goals when you set up an initial pay-per-click campaign in Part 2 of our PPC guide for beginners.

Complete Guide to Enhanced Sitelinks

Should you upgrade to Enhanced Sitelinks? Our complete guide to Enhanced Sitelinks includes tips, case studies and more to help you with the upgrade.

The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 1: Intro to PPC ROI

Learn the basic tenets of PPC and how to get started with AdWords in this five-part PPC guide for beginners to the pay-per-click marketing world.

What Makes Great Content Great?

What makes great content great? Learn eight criteria for creating great, memorable, sharable content in this content marketing guide.

Follow Links Vs. No Follow Links: Should You Care?

Those new to SEO might be wondering what all the hullabaloo is about follow links vs. no follow links. Confused? Not to worry, we’re going to clear it all up. We'll provide a bit of background about how most links work in the realm of SEO, and then dive headlong into follow vs. nofollow links.

Megan Marrs
July 25, 2013 | SEO

AdWords Review Extensions: Add Positive Reviews & Testimonials to Your AdWords Ads

Learn how to use the newest Google AdWords extension, Review Extensions, to add positive reviews, awards and testimonials to your AdWords text ads.

Confessions of a Reformed Black Hat PPC Marketer: My CPC Arbitrage Story

Doing that for about 2 years will make anyone crazy, including me. Maybe I was too young, and maybe too crazy. But I had high standards for myself and I just could NOT see myself doing this any longer.

The Complete Guide to Yelp Reviews: Getting, Removing & More

For local businesses like restaurants and salons, Yelp is an absolute must! Here's your complete business guide to using Yelp.

Megan Marrs
July 22, 2013 | Social Media

The PPC Guide for B2B Professionals

Learn how B2B market characteristics can influence and inform your PPC campaigns in this PPC guide for business-to-business companies.

How to Reduce Your Cost Per Conversion by 16-80% (Sorry, Haters, Quality Score Still Matters)

Learn how Quality Score affects cost per conversion, and why optimizing for Quality Score and optimizing for CPA are essentially the same thing.

The Small Business Strategy Guide to Google AdWords

Learn how small businesses can take advantage of Google AdWords advertising to drive leads and sales in this small business strategy guide.